Monday Morning…

I have just finished our Monday Morning “broadcast” with all the crazy gang! It is such a silly, wonderful,positive way to start the day!

I tried explaining it to a friend who doesn’t tweet, and it sounded awful! It sounded so America (sorry, American friends, but so Californian if you know what I mean!) with all the positivity and supporting others… but in reality it is just like a group of friends getting round the breakfast table for a laugh and chat about the coming week, before we all head off to our various tasks… a bit like a family!

This morning, given the time of year, we were having a laugh about witches, broomsticks etc. Actually this is a little too pretty a witch for me…I’m moreor even

I see myself as Nanny Ogg, as I love Terry Pratchett’s Disk novels… she has had several husbands, loves her sons but cant remember their wives names, oh and has a really filthy sense of humour! i say no more!

Anyway, it is great to have flights of fantasy every now and then, and if on the way, we cheer up a few folks, then its all worth while!

Pop in on The Breakfast Club on Twitter, and see what you think…Monday and Friday 6.45-8am. See you there!

L x