Monday Morning…

I have just finished our Monday Morning “broadcast” with all the crazy gang! It is such a silly, wonderful,positive way to start the day!

I tried explaining it to a friend who doesn’t tweet, and it sounded awful! It sounded so America (sorry, American friends, but so Californian if you know what I mean!) with all the positivity and supporting others… but in reality it is just like a group of friends getting round the breakfast table for a laugh and chat about the coming week, before we all head off to our various tasks… a bit like a family!

This morning, given the time of year, we were having a laugh about witches, broomsticks etc. Actually this is a little too pretty a witch for me…I’m moreor even

I see myself as Nanny Ogg, as I love Terry Pratchett’s Disk novels… she has had several husbands, loves her sons but cant remember their wives names, oh and has a really filthy sense of humour! i say no more!

Anyway, it is great to have flights of fantasy every now and then, and if on the way, we cheer up a few folks, then its all worth while!

Pop in on The Breakfast Club on Twitter, and see what you think…Monday and Friday 6.45-8am. See you there!

L x

So, the clocks go back, but….


Ok, so going to “daylight savings time” is supposed to give us a lie in with a couple of days’ benefits. Sure, it makes it slightly lighter int he mornings, and cosier in the evenings…


My body likes to do things at the same time each day; it is happy that way! It likes to wake up around 6am, be fed a cup ( well, large mug really) of either tea or hot water and lemon depending on how it feels, have breakfast, lunch and supper at the same time; and now have the two snacks allowed to keep up the insulin levels.
It does NOT listen to me when I tell it we have a lie in on the Sunday, and now it has insisted on getting started at the new 5am by waking me thinking Hubby was late for his train!!

Oh OK, so I’m moaning again…sorry! On the plus side we have a safe morning for kids goingto o school, and I do love “tea” infront of a roaring fire…it reminds me of tea with Mummy as a child, coming in after school for cuddles, tea, cake and Blue Peter. Ahhhh, those were the days!

So, pleas e understand, it’s not me complaining about the time change. No, really, it’s not…’s my body!!!


Weekend Chores

I was just sorting out the washing this morning, and wondered if the chaps in our lives ever think we are going to have to rifle through their smalls, socks, shirts etc? Then I realized of course they don’t think about it! Silly woman!

Now, all you feminists can stop yelling at your screens – yes, I do the washing! And I’m pretty sure I am not alone! The fact is my man works hard ina n office all week to keep us in this fab lifestyle we have, and I’m very lucky, so the least I can do is do his washing, yep, and the ironing too!

And to make you yell even more...I LIKE IRONING

THERE! I admit it! There is nothing like a pile of freshly laundered boxers, handkerchiefs or bed linen to set my little heart aglow! 😉

Preview Image

Of course, this does not mean I like sorting the filthy stuff first!!!!

Pass the nose peg!



Day Out

I’m on a train! Read that and imagine me shouting into a phone…no, I am sitting quietly, like a good girl, speeding my way towards the Big Smoke(London) and thence onwards to Luton, for a fab lunch with the other Breakfast Club Trolly Dollies.
Already it has been a little stressful… My own fault, as I have a habit of changing my mind! Tis morning it was about clothes and how to get to the station, and indeed, which station to go from!!

Clothes were decided by the weather, and I still am going to be too hot! But I am comfortable, and that is almost the main point. I am in Purple and charcoal for those of you wondering… (Oh, no-one? Never mind.)

Next was the question of the quickest, safest way to be at Ashford international – to drive and worry about finding a parking space, or take the train from Rye where parking is easy… I know, sound silly, but it is some time since I took a train, and I am surprising even myself at how twitchy I have been over it!
Of course it was decided in the end by the cost of parking at Ashford!! It was still cheaper to park at Rye and train to Ashford! Also this means the car will be at Rye if Hubby manages to meet me for the homeward journey! (Doubtful as he hates to be seen to leave the office early on a Friday despite leaving late Monday to Thursday! )

So here I am on the Fast Train to St. Pancras, along with ladies going out for the day, chaps on business trips, and others. I have no sense of direction so I’m sitting backwards, well, facing backwards-you know what I mean! So in my head I am on my way to Paris… Um, …no, the sign said St.P on the train, stop worrying! Oh, and a very nice lady (Corrie Corfield) has just informed us all its is arriving at Ebsfleet International, so that’s alright. SHe has one of those comforting voices that we can trust!

