Help! I have done what I ought not to have done, and the result is BAD!

What have I done??

I weighed myself yesterday and this morning, and the results are AWFUL!!!! I have put on 3/4 lb!!!

Yes, I know that weight fluctuates throughout the week.
Yes, I know I should only weigh myself once a week.
Yes, I KNOW I am not supposed to be concentrating on just the weight loss.
Yes, I know I had a blow out meal on Friday but it was a very strange, unique situation.

God, I have a really annoying inner voice!

Tomorrow morning will be my last official weigh-in and training session before Christmas and I have a mimi target of 14stone 7lbs for Christmas Day.
“What are you panicking about, the’s still another week to go!” I hear you say as you pat me on my hand ( you’re not??). Well, it is only 2.5lbs to lose and I love to be ahead of targets. I have been doing so well, with only 2weeks of hardly any weight loss. My average is 2lbs per week- a lovely, healthy way to do it.

Just to recap I am not on any diet apart from writing down what I eat and watching portion size….ah, I’ve just had a thought about the size of the soup bowls this week! All I have really changed in my life is the introduction of proper exercise for my health.

So, lets just have a look at what I’ve achieved… Yes, I know this is more for my benefit than yours, but then, it is my blog, isn’t it? Who yelled no?? Feel free to skip this bit if you’re getting bored!

I can move more easily.
I can breath more easily.
I am happier in myself.
My heart palpitations seem to have calmed down.

See? Quite a good list I think! And more important really than…
I have lost 2stone.

But lets be honest here…I love the weight loss! I am in some old jeans that I love; I look better; I am no longer so worried about being seen in public and being judged as a Fattie.

In recent months Lisa Riley has done so much for us larger ladies on .strictly Come Dancing, proving to the World that size does not stop you from doing things, enjoying life, and being a Fab-You-Lus Person! (Yes, I know about the spelling, it’s on purpose!)

Of course, I reality, I was an unhappy fatty, and found certain basic things rather difficult to achieve. Not now, and that is what I should be concentrating on!

OK, panic is going…no one is going to die if I miss this week’s self-imposed target! Adam might be disappointed but it won’t kill him or me! He will see I have been good with food apart from that one meal.

I must dash now to post Christmas cards and finish prepping the house for next week!

Thanks for reading my moan! Go and have fun now!



PS – well I still have lost another lb even tho I haven’t made the 14stone 7lb mark. HOWEVER I have made the 30lb mark that Adam suggested for Christmas right at the beginning so I’m really pleased about that!!
I must learn how to add music to this cos in my head I’m singing quite loudly! Oh and beautifully, of course! Teehee!


The latest….


It is official! Ladies and Gentlemen, I have now officially lost 29 lbs! It has taken 12 weeks, so slow and steady, and has involved no real diet, but lots of exercise!

Adam was really pleased too, but it just spurred him on to put me through more pain and agony….that’s training to you folk!

After a 15 mins on the treadmill of walking then jogging he brought out The Step…”ok” I thought,” I can cope with this” and off I started stepping up and down in a nice easy rhythm until the Evil Glint came into Adam’s eye! “Now do this…” He said and showed me something awful! He got me to jump onto the step one leg forward one back, then jump changing the legs…so I ended up with one foot on the step one on the ground and the flab wobbling dangerously every time I jumped!

He had me doing three lots of as many as I could of these with my “resting” periods being just stepping up n down gently!!
Bad you think? Oh boy, there was worse to come!!

The next change was to get me to jump, both feet at the same time, landing either end of the step…this is dangerously close to Star Jumps to my mind!! Well, I tried! I honestly did! I think my last lot I only managed 13!!!
Wimp I hear you cry? Hold on, Marie’s! Don’t forget I am heaving 14stone 9.5lbs into the air against gravity!! I think I did OK all things considered! But I swear I could hear my tummy slapping against my thighs!! Stop pretending to be sick!!

I was shattered!! But not allowed to rest for long! Oh no!

It was then down onto the floor, face down for a variety of press-ups…. I can’t tell you how my shoulders and chesty bits ached the next day from those!!!
We finished off with as many explosive sit-ups I could do (25), a slow walk on the treadmill, and the stretches….

How are you feeling? Tired? Ha! I was KNACKERED!!! That was the toughest workout yet! One day I will get Adam to take a pic on my iPhone to show you the before and after faces and you can see how much effort I put into it!!

I NEVER thought I’d be able to jump onto the step, and although I didn’t do it very well, or gracefully, I did managed something! I am sure in a few weeks I will be able to do it with less effort!

So, I am on track to reach my mini target of 14stone 7lbs by Christmas, if not by next Wednesday if I am really good! I am not going to go must on the food and starve myself or anything… Just doing the food diary and making sure I eat sensibly with the two snacks to keep the insulin levels stable.
I will be on my own from tonight for a week so there will be no temptations from my wine-loving Hubby, nor my chocolate-loving Son! And if I get too tired in true evenings I can go to bed WHEN I WANT TO whatever the time!

I am trying not to fixate on the weightless too much, but I am really pleased that it is still coming off! I know I will plateau at some point, but I am hoping it will be when I hit the 12 stone mark!!!

In the meantime, is that a mince pie I see behind your back?? Teehee!


And another one down!


Now don’t tell Adam, the Personal Trainer, but I’ve just sneakily weighed myself, and I’m under the 15 stone mark!! Only by 3/4 lb, but still!!

Last week I weighed myself every day and put it down in my food diary to see if any different food was having an effect. Adam laughed and said please don’t do that… He wants me to weigh myself just one day a week – Wednesday, the Official Day – but it is just too tempting!!

So I officially I am 14 stone 13.25lbs. I am relieved rather than pleased as I thought I ate far too much yesterday, and Hubby and I had a glass of wine with supper as Son had gone to our flat in readiness for his job training today. (Excuses, excuses!)

I had put paid of me taken a few weeks ago here, but the blog wiped it and half this blog too, so this is a re-edit I’m afraid! I will take another one on Wednesday morning and you will see what I am trying to change!!

In the meantime, Onwards and Downwards! Woohoo!