Swimming Update

It has been a whilst since I wrote about my swimming…but I am still doing it! In fact last week I managed to get up to 60 lengths! I am rather chuffed about that, despite it taking over 45 mins to achieve. Sadly after that my knee was not a happy bunny, so my physio and I have decided to take it down a notch to 50 lengths on as many mornings as I can. Some mornings have been missed due to me not being in Rye, or deliveries etc, the Cottage. But on the whole I go Monday to Friday, giving it a miss for the weekend due to loads more folks in the pool etc, and the wonderful “weekend lie-in” which most people enjoy.

So long as I am doing the physio exercises as well, the knee seems to be aching less. It doesn’t like me kneeling down to weed or read electric metres etc, even when I use my best cushion to rest on. My gardener has very kindly given me one of his kneelers to help (he’s hoping to encourage me to do more weeding!) but it doesn’t help the pain.

I saw the consultant on Monday who says (in my words) I still need to lose a shed load of weight so that the range of movement is better, my fitness will be better, and my recovery will be quicker. If the pain g0es with the weight we can hold off for a while, but we are realistically looking at mid August for a new knee. I took Hubby with me to make sure I remembered to ask all the relevant questions this time, and just so there was another brain to understand what’s going on. It was also nice to have an afternoon in London with him if I’m honest! Even if he proceeded to eat a cream scone in front of me at Harvey Nicks when I’d been told to diet more!!!! He was so lucky not to get it shoved somewhere…but I am a lady…and I couldn’t reach over the table!

So I shall continue to plow up and down in the pool in the mornings, exercise and walk during the day, and I am hoping to try a few holes of golf again, because I really can’t be away from it for that long! I will forget how to play!


New Start week 2

Last week I managed to swim 4 days, including taking Hubby swimming on Saturday first thing. He then gave me Sunday off to give the muscles time to relax…I was amazed as it just didn’t feel right! So unlike this life-long couch potato!

I was very relieved that I still wanted to go on Monday morning, which I did, and managed 18 lengths. Still not many but not bad in these early days. That afternoon I had my first physio session, and was given a list of exercises to do every day. I did a session that evening and was horrified at how other muscles and my “good” leg found it more difficult to do the exercises.

Tuesday morning was a “late” one as I went to art before attending my first ‘water fitness” session…Now this was billed as slightly less energetic than aqua aerobics for those less fit. I think they need to look up the definition of ‘slightly’!!! I didn’t drown at least, but it was a near thing. I was the least fit in the class, surrounded by different ages and sizes. We certainly rocked the waves! It was great fun and I will go from now on. I went home and iced my knee. It helped tremendously that the physio had taped up the knee, tho the tape is not liking the chlorinated water.

This morning I felt very tired, and I certainly know I have tummy muscles!! The nice thing is that I can feel my core strengthening and I am standing taller ( I hope so, after finding out I have lost an inch in height!). It was more difficult to get down to the pool, but once in it was bliss…I think I really am a water baby at heart.

Interestingly, (well, to me!) I found a lady there who has just had her knee done by my consultant. She said how wonderful he had been, and urged me to go to the intensive residential care after the op…sounds like a posh hotel with added bits, so of course I shall beg Hubby to let me go.  It may be in Guildford, miles away, but I’m sure there is a golf club near he can go and play at if he visits me. I think it is quite lucky that we are used to being apart.

So, another 18 lengths this morning, 2 of which were with a float…oh so slow!!! I may wait a bit to do the exercises, if that’s ok? I’m going walking with my Goddaughter and her parents this afternoon as its her birthday…does that count? No? Bother!

New Knee? New Start

Today I have started a new regime of swimming to get fit and help lose weight…no, don’t stop reading! I can hear you say “We have been here before” but this time I HAVE to do it!

A few weeks ago I got up out of a chair and felt that awful familiar feeling of my meniscus going. After some swearing, icing of knee, and general grumpiness, I was sent to a lovely knee consultant. The MRI showed I have a ” Severe medial compartmental osteoarthritic” knee and within 4-12 months will have to have it replace….to you and me that means I have little or no cartilage left in the joint or behind the knee cap, and lots of inflammation etc.

Non of this is helped by me being an unfit fatty of course…but I would have come to this stage of knee degeneration at some point soon. Thanks mum for your genes!

