Spring Feelings


At last we have some rain here. Sorry if it is ruining anyone’s day but my garden, and the farmland round us, is very grateful.

It has given me time to look at some photos that I took for a project I am doing with my teacher, Andrew Newson, www.andrewnewsonphotography.com. the Cowparsley is not one of them…that was taken with my iPhone 11 ( Oh how I long to upgrade my phone…but that is a different blog! ) a few days ago. The mildly annoying thing is how good the iPhone pictures are compared to my efforts with my Fuji X-T4 and the various lenses I have…Oh, who am I kidding, I have LOADS of lenses, and I can’t say I use them all regularly. I may have to sell some soon to get new ones … eeek! ( How do you insert emojis these days???) (🤣 Got it!)

Some time ago I joined the 52Frames group, where the idea is to encourage photographers to take one picture each week on a set theme. I managed a whole year, and then stopped. The Competitive Gremlin in my head got grumpier and grumpier, and I realised I wasn’t doing the photography for my pleasure anymore. So now I am back to choosing my own subjects, and, with Andy’s guidance, I hope to produce a photobook of local things, which I may leave in my holiday cottage for guests to look at…but may not! ( Here’s the link of anyone is interested – http://www.cottages.com/PPMF ) I might just put some of the pictures on the walls instead- they are less likely to go walkabout.

This Spring was supposed to bring us all new hope after Covid lockdowns…some hope with the war in Ukraine still raging, and the news of the awful shootings in a primary school in the US. As the sun at last comes out again here I really hope common sense will prevail amongst World leaders, and peace can be restored. Why is it so hard for people to be nice to each other, for countries to respect each other? The majority do, but it seem to be getting less and less so. I hope this will change for the better.

Bye for now

I’m Back…just

That was Hard Work!

Hello there! My goodness, but time has flown by, and look at all that has happened, and is still happening! I won’t bore you with the details of all that we went through – I am sure ( and know )some of you went through far worse than we did. Enough to say that since I last typed on here we have gained a daughter-in-law, a new kitchen, and new friends. Oh, and a new dog! The last one might not have been the best idea I have ever had, but as time goes by you will learn why!

The most tricky thing I have had to deal with is getting back on here!!!! Technology brings out the worst in my language skills, and Hubby has learned to retreat out of my study….oh, yes, thats another new thing! I have turned one of our bedrooms into my study, or ‘Mum’s Playroom’, as Son calls it. Thanks, tho technically right – I do like to play in here – perhaps Workspace might be kinder? No? Ok, so I don’t get paid for what I do in here….wait, I’m getting side tracked!

Back to getting back on here. The site is still not right as it hasn’t been upgraded for ages, and now wont upgrade automatically…I don’t have the right PHP (?) to allow the new upgrade to come automatically…and I sure don’t have the technical skills to do it manually! Whilst the World has suffered hugely since 2018, so have my tech abilities, and the ability for tech sites to write in non-tech lingo!!!

The question I need to answer is how to transfer my site to the new upgraded one, with out losing content. I have backed up. Everything else is up to date, including my Jetpack (anyone else seeing an aged cartoon image of a space family there?). I am going to have to get the answers up on my iPad ( I don’t want to waste paper printing it out), and follow them very carefully, and slowly…oh, I feel old! Where is a teenager when you need one? On second thoughts, Ill wait for Son and DIL to come to stay and see if they can make sense of it all.

Yes, I am learning to ask for help. Believe me, that is a big step! Luckily, since we last communicated I have met some amazing folk in this village with many different skills, and I’m sure someone somewhere will know what to do.

So, lets see if this will Publish. Then Step One will be complete, and I can go and get some Spring air outside…though I notice the sun has gone in whilst I have been “playing” up here.

Chat soon, Lx

New Life Now

Good morning from a very warm and cosy kitchen, Gingerbread coffee being sipped as I type, and have finished a large pile of ironing. I have been chatting with my therapist, otherwise known as my decorator, who is nagging me to blog about our new life, so here we go.

