Month: October 2013

  • I Need To Start Again!!

    Oh Boy! You can guess what this blog is about! Since having my last training session and the knee op I have let things slide and grow! I have enjoyed myself greatly with bars and bags of chocolates, sweets of various types, large glasses of various wines etc. I have sat and watched TV rather […]

  • Meetings are evilboo

    listen to ‘Meetings are evilboo’ on Audioboo

  • Florence

    listen to ‘Florence’ on Audioboo

  • Florence, Day 2

    Morning folks, I’m just surfacing from a very good sleep after all my walking & socialising last night! Hubby is at a conference where wives are included in the social bits so we donned our glad rags ( well, the women did ) and we were given a brief walking tour of the Galleria Dell’ […]

  • Florence, again!

    Florence Day 1 I’m doing this on Pages folks as I don’t trust the WordPress app on this iPad…it lost my last very, very good post! Well, I’ve made it here, and survived the first night alone abroad I’ve ever spent! Aren’t you proud of me? Mind you, the next time Hubby says to take […]