The ‘What If” Game

Do you ever play this game? You know, What if I was single/married/widowed/rich/thinner/fatter…etc,etc! It’s not necessarily one we play because we are dissatisfied with our lives, at least I don’t think it is… I bet there are psychologists out there screaming at the screen saying “oh yes it is”!

Nope, I play it because I always have. When I was little my mother used to do the Pools (like the lottery, but based on football scores each Saturday). We would have the game of what would we spend the money on if we won.

She would always have a different house, I would have a bigger bike, or the next Barbie. I once asked for a sister or brother, but that was really out there as I was the only one to survive of Mum’s pregnancies. We loved who we were, and what we had, it just seemed fun to pretend. and there was always a swimming pool in the list somewhere!

I still play it sometimes, like today when I saw the perfect cottage if I was a widow..(nod to the Gods, Fate, Whoever is In Charge- I love things as they are, so please mits off my Hubby, and go read someone else’s blog, thank you very much!).. Phew, now where was I? Oh yes, this cottage…