What do you think of magazines that have freebies with them? Me? Can’t you guess??

I love em!

So far this Summer I have got a fab pair of sunglasses (very Glam Chic), a purple bag ( not that I need another one!), some nail varnish and funny balls ( will have to discover how to use these!), and a lip pencil. My first reaction to the last before I looked at the colour was ” it’s bound not to suit me” actually it is a very useful ‘Illusion Nude’ so will be going in my make-up bag ASAP.

20130630-125359 PM.jpg

This year I haven’t spotted, or searched for, a free book as I have so many on my iPad yet to be dipped into; but normally I would grab them and stash them into the suitcase ready for the beach.

It’s year we are not having a beach holiday…have I mentioned Hubby is now a golf Referee? So we will be spending our Summer Break at The Open in Scotland, after 4days of wonderful shopping bliss in New York! Not much time for reading there, unless its when I collapse after all the walking!!

Oh, and I will get round to reading the magazines, honestly…. Just as soon as I remember which pile I’ve put them in….now, was it the recycling box or the Take-to-the-surgery pile?


Today’s Yoga

I have just rushed through this morning’s practice…
I managed to quiet “the chattering monkeys” and meditate too, and whilst I was on my back being quiet and feeling the ground beneath me I suddenly yelled..

“I am worth loving!”

And you know what? It’s true! I am! Now, you can have a good laugh at this – I did! But for some folks loving themselves is quite a difficult concept. There may be many reasons for this and each one is individually important to that person. I’m not going to bother to think about what my reason has been… The most important thing is I AM WORTH LOVING!

I think I did it at the wrong moment in my practice according to the book, but WHO CARES? It has led time with a fabulous feeling of strength, purpose, and warmth.

At the risk of sounding like an old hippy – May you feel as fabulous as this today! After all we are ALL worth loving!


L xx

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