Post op Thoughts on Recovery, Life and Husbands

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Today is Saturday. On Thursday I had an arthroscopy and a rip in my Mendthingy Cartilage mended. By Sunday evening I may have murdered my Husband! (not really…if he has died it wont be by my hand…I can’t reach!!)

So far I have learned that –
1. I should have insisted Hubby took the day after off from work;
2. I should have shopped better before the op;
3. I should have learned how to ask for help from Hubby more;
4. I should have taught him how to do the washing
5. I feel lousy and cross after a general anaesthetic!
6. Hubby can’t read my mind!

On the plus side after this I should be able to get back to jogging etc. Until I have my other knee done!

This is quite an eye opener for me.
I didn’t realise how little I ask for outright – help with things round the house, or could someone get me something from another room. Or even for friends to get some shopping for me…which they have. Do you do this? If you do, are you male or female? Are men better or not at getting the Other Half to do stuff?

I am so used to being the strong capable one on the surface that I have not trained myself, or Hubby, to put my physical needs first.

Now, if your are a regular reader to my blog and are now screaming at your screen that that is all I ever do, please forgive this perspective and message me; but from this side of the iPad I am finding it difficult to keep calm when asked about the simplest of things by my darling Old Man, stuff that I do every day and take for granted that we all know how to do – the shopping, washing, checking there is water in the dog’s bowl…

So the main thing I am learning is both of us need to have patience and ask for exactly what we need…um, can I have another mug of tea please? and whilst you’re in the kitchen…hello? Anybody there???

Start you week with…

20120912-170753.jpgHow did you start your week? I took a bike ride…well, after a mug of tea, yoga and breakfast of course!

It is all part of the fitter me, but is dependant on my knees.


My route is uphill to the village shop, where a chat is a must, then this week I decided to be adventurous and take a detour. I turned left instead of going straight home…Its a lane I have been down before but only in the car…it all looks very different from a saddle, believe me!

For a start its not as flat as I remember! but it is a lovely lane with folks to call ‘Morning” to. they all replied, which was rather heart-warming.

Then back onto the main road and a chat with neighbours about drives etc (as you do), and a down hill “WEEEEEE” ( that’s free-wheeling with legs stuck out) and back to a mug of tea and cloud contemplation…

Now, is it me or do these modern clouds have less ‘pictures’ in them? Is it that I am loosing my Inner Child’s Eye? Oh I do hope not! How about you? When was the last time you lay on the grass and watched the clouds drift by? And don’t yell that you have no time! Get in touch with your own ‘Little Lizzie’ and see what you can see, go on.

Right, now I’m going to have a go at embedding a song for this blog…can you guess what it is before you press the thingie to listen? (the picture is a bit of a give-away to those of us of a certain age!)

Have a fab week!

It’s all gone Pete Tong!

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It’s confession time…or will be when Adam the trainer comes back on Thursday!!!

Actually, I won’t have to confess as he will be able to see with one look!!! so here goes my confession…

“Oh Trainer, I have eaten things I should not have, and have left undone the training I should have done, and there is more weight on me.”

Oh boy, is there more weight! A very heavy half a stone has landed on me, and do I feel it!!! I have a fuzzy head, my wheezing is coming back, my joints ache…and its all my own fault!!!

Why have I done this?? I am finding excuses for not exercising every day, and the food is piling up on my plate again. The alcohol is back too.

I am not on holiday any more, so all I can think is the reaction to Son’s leaving home has thrown me back to the Old Liz mode, and I am finding it difficult to fight back.

I am cross with myself as today I go to the hospital for a pre-op check-up ( knee op on 29th August) and had hoped to be nearer the 13stone mark than back over the 14!!! Perhaps the op coming up is also in my mind, thinking
“well, what’s the point if I wont be able to do much after that for a while?”


So, feel free to yell at me as hopefully I will be doing it to me too!
Gulp, I’ve just thought how disappointed Adam The Trainer will be….

Is there time to run away????

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Star Gazing

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I’ve just come in from an hour of gazing at the night sky-
I so want this blog to be full of vocab like ‘Wondrous’, ‘Majestic’, ‘Magnificent’, and ‘Infinite’.
It came so easily to me standing next to my telescope, catching the shooting stars, glimpsing the Milky Way and beyond through the little eye piece, and thinking the occasional star was twinkling at me.
All those billions of tiny specks of light, making me wonder at the unlikelihood of Life!
It didn’t make me feel small, or lonely – it made me feel happy, grateful, filled with thankfulness.

And now, lying in bed fighting off the sleepiness after an evening in London being Proud Mum and happy sister-in-law, my mind can’t come up with the words to describe this feeling of…completeness? fulness? It sounds just too trite to say I am filled with something, but I am!

Wonder if this feeling will still be here inside when I wake up?

Either way I will still have the first business card given to me by Son!

The Perfect Om?

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I have just done my Yoga practice…not a long one; I am getting back into it after a couple of weeks break…for no reason other than laziness.

I like ending my practice, before an affirmation, with saying Om. I am still trying to find the right pitch for me – the vibrations inside tell me when I’ve got there. Today I didn’t quite find it. Nor did I manage the “perfect” transition from Ah to Mm. So I repeated it until I felt better, felt the vibrations where I wanted them.

