Surprise lunch

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Happy Easter folks! Did you have a great day? We did. It started off with a cottage changeover and saying goodbye to the poor guests who ended with no hot water or heating, thanks to the oil delivery not coming on time, and then when I got one the boiler wouldn’t relight!

But it has ended with a wonderful feeling of love and friendship!
This morning, during my cleaning, I got a call from an old friend who we used to live near inviting Son and & to lunch. I agreed so long as I could bring our leg of lamb too to add to the table. Mad cooking ensued as I quickly prepped the leg with rosemary and garlic, bunged it in the oven with red onions & red wine and covered in foil, and tried to do as much of the cottage as I could before we had to leave.
Meanwhile Son returned from a friends’s with a very big hangover but said he would come with me as he knew I really wanted to go! (His Easter present to me!) We packed the lamb, roasting pan and all, into an insulated bag and into a box, grabbed some bottles and spare veg, and drove to their house.. We put the leg into their Aga, and then the fun began. Lots of chatter, laughter, oooos’ and ahhhhs’ at the gorgeous grub, and a wonderful sense of relaxation with people who know us well. We have known each others families for 22 years, done school runs together, supported each other when needed, and we are all comfortable together. Son has not really seen them for about 5years so it was lovely to watch him interacting with them again, and I was very proud of him; an entertaining guest despite his hangover!

After the meal, watching the Boat Race, ( well done Oxford!) and a walk, they introduced me to the game Balderdash… A board game reminiscent of our TV programme QI. It was hysterical! I, of course, lost but I suspect we might get our own game! And I hate board games! ( only cos I usually lose!!)

And now I am tucked up in bed with a warm glow internally, missing Hubby a little less (he’s in Tokyo) looking forward to the Cottage boiler being mended tomorrow, greeting the new guests, and some training.

There is nothing like sharing our time, food, laughter etc with old friends. I hope you have been able to do this recently, and if not why not arrange to do it soon.

Big hugs!

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Easter Blues

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Are you fed up of this weather? I certainly am! I’m just listening to the Weather Girl saying there is no sign of Spring just yet- well, Easter is early this year I suppose, and I am very grateful I have shelter and food so really I have nothing to complain about…

Can you feel the But coming?? Here it is…

Hubby is going to Japan for a week on Wednesday, missing Easter here. No, he’s not religious so he’s not missing out. Meanwhile I am waiting for Son to finalise his plans over the weekend…where he will be and when…

So I am fighting the sinking feeling inside. I want to curl up and cry, feeling sorry for Me. For some reason it is worse this year. It may well have something to do with the cold; or the chocolate I ate last week poisoning my system. I really do think loads of sugar brings the moods right down, (but that doesn’t stop me from occasionally indulging!) and it’s not helped by the cold. I have even gone off training..back to my old attitude.

All this I must fight! I don’t want Son to know because I want him to enjoy his Easter with his friends, not feeling he HAS to be with his sad old mum.

What I SHOULD have done was invite folks in for Easter Day Lunch wherever Son was going to be, rather than dithering. I will see if anyone wants a drink anyway, perhaps some of the neighbours. I am NOT going to sit around feeling sorry for myself, NOR eating loads of chocolate and then feeling worse! I AM going to get out and see things and folks, even if it is bloody cold! I WILL light roaring fires JUST FOR ME, lay the table JUST FOR ME, and cook my favourite food!

So, I’m off to dig out my ski clothes…at least I know they are all clean! … Start a new drawing at Art, get the latest drawing framed, and find an Easter Project to keep me busy.

Have a Wonderful Easter wherever you are.
Big Chocolate-covered hugs from me to you.

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Almost there

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Week 26 and I am almost at the 3stone loss mark! Woohoo!
Only 3lbs to go, but it’s getting harder now without the running. I am down to 1lb loss per week, but that’s ok. I am not having to starve myself, and Adam doesn’t think I am missing out on anything…I’m thinking alcohol, chocolate…but actually I have gone off wine!!! (Note I do not mention chocolate; my taste buds aren’t that mad.) Really, all I’m doing is eating sensibly and keeping the diary..oh, and working out.

Mind you, all this snow has left me feeling like hibernating again! The only warm room in this house is the study when the fire is lit, and the temptation to sit under a rug by it and read is huge!

20130313-085235 AM.jpg
Son and I had such fun getting through all this and more yesterday…I even had to body surf over most of this particular drift as it was up above my bum!! You can imagine the laughter and screams from both me and him! Not helped by the dog coming and lying next to me as he was a bit worried!

So, training again today so long as Adam can get here, and I bet it will be a toughie! I managed 10mins jog at 4pmh on Monday so I’m hoping this means I can get back to running properly soon, building up to it. I have been rather gentle on myself training on my own, and as it’s going to get cold again later this week and next I need to get going!

