Mother and Son reunion.


Well, that was a great weekend… Son has just left to drive back to uni having come home on Thursday evening, which was great! We had one evening just us, which turned into a drinking session! Ugh! I must remember I am now too old to drink like that any more! I don’t like the after effects at all! I felt very peculiar in the morning, and it took all day for me to start feeling human again! I’m sure there are others of you who know exactly what I’m talking about!

The trouble is I so enjoy talking to him, and we get carried away! When he offers I’m not good at saying no! But this is when I get to know what is going on in his life, what he really thinks and feels, just him and me. I treasure our times together, especially without his father. Now, I’m not being mean, we have great fun all three of us together, but this is my baby, and I guard my time with him jealously! God, I hope this doesn’t mean I’m going to be the mother-in-law from hell! I really hope not!

What I really hope is that he finds someone who really loves him, that he loves too (of course, that always helps) and who shares his dreams. She can then come part of the family and I will welcome her with open arms! I can’t wait for grandchildren….no, hold on, I CAN wait, but I am looking forward to them at the right time!

In the meantime, I will continue too have fun with my son, hopefully not too many hangovers, and hope that he enjoys spending time with me for as long as possible! And if he’s good, I’ll let hubby joins us too!

Catching up

I’m just relaxing from clearing up after having a girl friend to lunch. We haven’t seen eachother really for about 7 or 8 years…she came to my 50th but so did lots of others and I didn’t get a chance for an indepth chat!

So this was our chance to hear all about our children, husbands, lives and of course other people we know!

We first got to know eachother in the Church rooms, when odau children were at playgroup, then in school playgrounlocals ourlocal primary school,  the car park of our prep school and boarding school. There have of course been lots of lunches, suppers, coffees etc in between when I have managed to book myself in…she is a very busy woman! She has managed to fundraise for her local Hospice for the past 10 years, (over £100,000!) she is a church warden, she is always doing but always has time for her friends. A lovely woman.

I can’t get over how long it is since we chatted. We both have lost people, worried about our kids’ futures…what mother doesn’t! The lovely thing is how easy it was to start up where we left off! The only difference between us now and then is the odd (!) grey hair…must book hair appointment!

And now I feel warm and fuzzy (without the alcohol! She was driving! ), and pleasantly tired. Lovely memories are bobbing up, and although some of them are sad ones, it is good to remember them too ….  After all life is full of ups and downs, good and bad times, and it’s your friends who are there throughout both that are the blessings.

Now, tea I think, perhaps a bit of Alan Titchmarsh, a quick walk with the dog…and perhaps some email writing to other old friends.


Train journey


Yes, a very rare trip to London with the train taking the strain. This is allowing me to look a the glorious green, brown and white countryside …and am I? Nope, I’m looking a this page…hold on…nope stationary in a station!

The first part of the journey I did look out of the window. It is part that I have only done a few times, as we moved further out form London about 6 years ago, and I usually ddupe up as we are very lucky to have a parking space! Still have to pay the Congestion charge tho! Oh for a hybrid car!

Anyway, here I am enjoying the delights of train travel again. This bit of the journey I know off by heart as I have done it for 40 years now! The beauty is almost unaltered, which is lucky! The local towns and villages have not spread too far along the line. Trees have grown, been cut down, planted, fields ploughed or not, and now are all covered to a greater or lesser degree in white.

I love travelling! There are views to take in, people to,watch, listen to…only cos they are talking loudly, honestly! And the smells! At the moment I am trying to figure out the perfume from the lovely lady in front. It’s about to be masked bu the coffee trolly. Don’t think I’ll partake as I’m bound to spill it!

Oh,my ears have popped form going through the Sevenoaks tunnel! They always have done! I have done this journey in school uniform, in mufti at half terms, in work clothes and now as me! I always like to look smart, whatever the weather. When I was little Mummy always made us put gloves and a hat on for going ” up to Town”. It makes it a special trip.