Hence the swimming! I have to have physio, and swim every day, and do aqua-aerobics AND go on a strict diet as I am aiming to lose 2 stone in 2 months…stop laughing! I am going to give it a bloody good try as I am fed up of all this discomfort etc!!! I have signed up at my local pool and I did that just after 7 am this morning, which is quite a feat for me!

I gingerly entered the arena (ok, the pool) and found it lovely and warm, not too many others in the slow area to bash into, and some even smiled at me! Donning the cap and goggles Amazon had kindly supplied I slowly started to do front crawl. Oh boy! I just about made it to the end of the first length without drowning…I am finding getting the breathing rhythm difficult to get back to…short of breath, I turned onto my back and finished the second length without injuring any of my fellow swimmers. 14 lengths later, and feeling quite tired I decided that was enough for DAY 1.

It seems quite the thing to bring your shampoo  etc and shower properly there, but I think I will just rinse off there and enjoy my own large PRIVATE shower at home with a hot cup of tea waiting much better. Hm, I’m going to have to investigate swimmers’ shampoos If I’m doing this every day! Otherwise there will be no point in dying my hair!!! Especially as the cap didn’t stop my hair getting wet…so that was a waste of money 🙁

I now feel invigorated and very clean. On with the laundry!




‘Twas the Night before Christmas

…and all through the house…

rampaged a panicking woman who realised that it was all too late!

Too late to turn her lard body into the lean fit skiing machine her husband had achieved…

Too late to fit into the ski clothes that fitted two years ago when the personal trainer had worked so hard on her…

Too late to sensibly say to her friend that she couldn’t go with her straight after the skiing trip….

Slowly the woman calmed down, made a list of what she had to do, realised she could do the important things, including supporting her friend, and still fulfil everyone’s expectations. it was all a matter of timing and prioritising.

Nothing could be done about the lack of fitness, but she knew what to do on the slopes, her son was a qualified instructor, and she could always do something else on the slopes ( like have a hot chocolate whilst taking pictures). She had plenty of time to try on the ski clothes, pack those that could be worn, substitute those that couldn’t and pack, pack a small suitcase for the couple of days with her friend afterwards, and most of the house was ready fro the guests arriving the day after that.

So what was the point in panicking? It was 5 am and that is the worst time for this sort of thing! She breathed, went downstairs to be greeted by her loving pets, fed and watered them, and then came back to bed with a mug of tea and wrote her blog…

SO, Dear Reader, I am wishing you a wonderful, Peaceful Christmas. Life is never as bad as I think when I sit and really think about it, and i hope you realise this too.

May your God bless you and keep you safe.

L x



I am…



Morning. I am starting the day with a little more force than usual.

I have fed the pets, everyone has been out and all have safely come in, and here I am chatting to you.

Why? I got woken at 4.20 this morning by a hot flush. Not unusual as I had had some Cadbury’s chocolate yesterday, and sugar is my trigger. So, I listened to an Audio Book whilst dozing until Midweek Motivation by Jayne M Cox came into my inbox as it does every Wednesday. here’s the link…http://us2.campaign-archive2.com/?u=2616f02d31b1e827414add1cb&id=417b5d6fd2&e=4227bc274b

This one is a Ted talk about Faking It Until It’s Real…something I do often on Twitter – now, stop yelling at me! I tweet happiness and positivity because who wants to read about a moping, sado?! I don’t consider it lying unless its lying to myself, and it makes me feel better, it really does! I Fake It!

So, when everyone started to wake up on Twitter etc I put on the light, my dressing gown, and came down here, and I have done my power stance…outside! Looking up at the stars, swilling my coconut oil in my mouth, loving the odd twinkling star, and amazed I can do that in November…but I am digressing!

Today I am going to fake being an organised, energetic, lively, thin person…those who know me will know at least one of those is not real. And I can hear Jayne already yelling at me! I CAN be those things, but I find it easy to slip into the mindset of the fat, lazy, detached, TV slob. Just being honest here – you can switch off anytime if you are bored

I USED to be the former, when I was younger, a working mum, and even after we moved to the country and I gave up work to look after the kids ( something I never regret!). I can be those things again, I just need the motivation – and I don’t think I’m alone here! It’s only going to come from me!