Have I mentioned that Hubby has retired? YES! So in the space of a few months I have gone from a Weekend Wife to Full Time Wife. At first, whilst I was more incapacitated, it was brilliant – He is a good cook, and makes a great pot of tea, and very good at making me do my exercises. Now? Oh he is still a great cook and tea-maker, but I am mobile now so he has backed off his administrations.

To give Hubby his due he has been writing a report which has meant he has been very busy in the study, so I have concentrated on exercising down the other end of the house ( yes, we are very lucky to have that big a house…think of the bills etc before you start wishing or feeling envious!)

What I really wanted to share is that having another person in the house is great; having the person you have loved, and been loved by, for 34 years, is a real gift. It is different in many ways, and brings into relief how lonely I had become over the past 8 years since my mother’s death. Now there is someone to chat to first thing, to be quiet with, to laugh over the things we do differently from each other now. We are very lucky.

HOWEVER, with all this companionship comes the change to a routine I have had for over 12 years. Both of us are changing our routine, I know, I know, but from my point of view it’s me who is compromising more. (Should I have given you the “Moan Warning”?) To Hubby every day is Saturday ( thank God it’s not!) but to me its a normal week day, but with added distractions.

Before my knee op and The Change I could get to the pool almost every day just before 7am to get in at the right time; now we get there about 7.30, 3 days a week, which changes the routine in the pool as it is busier by then. Breakfast doesn’t end until about 9.30 – however I am getting great coffee with it as He is a brilliant barista! Also there is someone to rant to over the morning paper and The State Of The Country.

Driving…IT’S MY CAR!!!! Now that I am mobile and able to drive I am going to have to assert my ownership of the radio as well as the wheel!! There is an automatic movement from Himself to the driving seat, and whatever my male readers may say I am a good driver! Love him to pieces, but IT”S MY CAR…he has his own!!!!!!!!!! And breathe….

Putting the breakfast bowl above the dishwasher and expecting it to get it washed! See Michael Macintyre the comic doing a fab impression of his wife re this!! OMG!!!! And as for waiting until he comes down before we have breakfast together…what takes him so long?? He’s not putting makeup on!

When I’m doing the ironing ( which I quite enjoy, whilst watching NCIS on DVD of course) I am not going to drop everything to go for a walk because he feels ready now. When I finish the ironing I will be very happy to go for a walk, but by then He has probably started doing something which will have to be finished before we can do anything else. (I know, it’s the same thing)

When we saw each other just at weekends I automatically changed my routine for him, making sure anything not involving him was done whilst he was away, which gave me a certain mindset. Now that we are together I need to change that mindset so that I feel it’s ok to go off and do what I want to do without feeling guilty at leaving him behind. I’m sure this will happen over time, but I may need some outside help with this. He is delighted that I do go and do things that I love, see my friends etc. It doesn’t bother him at all (yet) which is lovely. He is encouraging me to plan trips away on photo shoots etc – this way he can go off on golf trips without feeling guilty, which is fine. It’s all give and take, in’t it.

Ok, Moan over, because as I type all the irritation leaves me ( for the moment), and I am smiling at the thought that, despite these minor moans, we hopefully have many years ahead to get the routines sorted, to enjoy the little things as well as the big ones. Here’s to The New Life.


Convalescence Part 1

Now read on…I left London on a lovely sunny Sunday morning and Hubby drove me down to Guildford for a week’s recuperation and physio at The Clavadel. I had phoned them to let them know we were on our way and they asked if we would like them to keep lunch for us…Yes Please!! I was starving, and knew Hubby would appreciate it.

So we rocked up in Guildford, me thankfully still doped up with pain killers ( hurray for Codine!), and were gathered up by a lovely lady who took me to my room (number 1), ensured me they had been told to take special care of me by my surgeon ( as he probably says of all his patients…he is a lovely chap)and then we joined the other “inmates” in the dinning room. Flashback to school lunches, and flash forward to an old people’s home in some respects…loads of Sunday lunch was served – along with the comment that all patients were expected to eat well to aid recovery, said looking sternly at my Hubby after he had frowned at how much was on my plate..I immediately loved the place! Hubby followed suit when he saw the desert trolly! Oh boy! The staff were very friendly and helpful, providing me with a cushion to raise my right foot off the floor for comfort. We were given coffee and biscuits back in my room, and after all the forms etc were dealt with we both had a nap!! Yes, a nap on instructions from the staff. I grew to love those afternoon naps, and still do, tho I don’t often have one now.



