In time?


When you are getting a flight are you one of those people who give themselves plenty of time to get to the airport, just incase you run into any delays?

Or are you the type that plans down to the last minute when things will happen and assume the rest of the world as a copy of the time table too?

Guess which type I am and which type Hubby is!! Hint…we are sitting at the airport instead of being well on our way to St.Andrews for an afternoon golf match for Hubby. Not much of a hint….here’s a bigger one… It’s not my fault!

Actually I feel rather sorry for the Poor Old Chap. We had such an easy ride up until we tried to drop off the golf bags, when a very efficient 40something lady informed us sadly that we had just missed the 45minute cutoff point for getting bags onboard… It is in the small print on your ticket, Sir. To give her her due she did call someone and ask as we were only 3minutes late if they could help, but BA no longer are in charge of putting the bags on their planes, and the chap on the other end said nothing could be done.

A no show…


I’ve had one of those days…

Today I was expecting a friend for coffee. So, after giving myself a good talking to ( see previous blog), I bounced up and tidied the house.
I amazed myself by managing to get it looking fairly presentable…so long as no-one opened the cupboards! Don’t try telling me you don’t do the same thing!
The last thing after getting some flowers from the garden was to change, and put the kettle on….

She was a no show.

I am sure she just forgot, she is a busy girl. Yes I was hurt, and a hug from Son cheered me up.

Then I looked round the house….it looked fab!

So whilst it may have seemed like a sad day, actually it turned out great, as I now sit at a clean kitchen table with pink roses scenting the room, and knowing that in anyone could arrive and I’d be proud to show them in.
That’s a good feeling.

As the saying goes “every cloud has a silver lining” and it does!


It’s so easy to…


Am I alone in finding it so easy to let life wash over you, pass you by, to get lost in the feeling that there is so much you should’ve doing that it is almost impossible to start?

Yes?? Just me then? Bugger!

Well, that is how I have been feeling! Last week I had a huge scare when the after effects of a visual migraine were the same as a mini stroke! I was sent into hospital by my doctor for a general MOT with ECG, Chest X-ray and MRI to make sure all was ok…and it is, thankfully. I think it gave my family a bit of a fright too. We were all expecting me to get. A huge rollicking from the doctors about my huge weight problem, but as they seem to be on the generously proportioned sizes themselves, and as it wasn’t a stroke, I got away with it!

Since then you would have thought I would have been a new person, turning over the new leaf of healthy living, moving more etc, etc…yes, I can hear you all saying ” of course! Take it as a warning”. I know I should!

However it has been very difficult to get going again! The tingling is still there in my arm, and the occasional feeling I am about to faint with breathlessness with the arrhythmia, has led to my usual place at the kitchen table. The sense of the depression creeping up behind me is there, and I am aware I must send it packing!

I have booked the personal trainer tho! He arrives on Thursday morning for our first session of actually doing something! I have bought a couple of Nike purple tops with that wonderful wick-away technology to keep me cool, and hopefully they are big enough to let me move.

Which brings up the next load of feelings… We are off to see the family at the weekend, and of course, they are all petite, groomed, and somehow manage to make me feel inferior and untidy! They would hate to think they made me feel like that – they are a great bunch, so it is all in my head!! I can hear a couple of my regular readers yelling at their screen around now, but this is how I feel!!

So, in a few minutes I will go to my mirror and give myself a good talking to! (Probably in my mother’s voice if I’m not careful! I may be haunted; send in the exorcists! ) I know I need to point out to me what I have achieved in my life, how many folks think I’m great, and what I still can achieve when I put my mind to it!

I channel so much energy into seeming to be funny and happy… If I channel that into achieving what I want to, then I can strike out the word seeming from the first half of that sentence!

So with that in mind, dear reader, I am off to my mirror, then to make a To Do list, and then to DO IT!!


Good Samaritan? Where?

What has happened to Us?
No, I don’t mean Hubby and my relationship… I mean People in general.

Yesterday evening I tripped over a chap’s feet in the queue at our local Co-Op and fell flat on  my knee and face, staying on the ground slightly dazed for at least 30 seconds. Not surprising in a way as the area to move along the queue in is very small and I am a very wide gal! Apart from feeling I had been hit on the head and punched in the jaw I felt very humiliated! We have all had these moments when something happens and everyone sees it and you just want to crawl away and hide… I defy you not to be cringing at this moment remembering your own little bit of embarrassment.

So why am I so shocked?
Well, as I lay there, clearly dazed, NO ONE CAME TO HELP ME UP!!!
Not even the man whose feet I tripped over! He just stood at the till next door, not even looking at me I don’t think!

When I did get to my feet there was no apology from him but he did ask if I was ok eventually, and said what a small space it was to pass by in. I think he was just as embarrassed that this had happened next to him.

Perhaps everyone there thought I was drunk? After all it was after 6pm!

Now, perhaps I am a very old fashioned person, but if you see someone fall over isn’t your first reaction to go to help them up? To see if they are all right? Has the World changed so much that we do not approach strangers who could do with a helping hand? I wonder what was so scary about me that stopped even my neighbour from putting out his hand to help me up.

One answer to that is that I am an obese brunet not a lovely petite blond tottering on high heels! No, I even had flat Sebego deck shoes – after all, I am a sensible middle-aged woman. Is that the answer? My middle age??

All I know is that the parable of the Good Samaritan is coming to mind as I type. Yesterday there was no Good Samaritan in the Co-Op.

What will you do if you see someone fall in the street? Will you pass on by, or stop and help them up, make them feel the hurt and embarrassment a little less with the knowledge that there is someone kind in the world?

Now it’s happened to me I hope I will not pass on by.