I have been tweeting with those I am meeting about arriving early and I’m now worried that I will be interrupting their business meeting, despite their protestations!

You see, it would be so much better to make a plan and stick to it!!

Ebsfleet seemed a smart, clean station. Nothing else here though, and Corrie is back with more information. Nice trip this.
Now at Stratford, same as Ebsfleet… A bit impersonal.

Think I’ll read the paper now.. Laters, Babes.

Later, same day (dramatic direction!)

Oh what a fab day! There is nothing better than meeting up with good friends and laughing, discussing, agreeing, eating, drinking (soft drinks!) exchanging gifts, and generally enjoying Life!

I am returning…yep, back on the high speed train to Ashford International,… Refreshed, and invigorated. I am sure I should be tired, but I’m not! I fell I have had an injection of life from the 3 other ladies who I have now known for a year.
W met through Twitter…see my link to The Breakfast Club…and thought that I have learned a great deal about myself and others. I feel I have grown.

Cor, this was going to be light hearted and its getting “Heavy, Man! ”

Now that I think about it, perhaps I am tired… I have another train to take after this and a drive home. It’s funny to think that in a couple of hours Hubby will be on the same trains! Shame we are not travelling together, but I mustn’t be greedy…the day has been a near perfect one as it is.

So I will close this blog now, and read for a bit, trying not to fall asleep and miss my stop!

I love Day Trips Out!



Week 5 of training


This week was a really hard, sweaty workout; and don’t tell anyone, but I really enjoyed it!

I am always slightly disappointed when I do my weigh-in at 6.45am on a Wednesday morning. I have lost another 2lbs, making it a total of 11lbs lost in 5weeks – a good steady loss with not much “dieting” and getting fitter all the while. I should be happy, shouldn’t I!

I feel better; it’s easier to move, tie shoe laces, do everything! Clothes fit better, my skin is clearer, jewellery I haven’t worn in ages is now fitting. I can walk up stairs without sounding like a steam train too! I wonder at what stage will I feel that internal glow of true happiness?

In the meantime, this week Adam had me on the treadmill as it was far too muddy on the farm track. After the warm up he introduced different movements with the kettle bell weight, working each arm one at a time. First going across and up the body with a slight twist, then doing a press up from the floor to above my head with a twist of the wrist and bell at chest height.
Then lots of sit ups! When am I going to be able to reach my knees?? It’s so frustrating!
Adam then got me to stretch out one leg whilst still on the floor and pump it up and down with only a slight movement… O!M!G! (In Janice’s voice, of course) just those little movements got my shaking after a while!! I gather its using different abdominal muscles… W all forget that all over our bodies what we think of as big muscles are in fact made up of smaller muscles, all working in a slightly different way to to support and move this amazing thing we call our body.
After that torture he had me walking really fast on the treadmill for about 10 mins at 4mph…. I suspect him of trying to move me towards running! Ugh! We shall see!
I then had to do press ups and was really disappointed that I could only do 9 after tall those weights! I will have to work on that!

As per usual there was the warm down and stretching whilst we considered my food diary and how good, or bad, I’d been… I am pleased to report that I am being very honest on this! No point in lying, is there? There were a few things I could have done without, or differently, and I’d missed a couple of snacks, which I mustn’t… The point of the 5 a day meals is to keep the insulin levels even, and avoid binging. This way my main meals are smaller, the snacks keep me going and so I am losing weight, along with getting a raised metabolism with the exercise.

The good news is that Adam doesn’t see why I shouldn’t keep losing at this rate and achieve about 30lb weight loss by Christmas!! Woohoo! That would be fab!!

Now if I achieve this and I am still moaning, please feel free to kick me!
In the meantime I will be doing two lots of workouts between now and next Wednesday’s session with Adam, and I hope to have lost another 2lbs….

