Month: October 2012

  • Monday Morning…

    I have just finished our Monday Morning “broadcast” with all the crazy gang! It is such a silly, wonderful,positive way to start the day! I tried explaining it to a friend who doesn’t tweet, and it sounded awful! It sounded so America (sorry, American friends, but so Californian if you know what I mean!) with […]

  • So, the clocks go back, but….

    Ok, so going to “daylight savings time” is supposed to give us a lie in with a couple of days’ benefits. Sure, it makes it slightly lighter int he mornings, and cosier in the evenings… BUT – NO ONE TELLS MY BODY!!!! My body likes to do things at the same time each day; it […]

  • Weekend Chores

    I was just sorting out the washing this morning, and wondered if the chaps in our lives ever think we are going to have to rifle through their smalls, socks, shirts etc? Then I realized of course they don’t think about it! Silly woman! Now, all you feminists can stop yelling at your screens – […]

  • Day Out

    I’m on a train! Read that and imagine me shouting into a phone…no, I am sitting quietly, like a good girl, speeding my way towards the Big Smoke(London) and thence onwards to Luton, for a fab lunch with the other Breakfast Club Trolly Dollies. Already it has been a little stressful… My own fault, as […]

  • Week 5 of training

    This week was a really hard, sweaty workout; and don’t tell anyone, but I really enjoyed it! I am always slightly disappointed when I do my weigh-in at 6.45am on a Wednesday morning. I have lost another 2lbs, making it a total of 11lbs lost in 5weeks – a good steady loss with not much […]

  • Time to clear out?

    This blog is promoted by last night’s supper at a friend’s new house…. It’s a dream house, clean, light airy, designed and built for them. Oh my gosh, it was like walking thought a Grand Designs set! But then she is very good at that sort of thing and works with another friend of ours, […]

  • My Spoilt Side!

    I have been debating whether to write this blog or not -after all it does not show me in a good light! You may never want to read anything I write ever again! This is not a pretty tale; it is one of spoilt bratishness and ungratefulness! This is one of those occasions when my […]

  • The photograph

    I have been sorting out some more of my late mother’s things and have come across this photograph… I think it was taken at Hastings (very near here) and by the look of my mother it was in the early 30s… She is the one on the far left sitting down with a wicked grin! […]

  • Who knew?

    Morning All, I am sitting at the kitchen table enjoying a beautiful sunny Autumn day, listening to Radio 4 comedy show and relaxing after cleaning the cottage. The last guests left it beautifully clean and stripped the bed! Bliss! I am feeling the effects of this week’s training session! Adam changed some of the activities […]

  • Mothers’ Ruin

    Now here is an observation, Dear Reader… This Summer, whilst our Son has been home, I have been indulging myself one way and another with beverages (…well, he’s a fantastic cocktail mixer, amongst other things!), and I had got into the habit of having a G&T at 6pm almost every day. Yes, I can hear […]

  • Why so loud???

    This blog is going to be in the form of a letter…be warned! Dear Hollister Owners, I know I am not your usual target audience for your shops, but I am the audience that usually pays, so could you please read this letter and sort it out? Thank you! Today my son and I went […]

  • Getting fit….?

    Those of you following me on Twitter will know I have started using a Personal Trainer. I have to! It is not my inclination to exercise, which is why I need someone to push me, and I can’t bare doing it in public, so he comes to my house and we work out in relative […]