Month: November 2013

  • HACKED!!

    First let me apologise if any of you have received an email from me with a strange title. I really, REALLY HOPE you didn’t open it?!! If you did please run your anti-virus on a deep clean of your computer! Yes, I have fallen foul of not one but two cyber attacks. The first, a […]

  • Only 2Weeks Left…

    No, not till Christmas, stop panicking! I mean until the finish of this art term. Here is the picture so far… I haven’t done anything on it for 3weeks -2 was half term, and last week was the very important Hanging Of The Curtains ceremony! As you can see some of the background is roughly […]

  • Firehill Walk

    listen to ‘Firehill Walk’ on Audioboo

  • Yoga message….

    I have to share this with you all! No, really, I DO! If you don’t want it, close this blog NOW! Have you gone? This morning I felt I was drowning in negativity. Having a chest infection doesn’t help, but I also felt I was stuck food-wise etc. I am sure there are those out […]

  • The Christmas List

    Oh boy! This must be one of the most annoying lists we ever write! Is it I ever finished? It keeps changing as we get older, but do you ever lose the things you never got off the list? I still hanker after a Star Wars Lego set!! No, really! I got more fun out […]

  • What’s Going On

    Evening folks. Sorry I haven’t been blogging much recently- it’s been a combination of finding it technically sometimes difficult on this iPad, and the lack of desire to blog. Did the first lead to the second? Maybe, but I’m also in a different place somehow from the Summer. By now, I’m sure you realise I […]