Watch this space!


Time to clear out?


This blog is promoted by last night’s supper at a friend’s new house…. It’s a dream house, clean, light airy, designed and built for them. Oh my gosh, it was like walking thought a Grand Designs set! But then she is very good at that sort of thing and works with another friend of ours, who is an interior designer, on all her houses she has had. (She moves a lot!)

Looking round her beautiful new home I realised she has pared down her belongings… I walked into my house and especially my bedroom and thought -wow! Too much stuff! Then on opening my makeup draw(yes, it’s that bad) I started thinking about how long one is supposed to keep things?!! Next question – why do I keep buying these things when I really only wear the same make up with slight alteration for night time.

In another friends’s house I was shown her remodelled bedroom and saw her walk in wardrobe. She still has loads of clothes etc despite getting rid of tons.

Most of my girlfriends have a summer and winter wardrobe, which is being changed round at the moment. I sometimes do this, but mor e with clothes I can no longer get into because I am either too big or too small for them. They all end up in one room in vac bags. What? Get rid of them?? But I might get into them again at some point!

See my problem? I am not a huge hoarder but find it difficult not to think that I might need the old tights in my cupboard at some point, or the bits of Ikea draw dividers that we seemed to have ended up with when we did the kitchen over 5 years ago! And what about the outdoor lanterns that will be fab when we have a supper outside on a beautiful summer evening that we just never seem to get? Do I really have to get rid of them??

I know in my heart the answer is -get rid of a lot of it! I don’t need it, I haven’t used it in the last few years, or I no longer can get into it, and it’s only a T-shirt/trousers/skirt that I’m never going to wear again.

I feel a trip to the recycling point coming on, and to the charity shops. Hm, perhaps it’s time to get going….

Chat later, folks!


My Spoilt Side!

I have been debating whether to write this blog or not -after all it does not show me in a good light! You may never want to read anything I write ever again! This is not a pretty tale; it is one of spoilt bratishness and ungratefulness!

This is one of those occasions when my Hormones and tiredness got the better of me.

On Friday night Hubby came home from his first business trip to India with lovely presents for us all. I had jokingly asked for an elephant, so he brought me a silver bangle with smiling elephants on, which is fab! He also brought three pashminas, one each. He had chosen a beautiful red one for himself, an electric dark blue one for our Son, and then I opened mine…

Now, if you opened my wardrobe you would find lots of blue, black, red, purple.. I like bright colours. I love scarfs and pashminas. Hubby had chosen for me a 100% pashmina with a beautiful handwoven patten – in dark beige with a panel of red and blue at each bottom. Writing it now it sounds beautiful. Doesn’t it! It is a dream to wear, so soft, warm, and gorgeous…. I thanked him … Honest! I did!

All was good, we went to bed, we slept… I woke at 5.30 and started to think about the pashmina… It isn’t a colour that I would chose as I didn’t feel he had been thinking of me when he chose it. I started suspecting he had just grabbed it as the last resort… After all, was this how he saw me? A Beige non-entity at home? A middle-aged invisible Person? (Of course he said absolutely not when I asked him later!!)
By the time we woke up I was tired again. Things didn’t get better over breakfast when we were going through a few things and he kept questioning some small decisions I had made whilst he was away… Poor chap was just back from a different time zone so he was feeling fought too!

I could feel my head about to explode with pent up emotions about it all, and so, instead of just taking a deep breath and going for a walk well away form the subject, I opened my mouth!
I tried to not say outright I didn’t like the colour of the pashmina- and I did point out I was very grateful for such a fab present, BUT … Yep, it came out that I didn’t think it was my colour!

Now, my Hubby is a wonderful chap! He didn’t say “you ungrateful cow!” As I bet you are all yelling at me! No, he asked what was wrong with it, and said he had thought it would go well with a blue overcoat, or green, or my blue (summer) blazer. Minor problem I don’t own either a blue overcoat or green one. Because he is such a nice man we were able to laugh about it, and he offered to give me his red one which is fab, and not 100% pashmina, saying ” the important thing is that you are happy with it”

Do you see what an awful prison I am? Don’t shout yes too loudly!!

