When Everything Connects

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It happened just now…well, a few minutes ago, BUT IT HAPPENED!!!!

This week I started with new Yoga teacher – Andrea at THe Yoga School on the Ridge in Hastings. The Yoga SchoolShe is only my second teacher, and is different from my first, Lisa. LisaJust as nice, and welcoming, I hasten to add, and she HUGS!!! I love a hugger…those of you who follow me on Twitter will know that!

As I say Andrea and her Yoga are different from Lisa – fewer of the poses we have seen on the internet, but oh boy, they seem to have just if not more affect on my body!!

The funny thing is the new yoga style links both Lisa’s and Maya Fiennes Maya Fienneswhich i have been reading about in her book Yoga for Real Life…what a title, eh?!

Now, this book connected with something inside that was wriggling after Christmas etc; I was missing yoga as given to me by Lisa; I cried, laughed, and saw amazing colours in Andrea’s class this week ( whilst Son was having his knee key-holed!)

I have just done a practice which has combined all 3 amazing elements from these wonderful women!!!!!!!
Yes, i KNOW, I am going overboard with the !!! but they are soooo necessary here. I promise!!!!! (OK, perhaps those ones weren’t…ironic ones perhaps?)

Have you had the feeling when something has gone so right that you laugh out loud? Well, that is how i feel, even whilst blogging and cooking supper…hey, I’m a Woman, we do these things!

See what I mean? I am even being more positive and assertive! I have even got vague promise out of Hubby that when we go away he will practice yoga with me!

So it’s all god! …oh….I meant to type good…..hm.

I’m leaving that “mistake” in. Make of it what you will, my friends.

Right, enough enthusing, I must concentrate on the supeer; but I really want ed to share this with you…

Oh, and Jayne…I think I now know what you meant about Loving Myself!!! Oh Boy, this week may well be ours, Aquarian Sister!!!

Namaste, dear Reader….have a go, go on, I dare you!

L x

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New Beginnings…

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What a day!

I have been busy getting the house etc ready for our golfing guests for The President’s Putter (past Oxford & Cambridge players society play this competition at Rye, East Sussex) and for Hubby going off to India on business on Sunday…

But it’s been one of those days…I seem to have been so clumsy all day!

* I dropped a thermos flask full of hot water and it broke, leaking water over my bedroom carpet…thank goodness it was just water!
* I dropped a new, VERY sharp little knife on my big toe…it bounced out again, leaving me with a sore bleeding didgit, a hole in my slipper, but thank goodness the knife survived!
* I then dropped a heavy piece of wood on the end of the same toe as I was filling the log basket.

Please tell me thats my three bad things for the day!!

I am now sitting in the kitchen ( no, I haven’t tidied it yet, give me a chance!) with a healing mug of tea…scuse me whilst I slurp…Star trek on TV, a cherry stone thermal pillow on my neck and you in front of me.

Allow me a little moan…my toe is really hurting! My back &neck are a bite sore from trying a different type of Yoga this morning ( but not in a bad way I think) … OK, moan over, tea slurped ( sorry about the noise), Universe not yet saved by Captain Kirk ( but of course he will!), and I’m trying to decide whether to use a table cloth on the kitchen table tonight or not…think I will, rather than having to polish it – now, don’t frown at me…it will look better!

Now, why did I call this blog New Beginnings? oh, yes, the new type of Yoga!
I bought a book…Maya Fiennnes “Yoga for Real Life” which advocates Kundalini Yoga. The first three chapters which deal with the lower chakras, really appealed to me, so I tried some of the exercises this morning. Before I have sone a Sun Salutation, then a body twist, leg stretch, posing with me feet up against a wall ( can’t stand on my head), then corpsing before chanting Om. I don’t yet know what I think of these new exercises…she doesn’t call them poses. Tomorrow I have a class with a new yoga teacher near here…I don’t know what type of Yoga she practices…I am learning there are very different types. I think I prefer one that flows through the poses with breathing flowing too, but that is perhaps just because thats what I started with.

So, the new beginning is the new teacher, and perhaps a new way of looking at Yoga.
we shall see!

And on that note, I must attend to my toe…

L x

Welcome to 2014

A very Happy New Year folks.

Did you “see it in?” We didn’t…gone are the days for the mo of partying with friends and then feeling really rough for the first day of the new year. I love waking up in the new day feeling fine, no hangover etc, and then watching my son crawl back from wherever he has been about mid-day looking grey! Teehee! Smug? Me? You bet!!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love a good party, great wine, and Bubbly is one of my favourite drinks. I watch the playback of the parties and fireworks on TV…not the same, I know, … and I marvel at everyone’s stamina…yes, I know, some of it is pre-recorded. Cheating in my mind!

Now I am sitting down having put the decorations back in their boxes (must remember where I put them this year!!), the tree outside, polished my hall table and put it back in its place. The kitchen table is littered with magazines – food, gardening, walking – all to give me inspiration for this coming future.

I”ve followed a friend and not made any resolutions this year. Instead I’ve made a decision. In the past few years I have left certain jobs to others. I am lucky enough to need/have a gardener and cleaner, and I have taken a back seat in my home. No more! It is MY home and therefore I should be in control of it. Yes, I will still need help in and out so I can continue to do the other things I love; but I will not leave it all to them!

In the garden I need to redo a boarder or two, get rid of a rockery, and make it mine instead of just coping with what we inherited from the previous owners.
For the house I need to sort out the chimneys that are leaking and ruining the rooms beneath; also it would be nice to have a great bathroom instead of the smallest room in the house!

No, these are not resolutions…I haven’t made the false promise of fitness and weight loss. I hope they may happen but they are not going to be the full focus of my year!

Hubby has a very full year coming up, becoming captain of one of his golf clubs in April, as well as being a referee for the R&A (golf’s governing body and golf club in the UK) and on the rules comittee. And of course, he has t keep working!! No, I’m not cracking whip – he enjoys his job, honest! My “job” will be to back him up, make sure he is ready for whatever whenever, and to love watching him enjoy it all…and I do love watching him soar!

Looking back on what I’ve already typed I notice the word NOW used quite a lot…that IS new year mentality, isn’t it!

SO, as storms lash Britain, causing damage and worry to many, lets get this 2014 in gear and help make the world a great place to enjoy!

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