So day one ended with me having supper in the dining room with a couple of lovely ladies after Hubby left for London, then a cocoa at night time finished me off. The week that followed went so quickly sadly – lovely staff came to help me get up after delivering breakfast to our rooms, helping with my surgical stockings ( I grew to hate them), providing tea or coffee at the press of a button, and making my bed! I missed them hugely when I came home! My days were divided up by either physio or hydrotherapy in the most fab pool, with a floor that raised or lowered to aid those who needed it. It was so good to get back into the water, and I soon managed to bend my knee to over 125degrees, which is the aim after a knee op. There was some friendly rivalry with other patients over this, and lots of chatting over scars, details of our operations, hospitals, surgeons ( mine was best, of course!) there were three other patients who had been in the same hospital with the same surgeon – all very interesting folk, and only one didn’t stay the full week at The Clavadel. The one thing I wanted to take home from the clinic was http://www.gameready.co.uk/. I am sure it is the best icing method out! We all loved lying there with the heat-exchange cuff round our knees as it cooled and compressed our angry joints…even the hip patients were able to have special cuffs to use it! I really wish I could buy one. ( wonder how generous Father Christmas will be this year?)

One of the most interesting people I spoke to was Elaine Wyllie, the founder of http://www.thedailymile.co.uk – encouraging primary school children to run a mile every day, at whatever time and in whatever they are wearing. Elaine had had a hip operation in Scotland and had been sent to Guildford to recover. She was passionate about the children, having been a teacher and headmistress in Dunblane (after the shootings). She was Andy Murray’s head, and co-incidentally the Clavadel is where he came for recovery after his hip op! It is so good to listen to someone who loves what they do, and she has a lovely sunny personality too.

So, after 7 days of being pampered as well as worked hard in the gym or pool, Hubby picked me up to find I could walk slowly to the car on my own!! I still had the crutches for walking outside and in public for a while, but I wanted to show Him what I could do. Home we drove, and it was so good to be back in my own space – even though I had to go upstairs to bed. Hubby was fabulous for the following week, cooking some amazing meals, bringing me tea in bed first thing, and driving me up to London for the 2 week check-up. I am so grateful to everyone who helped me on the road to recovery, and if you need a new hip or knee then try to go to a convalescent home afterwards, it makes such a difference. Shame they can’t be for everyone on the NHS!!!



I’ve Got The New Knee!

At last I feel like opening up my laptop and writing to you again. Today, almost to the time, my new knee is 12 days old. I did intent to blog my way through the operation etc, but nothing had prepared me for the strange way feeling of not wanting to communicate much.

SO, on 30th August I went into the Schoen Clinic on Wigmore Street, London, having had my last sip of water at 11, and last mouthful of tea at 6.45am that morning…and watched hubby eat his lunch ( no comment). I was a bit apprehensive, but once ensconced in Room 211 all nerves left me, and I just waited for the op. Hubby went back to work before I went down to join a conference call, so I chatted with the nurses etc. I was wheeled down, despite being able to walk, and just as I was about to go into the anaesthetic room, the nurse gave me a big hug! Oh how I needed that, and how wonderful that she did it unsolicited. Everyone should get a hug before an op!! The next thing I really remember was waking up in the recovery room seconds later, feeling very nice and woozy. And then as everyone finds, time moved on and I was back in my room. I could sort of move my bandaged leg, and not feel much. Thankfully tea and food came soon, and the surgeon popped in to say it had all gone well, and could I now try bending the knee…yup…and it might be a good idea to do something like that every 15 minutes or so to get it going. Being a good girl I set my alarm on my iPhone and slowly but surely bent the leg on queue…until 1.06am when the nurse came in and helped me to use the walking frame to get to the loo…then, a few steps more, and back to bed. I was introduced to an ice machine called Game Ready which pumps ice cold water into a sleeve wrapped round the leg – bliss!!! Even the little tinkling water sound made everything feel good.