Then, bless his cotton socks, he said the most annoying thing any husband can say to his wife…

“If you don’t like it, I can always send it to my Mum”


Nothing else was said then; we went off to the local hills to walk the dog- without coats so we got very, very wet – SO… yes, you’ve guessed it, whilst laughing at how wet and cold we were I pointed out to Hubby that the one thing a man should never say to his wife is that a present can be interchangeable between his wife and his mother!!! ” A wife is not on a par with a mother, she is above the mother, as the Husband should be above the father”

No, he didn’t shove me off the cliff yelling ” ungrateful cow” as I tumbled to the rocks below! Well, obviously! No, we finished our walk, got into the car and came home.

Then for the rest of the weekend we looked at the pashmina with my clothes whilst I did my best to show him it does go with my clothes…he admitted he had thought of it worn only with an outdoor coat, and had forgotten I wear scarfs etc with everything(!). I have refuse exchange it, as he chose it for me, and so I want to have it.

Yesterday an old girlfriend of mine saw it without me saying anything, and said “oh boy, that’s not your colour!” My response? “Yes! You get it!” I told her everything and she completely understood how I felt… Unfortunately hr hubby walked in and said he couldn’t see what was wrong with the colour.

So, now you know how much of a spoilt, ungrateful cow I am! My dreams since Saturday night have been of Hubby leaving me, and I have eaten too much bread (2extra pieces!) My rational side tells me that men and women see colours differently and think of clothes differently. My Hubby is a very dapper chap, and I can see what he was thinking of when he chose the scarf. In his defence I bet there weren’t that many to chose from in such a high quality pashmina. And he did bring me a beautiful bangle as well!

I will be wearing the pashmina to a very special lunch on Friday. It will go superbly with what I am wearing. I will love it.

Am I a really nasty person?


The photograph

I have been sorting out some more of my late mother’s things and have come across this photograph…


I think it was taken at Hastings (very near here) and by the look of my mother it was in the early 30s… She is the one on the far left sitting down with a wicked grin! My three Aunts are on the right, and I’m not too sure who all the others are. I love the little boy on the left, who may be my cousin, he looks as if something really good has happened… A very modern pose! Unless he’s threatening the camera person!!

I also like the look of the changing tents in the background. I am sure you can get these again now, a very useful thing! I used to change under a towling tent thingy Mother made me, and I made my kids one too. You know the sort of thing, it has elastic round one end of a tube, is vast to accommodate width of elbows as knickers etc are removed/put back on. So useful for the shy and gives merriment to watchers!! But perhaps folks these days are so uninhibited they don’t need them!

Looking at my mother she looks so happy, and didn’t change much as she grew older, apart from getting chubbier, and growing grey in later life of course! It is strange to think she couldn’t hear any of the laughter and chatter that was going on around her. She became deaf at 8 after a bout of whooping cough. My aunt Peggy ( in white) died of either a hole in the heart or kidney complications…I know she had both, and I know Mother nursed her. I have a few of her embroidery samples around the house.
Aunt Marjorie, far right, won a place at Oxford to read maths but as Grandfather( a vicar at Hampton Hill, UK) couldn’t afford for her to go she eventually married another vicar, and was wonderful having me to stay on exists from boarding school. She had very auburn hair, which doesn’t show here, and dyed it absolutely bright red in later life! (V embarrassing for her teenage niece, believe me!)
Aunt Sybil, in the middle of the aunts, was the sporty one, playing golf, tennis, and bridge up until the day she died! Mother was 11 years younger than her, and 18 years younger than their brother…I don’t think he’s in the picture, unless he had receding hair at an early age!!

I love looking at old pictures. Obviously it’s more fun if you know the people in them, but just looking at their clothes, shoes, surroundings and working out relationships is fascinating to me. Not to mention seeing the fact the gentleman has perhaps got a bathing suit on!! What a giggle!

I think this picture will go up in my bathroom in a mo!


Who knew?


Morning All,
I am sitting at the kitchen table enjoying a beautiful sunny Autumn day, listening to Radio 4 comedy show and relaxing after cleaning the cottage. The last guests left it beautifully clean and stripped the bed! Bliss!


