Month: February 2013

  • Problem solved, spirits lifted!

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  • Reflection

    Yesterday was the third anniversary of my mother’s death, and I was thinking about it, but not in a morbid way… I have been marvelling about how much has changed since then. Along with reminding myself how much I love and owe to Mother, and also how infuriating she could be (I don’t believe in […]

  • Get out and lift your spirit!

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  • Week 23

    “Hm!” Said Pooh, “I’m stuck!” It is week 23 since starting this new way of life and training, and I now weigh 14stone 2 1/4lbs. That’s a loss of 36 1/4lbs. That’s …(quick calculation on fingers) a loss of 1.6lbs pr week… It’s gone down from a loss of 2lbs per week in the last […]

  • First glimpse if moon craters!!!

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  • Where are you looking?

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  • Beach walk

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  • Restart?

    Today I feel I need to start all over again. I have done some Emotional Eating over the weekend due to the visit to the nurse ( please read previous blog), and so a reminder of what I have achieved over the past 4months is needed for my mindset! I have lost 2.5 stone. I […]

  • Darling Mummy

    Darling Mummy, Oh, how I missed you last night! I can’t believe that you have been gone almost 3 years. I have been concentrating so much on “moving on” from under your shadow I had forgotten how much I relied on talking things over with you. My first reminder was when I returned from the […]

  • And now…?

    Morning. I’m home again and having an early morning think. I have training today, and I’m amazed how much I have changed and grown in the last 4months. Why? Well, in the past after a skiing holiday, with knees feeling tender and weak, I would have cancelled any thought of doing more exercise for a […]

  • Know your limits

    Know your limits! Mine has arrived. I have had a blast! I have had fun skiing with My Boys, an seeing Son in teacher mode. We have had great meals out, not least last night with friends who have an apartment here. Today I feel the effects of it all- not least the alcohol last […]

  • I’m in Love…with a Loo!!

    It’s true! No, really! If you had tried it you would be too!! Yes, I know it sounds mad, but believe me, once tried NEVER forgotten!! I’ll explain…in this hotel they have loos with heated seats! Oh the bliss! You come in from the slopes, cold and, well, sweaty to be honest, and take a […]