I managed 4 hours sleep with the Game Ready on all night so I could stop the 15 minute moves, but had to ring for pain relief just before 6am…luckily this meant I was almost first to get all my meds. It seemed HOURS till breakfast but only minutes after that Sam the surgeon came in with Barry the anaesthetist, and Rachael the clinical nurse to check on me, and tell me to get up!!! ( in fact, every time Sam came in I was eating!!) He wanted me sitting in the chair, gently moving my knee with the help of a mini skateboard after my first physio. So, up and at ’em it wasn’t, but after the old ‘top-and-tail” wash I was whisked down to X-ray to make sure all was in place, and then had a lovely young lady put me through my paces with the frame. In the afternoon and lovely young Italian boy got me onto the crutches and we did the same…and then he said “lets do a step” WHAT??? But I am in hospital! I’ve had an operation…oh, ok..oh, that’s not so bad…what do I have to remember? “Up to Heaven, Down to Hell” – good leg first going up, crutch and bad first coming down…( I still have to say it to myself out loud to get it right! Blame the meds!!

Apart from the changing nurses on day and night shifts, and the different gorgeous physios who came to torture me, the days were all like that physio-wise. I managed to get a shower on day 3, thank goodness, and by day 4 I was allowed out. Each day I managed more steps with the crutches, more stairs, and the knee bent further and further ( this seems very important, but so is straightening it, and I wasn’t so good at that – it hurt!!!) Each day Surgeon Sam came to say hi, and on Saturday he was accompanied by his beautiful young daughter. I felt very old and scruffy!

Sunday was going home day – woohoo! Showered, dressed, made-up, and raring to get out, I was wheeled down to find the exit blocked by a huge crane – a very large bit of “art” was being installed outside the clinic ( which had only been open three weeks) so I discovered the backside of the place, loading bay etc, and at last was deposited into my own car with hubby. oh joy!

I cannot fault the way I was looked after at the clinic by all the staff – and managed to get a good bye hug from Sondra the nurse. The building itself had been refurbished, and that was fine, apart from the very noisy air-conditioning which was also impossible to get at the right temperature – strange oversight. I was amazed that I was able to walk, albeit with crutches, to the car and away…in my room I’d been walking with one crutch, when I remembered it! I won’t say it was pain free, but pretty near.

Thanks to all the staff at The Schoen for their care.

And so, onto the next exciting adventure of The New Knee…


The Countdown Has Begun

It’s Saturday morning, and I am 5 days away from my new knee. Hubby has gone to play golf, and I’m on household duties as I try to get everything ready for Thursday. All the important things are in place – the insurance company stuff, the holiday cottage stuff, the house will be looked after, the garden also. I still have to get the piles of clothes sorted…exactly how many pairs of knickers/socks/t-shirts will I need? Do I need a new nightie or can I make do with my usual comfy ones? Which bags shall I take? How many techy things will I take with me to stave off boredom…not that I will have the time or inclination to do much. Must remember at least one charger tho!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to alter my spelling in the above paragraph…I seem to be getting letters in the wrong order, some end letters are attached to the following word  ( and I’ve just had to do it again! How many o’s are there in following??) My brain is beginning to fog and I am trying to type faster than I can! Yes, I am nervous!!

I have had one hissy fit yesterday, when Hubby told me I would have to get a taxi to the follow up appointment as he had a prior meeting at the golf club to meet architects…WHAT????? I don’t get cross very often ( it’s not worth it) but I could be seen having a full blown argument with my non-present hubby in the car…then the poor chap called me! Oh, bad timing, lad! I didn’t say much, but the result is that Hubby will now do the meeting via a conference call. It will be only 11 days after the op, and I had hoped that week that hubby had taken off to help me would be ALL ABOUT ME!!!!! Yes, spoilt brat stamped her foot and demanded to be heard. To give him his due he had already been feeling bad about it, and wondered what to do – like all of us (?) he doesn’t like to let others down or alter arrangements that mean others have to alter their arrangements etc. It’s one of the things I love about him. BUT!

Anyway, deep breathing, all is sorted,

Got A Date!