I am feeling the effects of this week’s training session! Adam changed some of the activities and got me not only working with a kettle bell weight but also boxing! And do you know, it was absolutely wonderful!! Who knew thumping something with gloves could be so satisfying! I can’t wait to have another go on Saturday! As to the weight, I had to do squats with it swinging … I felt a bit like an uragutang at the lower point of the squat! Lets hope I didn’t look like one too!! Now my thighs and left knee are very aware they have had a good work out! After both of these exercises Adam made me do some sit ups. I thought at first they were fine, but then I discovered how much I had been working my stomach muscles without realising it! Oh boy! Back came the grunting and groaning!!

On the good news I had lost more weight, which I knew as I’ve managed to get into a pair of trousers I’d bought over the net and been really posse doff to find they didn’t fit! So, woohoo for that! We will ignore the fact they are more summer chinos than winter, but there we go!

Adam was really pleased with my progress, which of course pleased me… Think of smiling puppy. I am really hoping that by the time we go out to meet up with Son skiing in 2013 I will be much fitter and thinner…I really need to be otherwise I won’t be able to fit into the ski clothes! The other joy of all of this is that I can almost get back into my special waterproof winter trousers for golf!

Which reminds me I must try to get back on the course soon again! The problem is my golfing partner has become a granny, so has lost her heart, mind and time to her new Grandson…. As she should have! And one day I may feel the same, but not for a few years yet, thanks! In the meantime it’s a good opportunity to learn to play on my own!

Right, off to clear out the fire ready for a cosy fire to welcome Hubby back from India.

Have a wonderful day!

L x

Mothers’ Ruin

Now here is an observation, Dear Reader…

This Summer, whilst our Son has been home, I have been indulging myself one way and another with beverages (…well, he’s a fantastic cocktail mixer, amongst other things!), and I had got into the habit of having a G&T at 6pm almost every day.

Yes, I can hear the intake of breaths around the World, but I know several households where this is the norm!

Since last week’s telling off- no, pointing out to me by the personal trainer exactly how many glasses of wine and shorts I had had in the preceding week (its what I pay him for after all!) I have cut the G&Ts out all together.

And here’s the observation, so pay attention… I feel happier!

In the 17th and 18th Centuries Hogarth depicted the effects of drink on the London populace, and it was generally agreed that gin was referred to as Mother’s Ruin. Well, I am a mother, and I am coming round to the feeling that my daily G&T was becoming my ruin.

No, you wouldn’t find me on the steps, dropping a baby, whilst semi-nude; but my general mood was getting lower and lower as the Summer progressed. Now, with my new regime from the Personal Trainer (see other blogs on Getting Fit) and cutting out the G&T I feel happier! Before I cut out the G&T when I was doing the exercises I was still down… couldn’t feel the ‘buzz’ of endorphins at all! I am sure the chemists out there can tell me the way the gin was affecting me ( and perhaps the English teachers will point out it should be ‘Effecting’?).

All I can say is I am really pleased with the feeling! It is going to be some time before I taste another G&T1

in the meantime, Hubby has just had a huge wine delivery….


Bye for now…..


Why so loud???

This blog is going to be in the form of a letter…be warned!

Dear Hollister Owners,

I know I am not your usual target audience for your shops, but I am the audience that usually pays, so could you please read this letter and sort it out? Thank you!

Today my son and I went to your relatively new store in Bluewater…the one that had the lovely young semi-naked men outside a few months ago…shame they are not still there, but I digress.

On entering your establishment I wondered if I was in some form of torture chamber! It was dark, so that I could hardly see; it was so noisy with music I could hardly think. Somewhere in the gloom a young man asked me something, but as I couldn’t hear him I just smiled and nodded. In the distance I could see a wall of screens showing surfers from the other side of the world – I assume this was to remind me of what I was missing?

