Take Your pic!

Well, did you survive yesterday’s battering of this fair isle by the weather? Did you spend it inside? I didn’t!
Yesterday I used my Christmas Present from Hubby and had a morning’s photography lesson from Andrew Newson . this is a guy my frined has been raving about for ages so, as I like taking a million pics, I asked Hubby for some tuition as a present.

As I watched the weather forecast on Tuesday night I looked at the phone willing it to ring and say we would do the lesson inside, but as it turns out we had a beautiful morning, and produced some great pics ( in my mind).

We met in the car park of the Hastings Country park, and after I put on foul weather gear ( oh what a mistake!) we set off in a direction I had not gone before…well, there are very steep bits involved! The lesson began immediately, and as we meandered our way down to a secluded beach (nudist in summer!) I learned about aperture, shutter speed, F-stop and the thingy wheel that makes it darker or lighter…hold on I’ll check the correct term…nope, that’s the aperture! it was amazing the difference these things made…I felt a little like a kid taking off the training wheels on my bike!

You can imagine the mud etc on the way down! Enough said! A small voice in my head was saying – “Hoy, are you going to make it back up, Fatty?” But once on the beach the landscape just took over…OOHHHHH!!!! Those rocks, landslides, and the sun on the water! You who read this regularly, and all my social stuff will know how I live beaches! Well, here were BIG boulders with iron ore in them, strata that made them look like wood, cliffs fallen down and being reshaped by streams gushing out only to disappear under the shingle.
Here’s one of my favourites…P1050581
To me its almost organic!

Eventually, but what seemed a very short time, we decided to go back at the tide was on the turn…I could hear Hubby saying how stupid it was people getting stranded and how they should pay for the lifeboats rescue!

and then began the trek back upwards…WELL! New body required, new muscles, everything! It took HOURS! I had to keep stopping, being weighed down by the big heavy jacket, and sweating buckets in the plastic over trousers…ok,ok, and the unfit fat body I was using too! Actually I am horrified at how quickly out of shape I have got! What do you mean, you’re not?? Huh!

ANYWAY! We eventually made it to the safely of the cars and came back here for a spot of something ( think Winny-ther-Pooh in my case!) and then had a look at the photos and discussed what could be done in iPhoto and how a different editing suite might be a good idea.

Dear Reader, (pretentious? Moi?) Confession time – as soon as I could I got into a lovely hot bath and then snuggled under rugs and watched crap TV!!! I meant to do more editing, but fell asleep!!

In meantime here’s another pic I took pre playing. Today I will have fun with them…after Yoga…and consultant appt…and what about Sainsburys? hm..



Desert Island Bliss

Yes, that is the view I was looking at a few days ago!! Sorry, but it was absolutely fabulous there- Kanuhurah Island in the Maldives…and yes, I am a lucky so-and-so. That is what you just called me, yes? Teehee!

This was the first ever birthday spent in such wonderful heat. Normally I am at home, or in Florence in the rain. Hubby is going to be so busy with work and golf this year, and as I was not allowed to ski I asked if we could go for a real downtime holiday. It was a toss up between here or the Caribbean… I think we made the right choice!

I wish I could attach a way you could feel the warmth of the sun and wind, and experience it all whilst reading this! All I can do is describe how I feel now about it all.

It was a week of new experiences from taking a sea plane…image to snorkeling and swimming with turtles, and just being blown away with the beauty of the nature there I have come back with a new view of life.

We made a conscious decision to relax and enjoy it all…I even managed to get Hubby to experience a massage…I don’t think he really gets it tho – he thinks it should be a sports massage to relax his muscles only and can’t connect with the inner him. When I said about relaxing the mid etc he said that side was fine, and he was relaxed enough. Hm! The only exercise we got was walking from our villa on the windy side of the island ( a must, believe me, for surviving that wonderful heat!) to the main area for breakfast looking out over the turquoise sea and white sands, swimming in the clear water with a very curious school of dart fish and a large trigger fish I named Bob, going on a snorkeling trip for 2-ish hours one afternoon, and of course sampling the local versions of cocktails!! Well, you have to! My favourite new ones are the Side Car and Hemingway Daiquiri ( I had to look up that spelling!)

I have seen colours underwater that I never knew existed…oh yes, I’ve watched Nature programmes from Jacque Cousteau to David Attenborough but it really is not the same! I saw a young giant clam with an electric blue edge that just glowed with life. And when I saw the giant green turtle slowly emerge from the gloom below me, and reach up into the air before returning to the reef cliff shelf where it slept…. I am trying to find the words that don’t sound too wacky or far out… It really did change something inside. Not hugely. It just touched something.

We saw a school of large silver fish swimming like a traffic jam, then circle round a rock like a roundabout, before majestically carrying on regardless. There was the school of bright blue fish, the individual fishes of all shapes and sizes, the reef shark that passed Hubby; he was amazed too as he had never thought about snorkeling rather preferring skiing, golf, exercising etc ( you get the pic of him) and this is the first sport I have made him do after it decided to do my PADDY 10 years ago & he followed suit ( another story!).

Then, on a different snorkeling trip just outside our villa I saw another smaller, darker turtle. We both were surprised, and it swam backwards under his rock shelf after a while, but allowed me to swim for a while with him/her. I was very grateful.

So here I am, sitting in bed with my iPad, trying to explain it all to you. I didn’t manage to do the yoga I had promised myself I’d do…well, sand gets everywhere, doesn’t it! I did get time to talk to Hubby, spend a very rare week 24/7 with him which was one of the main reasons I wanted this type of holiday. I am somehow more aware of the World outside the curtains, beyond my normal range.

I didn’t take a waterproof camera swimming with me because I wanted to actually experience it properly…not worrying about whether I had the right focus, lighting etc. Oh yes, I took my big camera and iPhone and have about 500 pics on the computer…not many really, considering how I normally am, come to think about it… This may be something I am getting from the yoga- the ability to enjoy being “in the moment” , “present” “THERE” you know what I mean, yes? I now have not only the images in my mind but the emotions and physical memories of all we did, including just lying on the sun loungers soaking up the rays. The pics I have will help trigger those memories in future, but for now…I just close my eyes and breathe.

Ok, enough for now. I’m in danger of booking my ticket back! So as my tan begins to fade with our wonderful British rain I will share one more pic with you, and the hope that you too will find that connection today wherever you are, with whatever nature you have around you.