No, not one of those…nor those. This is a date for a new knee operation! Woohoo! At last I can plan the next few weeks, and then a couple of months ahead…I like to know what’s going on. This is not to say I don’t like surprises ( so long as they are good ones, involving friends, alcohol, fast cars, nice young men…ahem, back to reality…) but as I get older ( and more forgetful) I like to put things in my diary and know it will happen. It also helps me plan for needing cover for the holiday cottage changeovers on a Friday. Also hubby now knows when I will need his help after the intensive hydro-physio. Did I tell you I am going to the same place Andy Murray went to recover after his hip op? Posh, eh! Apparently this method has speeded up recovery for the majority of users, so I really hope it will get me back up and running ( stop laughing! You know what I mean!) sooner.

The worst bit of all of this is not being able to drive for a few weeks. I don’t mind not being able to do the food shopping – online will be fun for a while, and Hubby can read a list as well as cooking…I’ve trained him well. However not being able to just go somewhere when I want to, with whatever I need in the boot, will drive me nuts!!!! BE WARNED!!!!

My main concern at the moment is the hospital I am going to is so new it has yet to be commissioned. However it is being run by Ze Germans, who are very efficient as we know, and I will be very surprised if anything goes wrong. Then the health insurance company has to like them too…Once all of that is in place I will relax a bit. It is the reliance on others I don’t like; I’m not good at asking for help – my mother was always doing it and I found it so embarrassing somehow – and I really don’t like asking Hubby to help… because he works for a Japanese company who think home life is nothing to do with them and should fit in around your work. That being said, when I am due to leave the hospital for the clinic Hubby will be in a golf committee meeting that cannot be missed! I am raising my eyes to heaven as many a golf widow will recognise. I have some lovely friends who have volunteered to drive me, and I am so grateful, but finding it difficult to say yes. It’s me, not them! I am reluctant to ask my son too…but that has more to do with the size and state of his car!! Small and messy, just like his mother. His car, not him!

So hopefully this time next month I will be doped up to the eyes with painkillers, a lovely scar running down the front of my knee, nice young things answering my buzzer, and nothing but physio to do…reality involves being bullied into walking up and down corridors and then stairs when you don’t want to but know you must, and is good for you. I’m expecting no sympathy from Hubby as he will be at work ( nice air-conditioned office!), but know he will be mildly at a loss as most men are when their significant other is in hospital. All say ahhhh, bless them. Send Chocolate!

Is There A Button?

Oh Dear Reader, I am feeling very much like the bear of very little brain ( Winnie-ther-pooh for those of you not brought up on him) this morning.

I mentioned I had a blog on one of my favourite Facebook sites ( more later) and someone said they couldn’t find the Subscribe Button…Hm, I thought as Hubby chuntered at the US Open on TV (golf), that’s a point…how do people get this blog if they want to? So I have gayly clicked on buttons and answered questions, scratched my head, and am now wondering what the hell I have just signed up for! I really shouldn’t be let out and ought to be sent back to bed!

There should now be a bright  button for MailChimp subscription to this site somewhere (ok, I’ll check in a mo…but let me finish this first, please or I’ll completely forget what I wanted to say!!) where you can follow my thoughts…and good luck to you! Son bought a T-Shirt whilst skiing that said “Don’t follow me, I’m lost too…” Sometimes it really is the story of my life! 😉

I don’t pretend to be a thick person, nor an IT genius, and technology has passed me in the fast lane as I’m still trying to read the signpost, but surely somethings should not be this confusing? Or is it me? Am I losing my concentration…oh, look, a butterfly!

Now a confession…I AM losing my concentration! Stop laughing! This morning I had to drive Hubby to Ashford International train station as his train from Rye was late and he might miss the connection ( transport requires it’s own Grumpy Old Woman post!), and on the way back I was so enjoying listening to Just A Minute on Radio Xtra I drove straight home instead of going to the swimming pool! I even had my costume on under my clothes!! For goodness sake don’t tell Son or he’ll have me booked into the Old People’s Home asap!

So, here’s hoping I have done the right thing and not signed up to some international selling corporation, when all I wanted was to make life easier for you all to follow me…there’s a lot to be said for a trail of breadcrumbs!


Ps Fav site is about Jodi Taylor’s books about a university that studies History “in contemporary time”, and no its not Time Travel!

