I Need To Start Again!!

Oh Boy!

You can guess what this blog is about! Since having my last training session and the knee op I have let things slide and grow!
I have enjoyed myself greatly with bars and bags of chocolates, sweets of various types, large glasses of various wines etc. I have sat and watched TV rather than doing something to get my heart racing, and keep my metabolism up…

And it all came to the surface on Thursday with a visual migraine as I returned home from London!!!

Ha! Retribution from my body, blast it!

Along with tighter clothes the hot flushes are back too. proving what I already knew – that sugar is my enemy etc, etc, etc!!!

Well, Adam The Trainer is coming back on Thursday and with his help I will get back on track!! And to those of you saying ha Ha, I blow a raspberry ( and after wiping my mouth whisper “I hope you are wrong!”)

Until I type again on this subject…

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Florence, Day 2

Morning folks,
I’m just surfacing from a very good sleep after all my walking & socialising last night!

Hubby is at a conference where wives are included in the social bits so we donned our glad rags ( well, the women did ) and we were given a brief walking tour of the Galleria Dell’ Accademia, and a private viewing of Michelangelo ‘s David- it is magnificent! It doesn’t matter how commercialised it has become, how many pictures you see of it, the real thing is just glorious! There were also some unfinished statues as well, which were just as beautiful…to see his own chisel marks in the marble, as the figure I merges from the marble! I just wish we were allowed to touch them.

Then we went onto a private palace where we were royally dined to the beautiful sounds of a harp in the background. When she had finished playing she quietly slipped away without anyone noticing so I couldn’t tell her how beautifully she had played!

We walked back the sort walk to he hotel and sunk into our bed…well, it took my poor knee a few minutes to stop yelling at me for all the pouring I had given it, but I ignored it!

So today I have the morning to find us a nice place for lunch before we wanted round Florence together.
Considering we ate also going out tonight ( the word Stuffed will spring to mind soon!) I want to find a little somewhere which does nice salads for me as well as something more substantial for Him…I am going to have fun finding it…I might have to go past the Ferragamo Palace just to ensure I have looked everywhere!!

As the maid has come to do the room, I had better go!

Laters, mi amori,


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Florence, again!

20131004-095116 am.jpg


Day 1

I’m doing this on Pages folks as I don’t trust the WordPress app on this iPad…it lost my last very, very good post!

Well, I’ve made it here, and survived the first night alone abroad I’ve ever spent! Aren’t you proud of me? Mind you, the next time Hubby says to take a taxi to the airport I will! For the difference of £40 struggling on the Jubilee and Piccadilly line a month after a knee op is no fun! I was knack red by the time I got to the airport, but at least had an isle seat on the plane.

Getting to the hotel was a doodle-yes, taxi! €20 for those of you interested. However, wonderful as the Four Seasons might be, I did not appreciate having to carry my heavy bag across from the main building over gravel as couldn’t pull it, in the dark with just path lights to guide me! More tiredness. In the Hotel’s defence I did pick up my own bag from by the front door as I didn’t like it being left there.

After a quick turnaround of touch-up & change of clothes I rushed, now late, to walk the “5-10 mins” to the restaurant they had booked for me. Ok, so perhaps I don’t walk as fast as a Young a Thing, but it took me at least 15-20 mins!

But it was worth it! A small family trattoria run by 2 women ( one of whom told me off for being so late!) and the perfect place for a solitary meal. I had my trusty iPad with me so read whilst eating first goat cheese & pear salad, followed by stuffed rabbit and veg. I was delighted to be offered water and a 1/4 carafe of red wine…I was afraid my minuscule Italian might not be up to arguing with these ladies who might feel I shouldn’t be drinking alone; but this is Italy!

Walking in the dark in semi-deserted streets was no problem either. Only the dog walkers seemed to be out. Perhaps this is not a very “out on the tiles midweek” town, or I was very far from the madding crowds, but I felt perfectly safe, and thoroughly enjoyed falling into the vast firm bedWith just Nelly my elephant for company.

Didn’t I mention I am a 54 yr old woman who still cuddles a toy at night? There, now you know.stop laughing – there are millions of us out there!

So now I am just awaiting the arrival of Himself from Japan via Frankfurt for his conference, and then I can go hit the town.

I am hoping to see bits of Florence I’ve not seen before. First stop is the Galileo museum. (Some of the other wives have gone off on a walking tour apparently)

….still waiting…

He arrived, we had coffee, he went to conference & I went & had fun!!

Saw the Galileo Museum; walked randomly but still managed to get to all the touristy places by accident; had a lovely leisurely lunch; bought a handbag/backpack ( love a versatile bag) in red,and a gelato in mint choc, kiwi and melon flavours! Well, you have to don’t you! I licked it whilst admiring the Ponta Vecchio from he next bridge…

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