Month: August 2013

  • Post op Thoughts on Recovery, Life and Husbands

    Today is Saturday. On Thursday I had an arthroscopy and a rip in my Mendthingy Cartilage mended. By Sunday evening I may have murdered my Husband! (not really…if he has died it wont be by my hand…I can’t reach!!) So far I have learned that – 1. I should have insisted Hubby took the day […]

  • Start you week with…

    How did you start your week? I took a bike ride…well, after a mug of tea, yoga and breakfast of course! It is all part of the fitter me, but is dependant on my knees.   My route is uphill to the village shop, where a chat is a must, then this week I decided […]

  • It’s all gone Pete Tong!

    It’s confession time…or will be when Adam the trainer comes back on Thursday!!! Actually, I won’t have to confess as he will be able to see with one look!!! so here goes my confession… “Oh Trainer, I have eaten things I should not have, and have left undone the training I should have done, and […]

  • Star Gazing

    I’ve just come in from an hour of gazing at the night sky- I so want this blog to be full of vocab like ‘Wondrous’, ‘Majestic’, ‘Magnificent’, and ‘Infinite’. It came so easily to me standing next to my telescope, catching the shooting stars, glimpsing the Milky Way and beyond through the little eye piece, […]

  • The Perfect Om?

    I have just done my Yoga practice…not a long one; I am getting back into it after a couple of weeks break…for no reason other than laziness. I like ending my practice, before an affirmation, with saying Om. I am still trying to find the right pitch for me – the vibrations inside tell me […]

  • Just the two of Us..

    Morning World. Week 2 of New Life or LAK (life after kids), and I’m recovering from our first weekend in ages on our own…no, nothing like that!! I think Hubby let it go to his head as he suggested going shopping! Yes, really! Well, I wasn’t going to say no, was I! First stop was […]

  • So is this empty nest syndrome??

    Sorry there have not been many blogs recently…so much has been happening for us this Summer! The biggest news is that Son has a job! I am of course hugely proud of him always, but now I have another reason. I’m not going to say much about it as He has asked me not to…and […]