Swimming Update

It has been a whilst since I wrote about my swimming…but I am still doing it! In fact last week I managed to get up to 60 lengths! I am rather chuffed about that, despite it taking over 45 mins to achieve. Sadly after that my knee was not a happy bunny, so my physio and I have decided to take it down a notch to 50 lengths on as many mornings as I can. Some mornings have been missed due to me not being in Rye, or deliveries etc, the Cottage. But on the whole I go Monday to Friday, giving it a miss for the weekend due to loads more folks in the pool etc, and the wonderful “weekend lie-in” which most people enjoy.

So long as I am doing the physio exercises as well, the knee seems to be aching less. It doesn’t like me kneeling down to weed or read electric metres etc, even when I use my best cushion to rest on. My gardener has very kindly given me one of his kneelers to help (he’s hoping to encourage me to do more weeding!) but it doesn’t help the pain.

I saw the consultant on Monday who says (in my words) I still need to lose a shed load of weight so that the range of movement is better, my fitness will be better, and my recovery will be quicker. If the pain g0es with the weight we can hold off for a while, but we are realistically looking at mid August for a new knee. I took Hubby with me to make sure I remembered to ask all the relevant questions this time, and just so there was another brain to understand what’s going on. It was also nice to have an afternoon in London with him if I’m honest! Even if he proceeded to eat a cream scone in front of me at Harvey Nicks when I’d been told to diet more!!!! He was so lucky not to get it shoved somewhere…but I am a lady…and I couldn’t reach over the table!

So I shall continue to plow up and down in the pool in the mornings, exercise and walk during the day, and I am hoping to try a few holes of golf again, because I really can’t be away from it for that long! I will forget how to play!



Its a big word, which sadly seems to be going out of style in this modern age of emails etc.  Ok, so I am in my “Grumpy Old Woman’ mood…but I’m not really! I just think that we have got out of the habit of replying to emails professionally!!

For instance: our wonderful new conservatory ( Hubby keeps on calling it an Orangery…I am rolling my eyes as I type) is now finished and is almost everything I dreamed it would be. In fact I have to restrain myself from saying “I was SO right to have this done” every time He and I sit in it. It now needs an energy rating thingy so we can get our building regs etc finished off. The conservatory company arranged this, but didn’t bother to tell me they were doing it. The first I got to know about it was a phone call whilst I was driving from some chap called “Steve” saying could his chap come at a specified date…his name was Alan. I asked Steve to call me back, which he did later, and I expected an email from the main company to back all this up. No such email arrived.

At the specified time a man turned up in a high vis vest, and a clip board, and proceeded to ask me for plans of the house, any drawings etc. I was rather confused as “Steve” had lead me to believe this was just for the new bit. Perhaps I should have looked into it beforehand, but when I questioned “Alan” he said some chap called Steve, he didn’t know from where, had asked him to do this. I gave him a coffee whilst I tried to get hold of the conservatory folks and “Steve” with no luck; Steve tried to sell me food supplements in the meantime, telling me I had a weathered face which needed collagen!! I called my husband who immediately said “no, ask him to leave; we don’t know who he really is, and don’t let him take photos of the place.” … so that plus Hubby’s comments lead me to ask “Alan” to leave as I was not happy, and wished for official confirmation etc. He left shrugging his shoulders.

I eventually got the right person at the conservatory company who told me it was all above board, but agreed it had not been handled very professionally, and we would re-book it all but with confirmation emails about everything.

Now, am I being rather old-fashioned? Am I to let any Tom, Dick, or Alan into my house on a telephone call, to take photos etc? I don’t think so!

I am not really a shrinking violet; if I sat on someone I’d probably break their ribs ( if I could reach high enough to get them on the ground!) However it unnerved me that there was no official documentation about any of this. What if I had been a little old lady? No, I am NOT that yet, thank you very much…I can hear the sniggers at the back! It really hasn’t taken that much effort for everyone involved to email me their details etc this time, so why wasn’t it done in the first place?

I also have to get a fob re-sent from a key company because they didn’t inform me it had been sent and I needed to be in for the delivery! I really am rolling my eyes at this one!