I am not going to make links with the journey of life…there are far more learned, cleaver folks out there who can do that. I just love the journey! Possibilities of bumping into friends (not this trip), wondering how,easy will the trip to my destination on thetube be, watching an already beautifully made up lady tweak her make up even more, despite the movement! Obviously well practiced. Wonder if that fur coat is real? If so she’s a brave lass! Difficult to tell as its just black.looks fab, whatever it is.

Well, almost there. Can’t decide where to get off…London Bridge or Waterloo East. Both on Jubilee line…might as well be Waterloo as haven’t been there for ages!

I may add to this page on my way back…depends on how the lunch goes!

More learning..and frustration! …WordPress Take Note!

I am sitting in my freezing study tying this as I am trying to fix the problem of why my WordPress app wont let me in! (It’s cold cos I haven’t put the heating on yet, that’s why!)

I have gone on forums and tried all that they have suggested! i have ticked the box with the XML thingy in…I dont really understand what that means, but it doesn’t seem to have made any difference, and it is driving me nuts!

One of the main problems is I don’t know how to add pictures to my site on my iPad…as you may have noticed they can’t be seen properly! My Twitter friends and my son have pointed this out to me! It should be so easy to click and drop…not that it is easy to do that on this Mac! You have to export the pic to the desktop and then drag into the Media files on the site…at least that is how I have been doing it!

I love taking pics and want to share them with you all – you don’t have to look! But at this rate I’ll start screaming pretty soon!

Dear, why is it so difficult to get into my site with your App? It wont recognise my password?!?!?!?!!?!?!?

Scary, aren’t I when cross!!!!

Please, someone make me into a happy face!

If I Don’t Do It Now…


Eeeek! I’ve just been  ” naughty”! Well, actually I don’t see it as being naughty,even tho my tummy is still feeling funny from doing it! I even feel a little faint!

You know that special something you have always dreamt of having? For some it is a type of car, or the latest iPhone (sorry, already got one!), a pony if you are still a very small little girl, a place of your own if you’re a teenager living at home. It can even be as simple as a particular book….

Well my special thing has always been a garden swing! I went to a friend’s for tea as a little girl and in their garden was the most wonderful swing…to us that afternoon it was a magic place that transported us to Our Place flying over deserts and seas, escapingfrom a dragon I think it was…probably just her little brother! I went home and told my mother that when I grew up I was going to have such a magic swing of my own….

Well, yes it has taken a long time…about 46 years to be exact! There has always been something else that was needed more, or the swing wasn’t just the right one. Then the children came along and the idea went out of my head for a while. 4 houses and gardens later I happened to go to the Country Living Fair last spring with my 3 Tea Girl Friends. We had done every stall, every isle, and tried every morsel of free food and were on our way out when there it was! It was in the middle of an isle surrounded by other wooden things,  but it called! One of my friends saw it too and we both went to sit on it!

Oh, dear reader, I can’t tell you! Love at first feel just doesn’it describe it! We sat, we swung, we almost fell asleep! Alas I had just started renting out my holiday cottage and hadn’t earned a great deal of money yet. So home we went, me dreaming and feeling pangs of separation!

Skip a few months and it is Fair time again, but I may not be able to go. Every now and then I have looked on the website at my swing, checking the prices, my bank balance and then going off to do something else.

Then today dawned very cold but beautifully sunny. I talked to someone about changing my lifestyle, to becoming more active. So off I went for a walk with the dog…thinking…always dangerous! We are only here once, theory has it, and I was thinking what I would regret if I died tomorrow…it was one of those walks!

Chatting to another of the Tea Girls I mentioned the garden swing…” for goodness sake, have it! You’ve always wanted one, and you might die tomorrow!” She had obviously been tuning into my thoughts! I picked up the phone, just to see if the prices were any different, or if there would be a special price at the fair….Fatal!! The gorgeous man on the other end of thephone said lots of soothing wonderful words, and a few minutes later….I said YES! Eeeek!

What have I done?? It’s not,cheap, and there’s a recession, and I can hear Hubby’s views now!! So, have a look at the pic…mine will have green top and cushions…have I been stupid?? Should I have resisted?? I know I will earn enough in a few weeks to pay for it, and then this summer I could be sailing away over deserts and seas, chasing dragons and princes…

What do you think??