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  • I’m Back…just

    Hello there! My goodness, but time has flown by, and look at all that has happened, and is still happening! I won’t bore you with the details of all that we went through – I am sure ( and know )some of you went through far worse than we did. Enough to say that since […]

  • I’m Back!

    Hello! Did you miss me? No? I have been off-line due to Jetpack update sending the site haywire… I think several folks have had that problem, but were more tech savvy than me and could fix it. It’s taken me all morning, and several goes to fix, and now I will celebrate by having lunch […]

  • Oh no…my fault!

     OMG!!!!!  Have you ever had a day of panic when you find something isn’t working, you can’t remember passowrds ( or how to even spell the word itself!), and you can’t get to speak to a human being to talk you through what you think you need to do??? That was me yesterday when I […]

  • It’s Autumn!

    Don’t you love this season? Oh yes, we all love the sun and fun of Summer, but with Autumn comes the changing colours in the landscape, the chance to put on your favourite jumper ( hides my curves wonderfully cos its baggy) and my favourite pastime…Kicking up piles of leaves!!! A friend is winging her […]

  • The Open 2015

    I can’t believe that this has been and gone already! Did you see any of it on TV? Here is my Old Man doing his bit as a referee, and loving every minute, even in the rain. Well, he is a true golfer, so a bit of wet weather doesn’t really bother him…his groupie, on […]

  • New Week, New Technology

    Morning. It is Monday, the start of the week for most people, and the sky is almost clear of clouds as I look out into my garden. It rained in the night, saving me from watering before breakfast, and allowing me to type this on my new laptop. This new bit of technology has been […]

  • Happy 2013!

  • Monday Morning…

    I have just finished our Monday Morning “broadcast” with all the crazy gang! It is such a silly, wonderful,positive way to start the day! I tried explaining it to a friend who doesn’t tweet, and it sounded awful! It sounded so America (sorry, American friends, but so Californian if you know what I mean!) with […]

  • Tea On The Terrace

    I can’t believe that a whole week has gone by and I haven’t had time to tell you how my charity tea went! I managed to get the tea towels printed through the help of a fab chap in Folkstone and dashed over there on Tuesday afternoon to collect them. Nobby had done us proud […]

  • Video blog or written blog?

    I have spent most of the day so far learning how to video myself and how to upload it to this blog…..not to mention keeping my little finger away from the ‘publish’ button on iPad before I am ready! I have learned a huge amount, and not necessarily about the technology! I don’t look like […]

  • Frustration!

    GRRRRRR.…I am trying to do this new blog including photographs from iPhoto, and unfortunately the drag and drop system keeps telling me the pics are too big to be dropped in! Due to my lack of knowledge I can’t think how to make the pics smaller, or whatever I need to do to include them, […]