Ok. rant over. However folks, can we just make sure everything that needs to be confirmed in writing/by email is done so? That way nobody’s time is wasted!!!

I’m climbing off the soap box now…could someone just lend me a hand, it’s a bit high for me…someone?…anyone?…hello?



New Start week 2

Last week I managed to swim 4 days, including taking Hubby swimming on Saturday first thing. He then gave me Sunday off to give the muscles time to relax…I was amazed as it just didn’t feel right! So unlike this life-long couch potato!

I was very relieved that I still wanted to go on Monday morning, which I did, and managed 18 lengths. Still not many but not bad in these early days. That afternoon I had my first physio session, and was given a list of exercises to do every day. I did a session that evening and was horrified at how other muscles and my “good” leg found it more difficult to do the exercises.

Tuesday morning was a “late” one as I went to art before attending my first ‘water fitness” session…Now this was billed as slightly less energetic than aqua aerobics for those less fit. I think they need to look up the definition of ‘slightly’!!! I didn’t drown at least, but it was a near thing. I was the least fit in the class, surrounded by different ages and sizes. We certainly rocked the waves! It was great fun and I will go from now on. I went home and iced my knee. It helped tremendously that the physio had taped up the knee, tho the tape is not liking the chlorinated water.

This morning I felt very tired, and I certainly know I have tummy muscles!! The nice thing is that I can feel my core strengthening and I am standing taller ( I hope so, after finding out I have lost an inch in height!). It was more difficult to get down to the pool, but once in it was bliss…I think I really am a water baby at heart.

Interestingly, (well, to me!) I found a lady there who has just had her knee done by my consultant. She said how wonderful he had been, and urged me to go to the intensive residential care after the op…sounds like a posh hotel with added bits, so of course I shall beg Hubby to let me go.  It may be in Guildford, miles away, but I’m sure there is a golf club near he can go and play at if he visits me. I think it is quite lucky that we are used to being apart.

So, another 18 lengths this morning, 2 of which were with a float…oh so slow!!! I may wait a bit to do the exercises, if that’s ok? I’m going walking with my Goddaughter and her parents this afternoon as its her birthday…does that count? No? Bother!

New Knee? New Start

Today I have started a new regime of swimming to get fit and help lose weight…no, don’t stop reading! I can hear you say “We have been here before” but this time I HAVE to do it!

A few weeks ago I got up out of a chair and felt that awful familiar feeling of my meniscus going. After some swearing, icing of knee, and general grumpiness, I was sent to a lovely knee consultant. The MRI showed I have a ” Severe medial compartmental osteoarthritic” knee and within 4-12 months will have to have it replace….to you and me that means I have little or no cartilage left in the joint or behind the knee cap, and lots of inflammation etc.

Non of this is helped by me being an unfit fatty of course…but I would have come to this stage of knee degeneration at some point soon. Thanks mum for your genes!

Hence the swimming! I have to have physio, and swim every day, and do aqua-aerobics AND go on a strict diet as I am aiming to lose 2 stone in 2 months…stop laughing! I am going to give it a bloody good try as I am fed up of all this discomfort etc!!! I have signed up at my local pool and I did that just after 7 am this morning, which is quite a feat for me!

I gingerly entered the arena (ok, the pool) and found it lovely and warm, not too many others in the slow area to bash into, and some even smiled at me! Donning the cap and goggles Amazon had kindly supplied I slowly started to do front crawl. Oh boy! I just about made it to the end of the first length without drowning…I am finding getting the breathing rhythm difficult to get back to…short of breath, I turned onto my back and finished the second length without injuring any of my fellow swimmers. 14 lengths later, and feeling quite tired I decided that was enough for DAY 1.

It seems quite the thing to bring your shampoo  etc and shower properly there, but I think I will just rinse off there and enjoy my own large PRIVATE shower at home with a hot cup of tea waiting much better. Hm, I’m going to have to investigate swimmers’ shampoos If I’m doing this every day! Otherwise there will be no point in dying my hair!!! Especially as the cap didn’t stop my hair getting wet…so that was a waste of money 🙁

I now feel invigorated and very clean. On with the laundry!