Month: June 2013

  • Broad beans? Oh no!

    I declare right now that I do not like broad beans! I never have, despite Mother making me eat them every summer. Hubby has asked for a salad which includes the awful things, and I am obliging (just this once!) and am using a recipe! What I have learnedAn awful thought My Mother was not […]

  • So, the golf’s off then?

    I am sitting a the kitchen table watching My Men hunt through “our” favourite cook books for something to create tonight. This is not how the day was planned…in the diary it says ‘Golf, 14.18 at my course’ This is June, we have just passed the Solstice, and outside it is more like Autumn! First […]

  • Loosing it!

    It’s Thursday again…and I’m not in the mood…again! I have lost that loving feeling regarding exercising!! This is because I am finding it more difficult to lose weight without the jogging. No, lets face facts… I am also eating more, and more of the “bad” stuff. You know what I mean…yep, SWEETS!! And I’m exercising […]

  • This country

    I have just listened to the news that the Guides have taken out of their “promise” the reference to serving God. I was a Brownie and Guide, and I was brought up believing in God, and serving others. I am not sure how well I have done ( that’s not for me to say), and […]

  • First Refereeing Trip

    I am sitting in a French Hotel on a golf course and watching…well, yes, some golf, but mainly the clouds! It could be anywhere in the UK with this weather! Why? We are on Hubby’s first official golf refereeing trip. He is, I think, the only R&A referee here. We are at St.Omere in Northern […]

  • Missed art!

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  • Just walking in the rain

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