This doesn’t matter. After all, it is Yoga Practice. So long as I am comfortable with my result, then I have done a good practice.

My affirmation for today was “I can achieve what I want to achieve”
This, again, may not be a correct type of affirmation, but it was what came to mind.

So, for me, this was a good practice. Tomorrow may be better.



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Just the two of Us..

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Morning World.

Week 2 of New Life or LAK (life after kids), and I’m recovering from our first weekend in ages on our own…no, nothing like that!! I think Hubby let it go to his head as he suggested going shopping! Yes, really! Well, I wasn’t going to say no, was I!

First stop was Tunbridge Wells, which is about an hour away,& I used to live there. We went duvet cover shopping … Yes, life is THAT exciting! Little did I realise Hubby was in spending mode…I think the young man thought his ship had come in ( amongst other thoughts!), and I do hope he gets commission as he was brilliant! He talked Hubby through thread counts, size of pillow cases, and of course “Sir needs Super King Pillows”… I did grind my teeth a little as I had gone through all of this several times over breakfast but suspected it was going through His head faster than liquorice! Why do They take more notice of someone in a shop than the woman who has been saying the same thing for YEARS????

Anyway, we came away with a duvet that at last will fit our bed and I will have more coverage in the winter! Also a duvet set, 2 new big pillows… But I didn’t get the lovely grey big sleeveless jumper I saw…yet! 😉

Then we went to look at Audi cars…have you fallen asleep yet? It’s what old married couples do when the kids leave! Please feel free to skip this next bit as its only going to interest those of you who are also into the question of 4X4 V estate cars!

I love my beautiful Lexus RX300, but it has done 108,000 odd miles. Pretty soon it will need replacing, and I had got excited at the thought of a new beast… Alas Lexus won’t get my ££ as they don’t have the sort of car I’m after next. I will seriously miss the fab folk at my local dealership!! They made service day fun!
So we went to look at Audi. I had forgotten what car salesmen could be like. Maybe he just was tired, hungover, I don’t know. I tried sitting in an A4 & an A6 estate. I was not excited. Not in the same way as my first sitting in my Lexus. I am trying to be sensible- I don’t need such a big car anymore… No more school/Uni runs, only dog walks, golf trips, holidays from now on, so perhaps I don’t need a 4X4? But we live down a farm track…hm! I HAD thought the A4 was what I was aiming at from the point of view of parking in our local small town, running cost etc…oh the boredom of being a grown up!

I am split…. Half of me wants to keep the height of my Lexus, the smooth ride, the BIG boot!! The other other half is yelling at me about downsizing, parking, costs. I love driving Son’s Seat Ibiza, the speediness, nippiness, parking ability etc etc. Oh, WHAT SHALL I CHOSE?


Ok, this is not a Q that needs to be answers now, as my Doris(Lexus) is still going strong, and the dog can still jump up into her boot.

Ok, boring bit over! If you are still with me, I promise future weekends won’t be so full of middle-aged stuff! Oh wait, golf guests next weekend… Ok, so maybe they will…oh who cares! It’s as fun as you make it!

I’m off to do my yoga in peace and quiet. Have a wonderful day folks.


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So is this empty nest syndrome??

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Sorry there have not been many blogs recently…so much has been happening for us this Summer!

The biggest news is that Son has a job!
I am of course hugely proud of him always, but now I have another reason. I’m not going to say much about it as He has asked me not to…and quite rightly! Not that his employers will read this, but it is his life (apparently! Huh!) so just know he is now fully employed by others!

And as the title of this blog tells you I am in a state of …um, flux? Change?
I was really horrified at my first reaction which was almost one of dread! There was a big heavy lump in the pit of my stomach….I reeled from it, telling myself how much I had prided myself in NOT being one of those dreadfully clinging mothers of only sons and here was I acting just like that!
I was even relieved when Hubby said he felt something similar.

It is not as if Son has lived totally at home during his childhood- he has been at boarding school & university, so I have always had periods of a quiet, tidy house ( well, tidier! ). It’s not as if he has completely moved out either- you should see his room! His room will always be there for him…unless I have to open as a B&B in which case it will be a fab en-suite etc etc etc! He will need to come back for more clothes, and a rest occasionally I am sure.

So here I am, back with the strange feelings, eating everything I can see, drinking alcohol again ( I had started that in NY, well, I was on holiday! ) and not exercising cos I keep telling myself its too hot!

So of course I feel rotten! I am finding it a struggle to get back to that “new” Liz who was fit, healthy, happy.
I am still fitter & healthier than I was this time last year tho, and with a little determination I WILL get back to her.
I have booked a massage, I am clearing up some of my messy rooms…ok, that might just make more mess elsewhere, but I will get it all done! I have ordered new curtains, and I am getting back to the Yoga.

So…no, can’t start another paragraph with that!!
I AM going to finish this blog, do my yoga, have a healthy breakfast, and remember how lucky I am to have all that I have and to be able to watch Son fly, proving that I haven’t been so terrible a mother after all!

Hm, maybe I’ll have another mug of tea first…..

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