Month: January 2012

  • It’s OK to Feel Fed Up!

    I was hacked off this morning!   In my mind I had several very reasons to feel that way.. It was my birthday last Thursday and my son forgot! I did not get tea in bed Hubby got a dicky tummy on Saturday morning so I didn’t get my fav breakfast in my fav place as […]

  • Saturday Morning in London

    It is very rare that Hubby and I are not in the country on a Saturday morning, he going off to golf and me starting on the week’s washing. This week we had been invited to a friend’s 70th party in London so we actually decided to spend time in Town. Alas we couldn’t make […]

  • Sleep clinic

    Here I am in hospital of my own free will! According to my hubby I snore…I would deny it of course, but I have woken myself up with the odd snort so I know I can’t kid anyone! Here in the Conquest Hospital in Hastings they are doing these Sleep Tests to see if we […]

  • My Pictures

    Here on this page I will add the pictures that mean the most to me…now that I have worked out how to! Most of them I have taken, some I have painted, or drawn. I hope you like them.  

  • 8 years later…

    8 years later Edit Delete Tags Autopost I have been watching on Twitter all the love going to Harry Mosley and his family. They have all been through so much, with Harry’s brain tumour; and Harry has been an inspiration to os many people, thinking of others and how to help them. This has struck […]

  • Ally

    This is a blog I wrote last year on another site. I wanted to include it on this site as it is really important to me. This is our darling Ally a couple of months before she died. 8 years ago today. She was 15 and a half. She was diagnosed in March 2003 with […]


    I was going to add this to the blog onto the week so far but as there is so much to say it deserves a page of its own! It was truly in awesome event in the original meaning of the word as you hopefully will see. Now, my mother (oh,that phrase!) would always get […]

  • Inconsequential Trifles

      Nope, sorry, this page is not about puddings i have known and loved! Just a place to put my odd thoughts, musings down that are not connected to anything else… It will be a very full page! I am at the mo in sitting in Pain Quotidian, one of my favourite places to stop […]

  • Amazing week so far!

    This has been an amazing week, and there is more to come!! On Monday I spent the whole day trying to learn how to put pictures and videos on this site….yes, I know, I failed on the video front, but only cos I ran out of time! I did manage to put a video on […]

  • Video blog or written blog?

    I have spent most of the day so far learning how to video myself and how to upload it to this blog…..not to mention keeping my little finger away from the ‘publish’ button on iPad before I am ready! I have learned a huge amount, and not necessarily about the technology! I don’t look like […]

  • Aren’t People Fab!

    YES THEY ARE!!! This morning was one of those Monday morning jobs…due to rail works between Hastings and Ashford every Monday morning for the next 8 weeks or so, Hubby and I will be driving to Ashford International so he can whizz up to London. Now, normally I don’t begrudge him anything like this. It […]

  • Frustration!

    GRRRRRR.…I am trying to do this new blog including photographs from iPhoto, and unfortunately the drag and drop system keeps telling me the pics are too big to be dropped in! Due to my lack of knowledge I can’t think how to make the pics smaller, or whatever I need to do to include them, […]