I even started to fill out the forms for these 2 wonder pills that make you lose stones in a month…mainly for skiing after Christmas…as they say you don’t lose energy etc. I will ask my nutritionist first ( a 24 year old beauty!) who will talk me out of it, at least I’m assuming she will…

Anyway, back to the Fake it to Make it thought…It has hit me at just the right time. My mind feels as if it is disintegrating, I forget words very easily, and listening to others at Art yesterday I realised I am wasting my life at the moment. One of the ladies, who was a high-powered school teacher, is taking an Open university course in the History of Art. What am I doing? Nothing!

SO…from today I am going to fake being an interesting, intelligent, engaged, organised, self-disciplined, woman who knows her own mind. It won’t hurt to drink a lot more water and eat less sugar which is half the problem right there! I used to be all these things, and as I am not about to pop my clogs any time soon, I WILL be again!

Another thought just comes to me as I get ready to sign off…talking to Hubby recently I said how I hate to be judged (my holiday cottage had its inspection on Monday – 4 stars again!) – I think I know who is my biggest Judge…me.

Go be fabulous, folks! You know you can!



1st Drive

20130905-093339 AM.jpg

I have done it…short and sweet, and I didn’t crash!

The knee felt strange and I was extra careful, no emergency stops required, and I loved getting out under my own steam.
However I have made the right decision about not driving to a friend 3/4hour away this afternoon to watch others swim. I would have loved to take her up on the offer of being driven but she would have had to leave her guests to get me home in time for the Sainsbury’s Food Drop I have arranged for tea time, and I would have felt awful…tho I would have loved the socialising!

But, there is also the fact I feel really strange… The effects of the pain killers I think, or the general anaesthetic. My friend who very kindly took me into Rye yesterday ( & is a radiographer!) said there is a theory that it takes 6months for the effects of a GA to work its way out of our systems…oh I hope not!!
I didn’t take any last night as I didn’t feel the need in the knee, and I slept really badly. When I take them I sleep well. A no brainer, I hear you say? Well, not for me…I know I have an addictive personality – that I can easily get hooked on something, not you to me!! (Tho I hope you do!) So I am very wary of getting reliant on the painkillers for sleep. I know it’s only been a week since The Op, but pills worry me, so there!

Anyway, I am “gently glowing” in this fabulous heat, and the animals are already flat out in the shade. So I’m off to do my knee exercises and then ice it…and any other bit I feel the need to ice!

Post op Thoughts on Recovery, Life and Husbands

20130831-114643 AM.jpg

Today is Saturday. On Thursday I had an arthroscopy and a rip in my Mendthingy Cartilage mended. By Sunday evening I may have murdered my Husband! (not really…if he has died it wont be by my hand…I can’t reach!!)

So far I have learned that –
1. I should have insisted Hubby took the day after off from work;
2. I should have shopped better before the op;
3. I should have learned how to ask for help from Hubby more;
4. I should have taught him how to do the washing
5. I feel lousy and cross after a general anaesthetic!
6. Hubby can’t read my mind!

On the plus side after this I should be able to get back to jogging etc. Until I have my other knee done!

This is quite an eye opener for me.
I didn’t realise how little I ask for outright – help with things round the house, or could someone get me something from another room. Or even for friends to get some shopping for me…which they have. Do you do this? If you do, are you male or female? Are men better or not at getting the Other Half to do stuff?

I am so used to being the strong capable one on the surface that I have not trained myself, or Hubby, to put my physical needs first.

Now, if your are a regular reader to my blog and are now screaming at your screen that that is all I ever do, please forgive this perspective and message me; but from this side of the iPad I am finding it difficult to keep calm when asked about the simplest of things by my darling Old Man, stuff that I do every day and take for granted that we all know how to do – the shopping, washing, checking there is water in the dog’s bowl…

So the main thing I am learning is both of us need to have patience and ask for exactly what we need…um, can I have another mug of tea please? and whilst you’re in the kitchen…hello? Anybody there???

Start you week with…

20120912-170753.jpgHow did you start your week? I took a bike ride…well, after a mug of tea, yoga and breakfast of course!

It is all part of the fitter me, but is dependant on my knees.


My route is uphill to the village shop, where a chat is a must, then this week I decided to be adventurous and take a detour. I turned left instead of going straight home…Its a lane I have been down before but only in the car…it all looks very different from a saddle, believe me!