My son managed to grab some clothes, tried them on and then gesticulated to me, meaning ‘Can I have these’? At that point if he had asked me if he could go to the Moon to live I would have said yes, the thought of escape was so sweet! We approached the payment counter, where a child mumbled ( well, she looked like she was shouting, but I still couldn’t hear or understand her), I inserted my card, stood on tiptoes to put in my pin number by memory rather than visually, and when son had safely got his bag I negotiated my way through the various isles, past other dazed parents with excited children and out into the blessed daylight of the mall!

Oh joy, to be able to see, breath, hear and think again!

Now, all of that only took about 20 minutes but it felt like years! I am reliably informed by son (who incidentally is 22) that all of your stores are like this…has the Government decided to use them as practice areas for torture techniques to be used on terrorists later? If so, please tell them if I had any secrets they are welcome to them, just don’t make me shop there again, Please!!!

in the meantime, thank you for producing chinos both my son and I like!

Yours in confusion and deafness,



Sorry, what? Did you say something?? I still have a ringing in my ears…I’m going to lie down; after all, I am over 50!

PS I have a picture of the nice young men with me and a friend. It’s staying on this computer, not on this blog!!! ;-))

Getting fit….?


Those of you following me on Twitter will know I have started using a Personal Trainer. I have to! It is not my inclination to exercise, which is why I need someone to push me, and I can’t bare doing it in public, so he comes to my house and we work out in relative P&Q!

Yes, of course, I’ve got a chap to do it! Not as eye candy-he’s too young for that! No, I just thought he’d be tougher on my to be honest! Adam is a very sensible down to earth, no nonsense chap, who seems to see through every excuse ( not that I’ve used any yet!).

So far I’ve had 3 sessions and I’m amazed at the things he’s got me to do….or, what I’ve managed to do! We start off with a brisk used to be down the farm track but since that is now really muddy we used the treadmill this week. This gets the heart pumping, and the muscles warm…and made me puff something rotten to begin with!
Then it’s down to the tough stuff! Squats with emphasis on posture, then I hit the floor for press-ups(killers!); next come lunges (which may have to go as my left knee is now in agony and swollen), back to the floor for sit-ups which sound like bellows as I try to reach my knees…can’t imagine ever getting there as there is so much tummy in the way still! These are repeated several times until I am sweaty and totally lost as to how many of each I have done!! Sneeky, I call it!

This week there was a slight change… We started on the treadmill as it was wet outside, then Adam got me to do step-ups onto his Davina blue step. Very dinky but it still managed to confuse me at some point…stop laughing! I have to go up left, right, down left down right, up right, up left repeat…so that you go up on the last foot you come down on to balance out each side…get it? Well, it needs concentration until you get into the rhythm, when Adam then tells you to include the arms! Honestly, for a gal who couldn’t think of the word Parsnips the other day it was hard at first!!
W still had the sit-ups, squats, and a few lunges, then did a few more reps of everything, with a slow walk on the treadmill to finish.
All the while I am sipping water to keep me going and able to chat… There is no way I am doing anything without chatting, even in art class there has to be a break or two to let me chat!

The other change to life Adam has made is the number of times I eat each day….now, you’d think he would be telling me to stop eating…NO! Infact he has upped the number of times I put food in my mouth! So, I now have three smaller meals and two snacks in between to even out the blood sugar levels; and its working! The tiredness is receding, the weight is slowly coming down. I’m using the side plates as my main plates… This is to cut down on the portion sizes which had grown to huge due to the new every day dinner set we bought from John Lewis! It’s great, called Seaside I think, white with a blue rim, but HUGE plates!

Next week we are including kettle bell weights, and then I’ll start putting on the boxing gloves and bashing the hell out of the big black plastic bouncy thing that has stood in my TV room (now the gym!) for ages! The boys have been hitting it so hard it’s beginning to crack, so I assume a new one will be needed round about Xmas! (Better not be my present tho!! Boys be warned!! )

So, hopefully this time next year I will have lost all the weight I want to, I’ll be fit and healthy, and there will be no flying pigs overhead! I will let you know how I’m getting on every now and then…if I don’t, yell at me and I’ll fill you in!

Right, I’m off for a bowl of porridge , mug of tea, and then on with the cottage changeover.
Ciao, bambini.