Month: January 2014

  • When Everything Connects

    It happened just now…well, a few minutes ago, BUT IT HAPPENED!!!! This week I started with new Yoga teacher – Andrea at THe Yoga School on the Ridge in Hastings. The Yoga SchoolShe is only my second teacher, and is different from my first, Lisa. LisaJust as nice, and welcoming, I hasten to add, and […]

  • New Beginnings…

    What a day! I have been busy getting the house etc ready for our golfing guests for The President’s Putter (past Oxford & Cambridge players society play this competition at Rye, East Sussex) and for Hubby going off to India on business on Sunday… But it’s been one of those days…I seem to have been […]

  • Welcome to 2014

    A very Happy New Year folks. Did you “see it in?” We didn’t…gone are the days for the mo of partying with friends and then feeling really rough for the first day of the new year. I love waking up in the new day feeling fine, no hangover etc, and then watching my son crawl […]