Month: May 2012

  • Changes at home!

    After almost 10 years my son is no longer in education and has finally moved back home! Woohoo! We have done his washing, yes, ‘we’ … He put everything into separate piles and even offered to put it in the washing machine, or iron! Nothing was left in the hall for once, and he is […]

  • Tea On The Terrace

    I can’t believe that a whole week has gone by and I haven’t had time to tell you how my charity tea went! I managed to get the tea towels printed through the help of a fab chap in Folkstone and dashed over there on Tuesday afternoon to collect them. Nobby had done us proud […]

  • Oh Lord, why?

    It has been a bit of an odd day or two. Saturday would have been our daughter’s 24th birthday. I remembered, but Hubby had forgotten what date Saturday was. The pain that produced inside me was huge. I haven’t felt that bad in ages. It’s not his fault, he’s very busy at work, and he’s […]

  • Well, I tried!

    The day started so well… I went for a walk on the beach with 2 girlfriends and our dogs….tough on the old knees, but the back coped! Woohoo! We all had great fun and came back here for tea and rest. They tried my coffee and walnut cake and said it was fab. Yes, I […]

  • Planning Monday

    It’s Monday morning again, funny how quickly it comes around each week! It’s so easy to get lost in things that you lose track of time! This Week I am going to make a list of everything I need to get done for the charity Tea Party I’m having here next week for Teenage Cancer […]

  • Fuzzy Headed

    This is going to be a weird blog I suspect! I have decided to detox again… About 4 years ago I totally detoxed and went tea-total for about 2years…it was all in aid of losing weight and feeling healthier, and it worked… For a while. Alas I live with a man who loves wine and […]