Month: September 2013

  • Protected: Last of the Summer …Sun?

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  • Sounds of the beach

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  • Autumn Sun

    I wish this had smell apps attached! I’m sitting in my kitchen taking the dried lavender off its stalks for this years’ bags. It started off being lovely, but now I am beginning to think I may start sneezing!!! I am looking out onto the field behind the house bathed in this late September sunshine. […]

  • Fancy a quick oneboo

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  • Just walking in the rain…

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  • Getting Tangled

    Whilst on Twitter the other morning, amidst the lovely comments re life, knee etc, a friend asked me if I had heard of Zentangling. Well, you know me, I Googled whilst tweeting and discovered this whole new world of art. My first reaction was, I suspect, so British – trust the Americans to spiritualise doodling! […]

  • 1st Drive

    I have done it…short and sweet, and I didn’t crash! The knee felt strange and I was extra careful, no emergency stops required, and I loved getting out under my own steam. However I have made the right decision about not driving to a friend 3/4hour away this afternoon to watch others swim. I would […]

  • Counting Blessings

    As I sit on my terrace with me knee wrapped in an ice pack and catching up on my social media sites I am reminded by one lady on Twitter how lucky I am. I am only out of action for a short while, whilst she cannot walk at all. My eyes lift from the […]

  • And Today…

    I wish to rescind every bad thing I wrote about Hubby in my last blog. He still can’t read my mind, but then he knows me rather well and can anticipate some needs (G&T at 6pm). He has looked after me rather well this weekend with breakfast in bed, in fact all my meals brought […]