Month: March 2014

  • Showing off never pays!

    Ahhhhh…at last I’m snuggled in bed with my iPad, books, teddy and TV…. No, no Hubby, he’s in London. Did you enjoy the glorious weekend weather? I did until I decided to show Hubby what I had learned on Last Monday at the WalkActive… We took our dog down to Rye Harbour where there is […]

  • The Morning After The Day Before

    It’s Tuesday, 4th March. It’s Pancake Day (woohoo). More importantly it’s the day after the WalkActive introductory day in London. Did I survive? How are my knees? Will I ever walk again? Such big Questions! Well, dear Reader…oh YES,YES,YES!!! To be honest I can’t believe it! My knees feel fine!! No pain, and in fact […]

  • Camera Club

    In the spirit of an Aquarian, I love trying new things. You all may have read my blog about the Camera Day Hubby gave me for Christmas? No? TUT! For those of you who have… Andrew runs these camera clubs in pubs (stop grinning) & I have joined the Eridge one. We met last Thursday […]

  • It seemed a Good decision at the time…

    Welcome to a glorious sunny March 1st – St. David’s Day. Somehow at the beginning of January this seemed a very long way away! In the aftermath of Christmas, knee pains, and kicking my trainer into touch, I planned to get myself fit and healthy…well, we all do, don’t we? in this frame of mind […]