For a start its not as flat as I remember! but it is a lovely lane with folks to call ‘Morning” to. they all replied, which was rather heart-warming.

Then back onto the main road and a chat with neighbours about drives etc (as you do), and a down hill “WEEEEEE” ( that’s free-wheeling with legs stuck out) and back to a mug of tea and cloud contemplation…

Now, is it me or do these modern clouds have less ‘pictures’ in them? Is it that I am loosing my Inner Child’s Eye? Oh I do hope not! How about you? When was the last time you lay on the grass and watched the clouds drift by? And don’t yell that you have no time! Get in touch with your own ‘Little Lizzie’ and see what you can see, go on.

Right, now I’m going to have a go at embedding a song for this blog…can you guess what it is before you press the thingie to listen? (the picture is a bit of a give-away to those of us of a certain age!)

Have a fab week!


It’s all gone Pete Tong!

20130814-080939 AM.jpg

It’s confession time…or will be when Adam the trainer comes back on Thursday!!!

Actually, I won’t have to confess as he will be able to see with one look!!! so here goes my confession…

“Oh Trainer, I have eaten things I should not have, and have left undone the training I should have done, and there is more weight on me.”

Oh boy, is there more weight! A very heavy half a stone has landed on me, and do I feel it!!! I have a fuzzy head, my wheezing is coming back, my joints ache…and its all my own fault!!!

Why have I done this?? I am finding excuses for not exercising every day, and the food is piling up on my plate again. The alcohol is back too.

I am not on holiday any more, so all I can think is the reaction to Son’s leaving home has thrown me back to the Old Liz mode, and I am finding it difficult to fight back.

I am cross with myself as today I go to the hospital for a pre-op check-up ( knee op on 29th August) and had hoped to be nearer the 13stone mark than back over the 14!!! Perhaps the op coming up is also in my mind, thinking
“well, what’s the point if I wont be able to do much after that for a while?”


So, feel free to yell at me as hopefully I will be doing it to me too!
Gulp, I’ve just thought how disappointed Adam The Trainer will be….

Is there time to run away????

20130814-082542 AM.jpg

Loosing it!

20130620-080031 AM.jpg

It’s Thursday again…and I’m not in the mood…again! I have lost that loving feeling regarding exercising!!
This is because I am finding it more difficult to lose weight without the jogging. No, lets face facts… I am also eating more, and more of the “bad” stuff. You know what I mean…yep, SWEETS!! And I’m exercising far. far less! I’ve lost the oomph, the incentive, the …oh what’s the word? You know what I mean tho, don’t you?
And in it’s place I am buying more “stuff”!!! Replacement activity? Oh who knows, I’m just at a loss as to how to change back to that bouncy, go-getting gal of late last year.

I keep thinking of buying a bike. Again! I used to have one when we lived in a flatter region, and it took Hubby nagging to get me to use it! Now I am thinking of cycling to the local shop to get the paper rather than using the car for such a short journey. ( it’s just over 1.5 miles away with a hill involved…a v small one!)
What’s stopping me? Apart from the price of the bike? Well, my knees I suppose. I’m booked in for an op on the right one at the end of August, and I have yet to ask the consultant what he thinks of cycling as an alternative to running. I will ask Adam the PT today what he thinks.

Actually I think Adam will need to give me a good talking to! I know that I have reached the plateau that folks do, and I have to find the mental capacity to get me over it and down the next 2 stone! It is tougher this time round!! ( can you see me whaling and gnashing my teeth in anguish? No, me neither!)

Even the yoga is tailing off!! After buying the blocks, strap & Yogatoes too! Yogatoes

So you see I am back to Slob Mentality!! Please can you send ideas for getting me back on track? You’d think having Summer here might have helped…hahaha! No, sorry, got the giggles at the thought that this is Summer!! Ah! Perhaps I am missing the sun!

On that thought I shall rise and go do something…what? No, I don’t know what either, but getting up is a good start!

May your day be full of “get up and go” folks!


20130620-080129 AM.jpg

A New String To My Bow

Yoga imagesLast night I went to my first Yoga class.


I had been training with Adam at lunchtime so was already limbered up. I was looking forward to some gentle stretches and perhaps some meditation…I really didn’t know what to expect. All I knew was that I wasn’t going to be doing any handstands!

