Autumn Sun

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I wish this had smell apps attached! I’m sitting in my kitchen taking the dried lavender off its stalks for this years’ bags. It started off being lovely, but now I am beginning to think I may start sneezing!!!

I am looking out onto the field behind the house bathed in this late September sunshine. There is a wood behind that which is still green- even the trees in my garden are not turning yellow much. I went outside and breathed in the warmth and energy ( then coughed loads as a land-rover kicked up a load of dust from the track!)

Meanwhile inside two chaps were stripping my study walls… Gone is the lovely warm red, and suddenly the room looks sunnier and so much bigger, despite the walls just being bare ready for prepping & lining. It’s exciting as well as slightly scary- what happens if my choices just don’t work? I have had an interior designer friend working with me and I love her work, but you know, there is just that little niggle in my mind…in fact I dreamt of being shot last night! Mind you we had just watched Parker (Jason Statham) in all his glory; but I don’t usually then dream about that.

And now, I am going to have faith in it all, because with the sun streaming in everything looks right…doesn’t it always look better in the sunshine?

Actually what I’m really going to do is pour myself a large mug of tea and sit watch some of “The West Wing” which I love!

So get out there folks, and grab some late sun if you can!


Getting Tangled

Whilst on Twitter the other morning, amidst the lovely comments re life, knee etc, a friend asked me if I had heard of Zentangling. Well, you know me, I Googled whilst tweeting and discovered this whole new world of art.

My first reaction was, I suspect, so British – trust the Americans to spiritualise doodling! There is this art form which reminded me of what I used to do on the cover of my school books – the forming of patterns whilst vaguely listening to the teacher trying to tell me …well, I wasn’t listening so I have no idea what!

The more I have read the more hooked I have become! Here is my first attempt…

20130918-080839 AM.jpgSince then I have bought a couple of books on it, followed a few videos on YouTube and bought a “few” what I call draftsman pens. I am using old sketch books as it seems the only source of Zentangle “tiles” ( the 3.5×3.5 inch pieces of paper tangles are done on) still seems to be the US…but then I have not trawled all of the art shops in my area! YET!!!

There is a special vocab for all of this – a pattern is a Tangle, done on a Tile, around and inside a String which is a twisted shape drawn in pencil on the tile.

Despite the use of purple in my first try most Zentangles are done in black and white.
There are only 2 credited, official teachers over here in the UK, but loads in the US of course.

If you want to learn more do Google it, and first go to the official web page to get the hisory of this craze as well as loads of tips etc

I warn you….it is VERY addictive! But the great thing is it can be done anywhere, anytime, is very portable, doesn’t cost much to do, and can be put down & picked up again.

Now, if you excuse me, i have a tangle to do…where did I put that pen?


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1st Drive

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I have done it…short and sweet, and I didn’t crash!

The knee felt strange and I was extra careful, no emergency stops required, and I loved getting out under my own steam.
However I have made the right decision about not driving to a friend 3/4hour away this afternoon to watch others swim. I would have loved to take her up on the offer of being driven but she would have had to leave her guests to get me home in time for the Sainsbury’s Food Drop I have arranged for tea time, and I would have felt awful…tho I would have loved the socialising!

But, there is also the fact I feel really strange… The effects of the pain killers I think, or the general anaesthetic. My friend who very kindly took me into Rye yesterday ( & is a radiographer!) said there is a theory that it takes 6months for the effects of a GA to work its way out of our systems…oh I hope not!!
I didn’t take any last night as I didn’t feel the need in the knee, and I slept really badly. When I take them I sleep well. A no brainer, I hear you say? Well, not for me…I know I have an addictive personality – that I can easily get hooked on something, not you to me!! (Tho I hope you do!) So I am very wary of getting reliant on the painkillers for sleep. I know it’s only been a week since The Op, but pills worry me, so there!

Anyway, I am “gently glowing” in this fabulous heat, and the animals are already flat out in the shade. So I’m off to do my knee exercises and then ice it…and any other bit I feel the need to ice!

Counting Blessings

20130903-102150 AM.jpg

As I sit on my terrace with me knee wrapped in an ice pack and catching up on my social media sites I am reminded by one lady on Twitter how lucky I am. I am only out of action for a short while, whilst she cannot walk at all.

My eyes lift from the screen to the countryside and I am reminded I live in a beautiful, bountiful country, with relatively few starving people.

As I breathe in the energy from the sun & clean air I am reminded to be grateful for all that I have.

It is so easy to be glib, funny, jokey on these social websites. It is easy to moan too. It is somewhat tricky to be really objective until I write a list of good & bad things…but how often do I do this? Today I have my mental list and am so lucky that the good side outweighs the bad side hugely!

So, the rest of today I shall be grateful, sitting in the sun occasionally, and wishing you all a fantastic life!


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And Today…

I wish to rescind every bad thing I wrote about Hubby in my last blog.

He still can’t read my mind, but then he knows me rather well and can anticipate some needs (G&T at 6pm). He has looked after me rather well this weekend with breakfast in bed, in fact all my meals brought to me with a smile; he has shared his favourite wines with me without asking if I want any – I go through months of not drinking then get huffy because he has stopped offering me any!

I took a walk today to get the knee moving, but he insisted I sat down on a bench whilst he took the dog and himself off further…the fact the bench had a great view of his golf clubhouse over the other side of the river passed him by too. He brought me chocolate covered Brazil nuts even though he doesn’t want me putting on the weight I have lost.( OK,I had to ask for those!)

Now, don’t get the idea I have gone soft on The Old Man – he still annoys me by watching golf on TV (it’s on now!), but we all deserve to be praised when we have come up trumps, and He has. In fact he is off cooking an early supper of spag bol before he drives back up to London to join our son in the flat….OMG, I will have to get my own breakfast tomorrow morning…Darling, could you just…
How will I cope???


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