This has been booked for June 2nd, did I tell you?? And I’m out the night before!! Eeeek!

Right, I’m off to get some housework done before Adam arrives.



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“Oh no! What’s happened?”

“Yesterday I weighed in at 13 stone 13 and 3/4 lbs, and this morning I’m back to 14 stone and 1/2 lb!! IT’S NOT FAIR!!!”

Oh bless! Well, what did you do yesterday that was different?”

“Nothing!!! I was really good! I had soup for lunch and tuna salad for supper! I was really trying! ”


“YES!…. Well, ok I had a piece of bread and butter with the soup. And there were the odd teaspoons of peanut butter. But I drank loads of water, I walked the dog, I was at art, I did everything right!!! IT’S NOT FAIR!!!!!!! ”

“Well, perhaps the bread and peanut butter were not necessary?”

“OI! You’re supposed to be on my side! Stop being so reasonable! It’s us verses the world and here you are siding with Them! IT’S NOT FAIR!!! I want to keep losing weight at the 2lb rate and look fab by the end of this month without having to do more than I am now!! Get in line!”

“Sorry, I can’t help being your also able side, it’s the way you made me. Now clam down and look back on how far we’ve come, and how proud I am of you. Oh, we have an email…lets read….”

I have just heard someone wonderful I tweet with is now nearing the end of her fight cancer. I never saw her moan about what life had done to her, or about how much pain she was in. She made the most of her days, taking awareness for her cancer all over the place educating others. If she ever said “it’s not fair” it wasn’t to others, in public.

So this rant is over.
I am such a lucky person to be alive, with a fabulous family, people I love who Love Me for me.

I still feel down about today’s result, but in the scheme of things it is such a small step backwards.
Sometimes life sends us little reminders to grow up and not be such a baby. There is always someone far worse off than you!

I am thinking of this beautiful lady and sending prayers and love to her family.

Big hugs everyone.


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Out of control!

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What is going on??

Over the last fortnight I seem to have lost control!

With food, and with shopping!!

On the food front I am soooo close to dipping under the 14 stone mark, so why am I eating stuff I know is not going to help??

On other fronts I have just been on a massive spending spree!!

I have NO excuses!

I discovered one of my favourite designers has a shop in Covent Garden. Eileen Fisher does a wonderful capsule system, and I discovered I can get into it without needing the Plus size clothes! So I stocked up – that’s the only way of describing it – on basics that can be worn in so many ways!
Then I found the Kate Spade shop and got a scarf that I’d seen on someone else and desired! Well, it was the last one in the shop….!
And just now Bobby Brown has tempted me with her Mothers’ Day special offer!

Actually, note to British shops and companies – both the US stores mentioned above sent me Thank You cards!! I’ve NEVER been thanked like that for spending money before, and it really is lovely!!!

On the food front I went out for lunch on Thursday and fell for a piece of Pavlova!( meringue,cream and fruit) That was after stew with rice!! Then last night I ate 4, yes 4 deli wraps!! Whilst cooking chili-con-carni which I ate, with rice!!!

I will never get below 14stone or near the 3stone loss at this rate!!

I can see you shaking your heads, and I feel the disappointment!

I will be good today! Yes, I WILL!!!

I MUST BE GOOD!!! Why? Because I want the fab results and to not feel guilty!

In fact I give you all permission to nag me – just this once mind!



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Family Calls

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This has been a week of family telephone calls – well, 2calls, but for us that is masses!

Actually it is odd because I was thinking of both these chaps and then they called me! What it really shows is that they were thinking of me as it is 3years since Mum died. It also shows what a procrastinator I am…

But enough!
It was so good to reconnect with my uncle and cousin. Like most of our family they really love to talk…had you not picked that up about me?? My uncle has a wonderful Welsh lilt and always manages to give me a little more information about my father as a boy and young man with every call. I haven’t seen him since my father’s funeral, as we are not the sort of family that meets up regularly, which is sad. He lives in Wales, we over here in the South East of England. No excuse really in this age of motorways and cars. I really must go for a visit before I have to go for a funeral!!

The same can be said for my cousin, especially as he has had a rotten time with emphysema and Parkinson’s! He is recovering from a lung op in October and it takes it out of him to speak for long…such a change from our last telephone conversations which used to last for at least an hour!!

A now I am thinking back on our family and it’s attitude to eachother and meeting up. My mother was never that fond of seeing her family for various reasons, and I suppose I grew up with the same feeling, despite longing for a large family to surround me (only child folks, can’t you tell??). Now that I am the last of my immediate family these lovely men are the closest of my relatives…I am not counting Hubby and Son here, this is about extended family.
So why am I not putting myself out more to retain that contact?? Habit? Nature?
I think this has to change! Before its too late!!


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