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First let me apologise if any of you have received an email from me with a strange title. I really, REALLY HOPE you didn’t open it?!! If you did please run your anti-virus on a deep clean of your computer!

Yes, I have fallen foul of not one but two cyber attacks. The first, a Trojan, came in on the back of a friend’s email, and as is the way with these things, nobody was any the wiser. I am not even too sure what it did! The only defence against these is to have your anti-virus running and delegating all the time…I thought I had, that’s what is so really annoying for me!

The other horrid thing that happened was my fault…I fell for an email which reported to come from BT. As I had just renewed my phone & broadband contract I was almost expecting things from them. It asked me to log into my hub, and change the password!

I know, I know! I can hear you yelling at your screens
– “they” immediately took over my hub and locked me out…I knew nothing of this! My IT guy says they will probably have been trying to get into my bank account and other sensitive info, so I am assuming somewhere out there my identity has been cloned etc… In fact my imagination is working overtime!

Despite my fabulous chap who zoomed miles and spent all day sorting me out, I feel as if I have been burgled, almost physically attacked! Now, I know this all sounds a bit Drama Queen, and I am sorry if I annoy any of you who have actually been physically attacked – I have in the past too, and whilst this is no way as bad, I still feel it.

I am somehow so much more wary, and felt a bit odd about coming onto my blog! I have been assured this site is free of nasty lurking things in the background, so I am going to trust my guy…after all, I have called him and spent £££ getting myself sorted….

Now, if I stop doing things on the Net etc, I will have let those nasty little creeps who did the hack win. I am not going to give in….yup, this is verging on Drama Queen, but you know what I mean!

I gather BT sell all our details and outsource our emails etc to other countries where perhaps details are sold on by people who really don’t give a damn about others. IT Guy says I could get so much more broadband speed here in the depths of the English Countryside if I used Satellite Broadband.


So, this time next year, when my contract is up, or sooner if I really get the courage up to argue with BT, I will try his way and hope that it will provide us with enough speed to stream TV etc …

BUT ONLY IF IT IS SAFE my head is screaming. Are we ever totally safe?

Oh boy, enough DQ head! No one was physically hurt, no one has died, nothing has been lost.

I will shut up, virtually hitch up my skirt and get on with doing what I want!

So there, hackers!

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Only 2Weeks Left…

No, not till Christmas, stop panicking!

I mean until the finish of this art term. Here is the picture so far…

20131126-015747 pm.jpg
I haven’t done anything on it for 3weeks -2 was half term, and last week was the very important Hanging Of The Curtains ceremony!

As you can see some of the background is roughly sketched in – this I did this week, giving me a better view of what the whole thing will look like. So next week I will deepen the contrast, and try to sharpen these areas.

Guess which I my favourite area…..yup! The flower pots to the right!
Love a curved object!


Yoga message….

I have to share this with you all! No, really, I DO! If you don’t want it, close this blog NOW!

Have you gone?

This morning I felt I was drowning in negativity. Having a chest infection doesn’t help, but I also felt I was stuck food-wise etc. I am sure there are those out there who know exactly what I mean! I am going round in that vicious circle of negativity = bad food= negative feelings. I’m sorry if this has come through in my tweets or anything else, but there it is!

A wonderful email from a friend made me think ” there is always Hope

So I got up from my nice warm bed, put my contacts in, my yoga kit on, and got right down to a gentle practice. Lots of deep breathing before, during and after; no limits to the number of times a did a pose; checking on how open my chest was in warrior etc; then into the resting pose (likening on the floor, eyes closed under a pashmina, I don’t know the proper name for it). This is when I try to get a”message” or comment- well, not so much “try” as they come sometimes… My subconscious contacting the Mother Ship!

This morning the Question
who am I?
Floated up. Mild panic as I tried to lose the thought of “how do others see me? ”
I can hear my Old Man Hubby, that is not Dad) saying
“What a load of rubbish- you are you.”
But who exactly is that?

Slowly the thought
“I am here. This is Me”
Came floating to the surface.

No deep answers about what type of person I am, just the plane simple fact. I Am Me.

Somehow that feels enough for today. I feel more positive. I’m still full of gunk, tho if you really want to know its loosening ( I know, too much info!)
I am slowly helping son get the leaves off the lawns, often sitting down to sip water (and write this) and the thought that
I Am Enough
has come to me now.

Namaste, folks.

Go be FabYOUlous!

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The Christmas List

Oh boy! This must be one of the most annoying lists we ever write!
Is it I ever finished? It keeps changing as we get older, but do you ever lose the things you never got off the list? I still hanker after a Star Wars Lego set!! No, really! I got more fun out of the kids Lego than they did – well, I had more practice as my parents started me off with it decades ago!

So I have been trying to write a list for my men to give me. Some things are just obvious ( to me!) like a, Apple Laptop, or a new iPad ( only cos hubby is getting one and I can’t bare that he will have something gadgety which is better than mine! ); other things I know I haven’t a hope of getting! like diamond earrings, new car of my choice ( next year maybe!) another kitten…

I know that the perfume I asked for has been bought…or at least I think that was what was in the box that arrived this week addressed to Him. Also the next instalment of Borgen – som much easier to watch than The Killing! I am trying to be practical here…. But it really isn’t in my nature!

What’s Going On

Evening folks.
Sorry I haven’t been blogging much recently- it’s been a combination of finding it technically sometimes difficult on this iPad, and the lack of desire to blog. Did the first lead to the second? Maybe, but I’m also in a different place somehow from the Summer.

By now, I’m sure you realise I have a habit of getting very near to success on something, and then it all goes wrong…my fitness being the main thing. Since my knee operation I have found it really difficult to get going again. Well, not difficult to get eating again, alas! So of course my weight has ballooned a stone and my muscles seem to have completely lost the ability to do anything without screaming in pain….I’m feeling a little like a little old lady with aching bones! Which I’m not!

Anyway, I am trying to work on getting rid of the negativity that is somewhere in my system/head/psyche.

Here is my latest Zentangle…

20131113-090737 pm.jpg
This has been inspired by an afternoon shopping with a girlfriend- both of which I really enjoyed!! It is lovely to see my friend buying clothes for herself for a change. She looked stunning in the dress she bought for a party this weekend…even with her socks still on!