Last Day In UK

Good morning, World! Sorry I have been away so long…having Son living at home with us again has really turned me upside down…it shouldn’t have as its wonderful, but, boy, are we getting through the food and drink!!!

At the moment I am in London waiting for my Sister-in-law and her daughter to get up so we can go for breakfast round the corner. It is their last day in the UK before going to live in Phuket for a couple of years, and so we may well “do” some London sights…The Tower of London is favourite with us 2adults, and Big Ben with the 8year old. Both will be done, I am sure!

It is such a huge thing to do, leave your friends and family and go live in a country with a completely different culture, language, education system etc; but what an opportunity! They have been living in Spain for about 7 years anyway, so have been on the end of a phone line or Skype session before. This time they are going to live with our future brother-in-law whilst he organises the building of a new hotel complex!
In the past Hubby and I have talked about working and living in other countries with his job, and I have always thought it would be exciting. Nothing ever came of it, and in a way that was a blessing, with family members needing medical attention, getting older and needing more help…but I sometimes wonder what it would have been like to bring the children up in different places, and
what we all would have achieved. My mother had been in love with a Burmese lad during the war, but alas he was killed, and then she met my dad… Who would I have been then??? Eeeek! Still me, I’m sure!