We soon settled down onto our mats and I began to realise this was certainly not  beginners course! Lisa had warned me, but you know what its like..in one ear, you nod, and it flows straight out the other! Oh Boy!

First off, its a long time since I sat cross legged on the floor. Thankfully we could roll up our rug and sit up on that to help the posture. Some, including the teacher Lisa, had little blocks to sit on…yep, I will be getting one of those if I survive the course!

Then we were taught to slow and regulate our breathing, visualising a wave going down from our navel to the coxics as we breathed in, and back up to our heart as we breathed out for a count of four each way. This was easier!

Next we were introduced to the chant of Om and how to do it, and what to visualise or rather where the sound should come from as we said all three parts of the word Om – it starts at the bottom and goes up into your brain…it all makes sense when you are doing it!

Then the stretches/exercises/poses started. I am just so glad I couldn’t see myself trying these! The Downward Dog was relatively easy, but with my big tum lunging into the Warrior was a little tricky. I managed with a few hops. I began to sweat with the effort!! Some of the poses we held for quite a while and the thighs began to protest…the knees were beginning to form a union too and I could feel the odd strike being planned in certain regions of the old body. However, I struggled on and I don’t think I made too bad a job of it – not the most elegant in the room I am sure, but that wasn’t the point of going, now was it? No!

We even did the bridge pose- you know, the one we all can do as little kids when we go on all fours inside out/upside down..you know the one, going from lying on your back up onto your hands and feet…I could do the getting the bum and back off the floor, but it will take much time and weight loss before I can do it properly.

At one point there was a chance to go from all fours into a handstand, but lets face it I can’t see me EVER managing that!…however, I remember telling Adam that I didn’t run when I first met him, so perhaps I had better not say those things!

Eventually we were told to get comfy with rugs over us and the relaxation started…bliss!! (The lady next to me started snoring at one point!) I started to feel a smile developing on my face – and I’m pretty sure my body was smiling too. It was tremendously peaceful, and with some practice I am sure I will be able to move back into the light as were were supposed to see ourselves doing.

And then it was all over. one and a half hours had gone and I was feeling..well, I knew I had worked hard, but I also felt wonderful! And I hadn’t made any embarrassing body noises either!!! you know what I mean!

To be honest I had thought Yoga was more relaxation than trying to grasp bits of my anatomy with the opposite hand that hadn’t been designed to get any where near it!!! Perhaps I would be better off in a beginners class, but I have emailed the teacher and asked if it might be better for me to start with a few one-to-one sessions first, so that I can work into the poses, not damage the knees, and get to grips with the spiritual side behind the yoga. the cynics out there will be yelling of course she is going to say yes to those as they are more expensive, but I am lucky I can do this, and I do want to be able to do it right and keep on doing it!

Today I feel much lighter of emotion …going away for a few days with hubby, in the fresh air and playing golf in the sun (Scotland) certainly helped, but I am sure the yoga also has helped, and I want to be able to add it to my quiver of stuff I CAN do.




20130429-080835 AM.jpg

Morning World, how are you feeling?

I have decided I want to add another string to my bow of living a healthier life, and Yoga has always intrigued me…
Why haven’t I don’t it before, I hear you ask ( well, just pretend you did!). I have dabbled at school, with the odd class, but now I feel it’s time to take it seriously. I know there is a yoga centre on the way to Battle which I must contact, but also I have asked Adam the trainer to ask his teacher if she does classes nearer to here.

I am constrained a little on the days I can learn it..I must get back to golf, back to going up to London regularly to see more of Hubby,can’t stop training… So, with only 7days in the week, and really only 5 I can use without cutting into the Weekend, Monday night or Thursday night ( if I can move after training!) look to be the best bet.

I have been watching Hubby managing to bend his leg up under his body whilst stretching out the other one and all flat on the floor and feel I really ought to be able to do the same! Ok, so there is a load less of him than me, but I have always thought I was more flexible…Hm, an element of competition creeping in here? Better watch that! Hold on whilst I just check I can …reach…my …toes…Yes! Phew! Ok, so on with the search!

I love starting the new week with a new “thing” to achieve! I’ll keep you posted on whether I find what I’m looking for.
In the meantime, have a FAB week!


20130429-081247 AM.jpg