What was I about to say?

I sat down and logged on here with lots I wanted to say…it took time to get connected with this broadband link ( we live 3 miles form the exchange and the line goes through trees!) and now I can’t remember what I was going to type!!! This is happening more and more in my speech too – I have word blindness every now and then. The family think this is very funny, but it worries me.

I was looking at the wing mirror yesterday and couldn’t think what it was called…Do you ever have this?

I assume it is a bit to do with my age, but perhaps more to do with the lack of using my brain for socialising, or reading – I have been listening to Audiobooks more and more lately, especially as I need to tidy the house! This house is full of books of all sorts; most I have read but there are a few that I have bought, put to one side, and forgotten. I used to put them in a pile beside my bed, but then they got covered with the days’ detritus, so that didn’t work!

Well, today I am going to make sure I speak to friends, and after more tidying up, I WILL sit down and read a book…it may not be a great work of literature ( I have never read and Dickens…don’t hate me!) but at least my brain will be working1

So, until I remember what it was I was going to tell you … have a great…um..thingy…DAY!


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The Circle of Life

How have you been?

It has been a full four weeks of emotions here, with a Birth, a Death and a Marriage weaved into the usual meeting of strangers and friends.

It started with the birth of a beautiful girl to my husband’s youngest niece…what is that relationship with us called? Grand- niece? It was a lovely easy birth with her sister as her birth partner. We got to meet Ruby at the family wedding ,and I got my fill of couples…but I’m jumping ahead!

Then came that awful news from Ann about her terminal cancer.

The following week we went up to Hoylake for The Open, met up with old friends, met new ones. I played golf with some of the wives…we all survived! Hubby and I managed a couple of evening meals alone which was wonderful; we met up with his family briefly for a meal too.

The week went smoothly and we flew off to the South of France for a complete rest for Hubby, and some precious time alone together. It was a little bit of France we hadn’t explored right next to on ewe know well, so we could dip in and out of the different atmospheres as we wanted. It included a fab trip to Cannes Hermes shop to get Hubby’s birthday present of a pocket handkerchief for his suits..oh, ok, so I got a scarf too (Teehee!) and some perfume, but did you honestly think I could go in there & not?? I do relies I have a fab Hubby!!

Then home for a whirlwind week.

It began with a lovely meeting at Hampton Court with an old friend about to fly back to Australia. We mixed history with gossip and news, enjoyed the modern showings of historical figures and places, and caught up.

The following day I drove to Gloucester to say an official Goodbye to my school friend. I met up with our third wheel, Mary and her husband briefly before we found some of the few free seats in the church. It was wonderful how many folks’ lives Ann touched. Yes, it was sad, yes I had a good chat with old friends, but yes – it has brought up some huge questions for me about Faith, Spiritual life etc. I thought I had come to terms with Death etc, but no…a different blog perhaps.

Then Thursday Son and I drove back up to Liverpool for the Family Wedding! Our middle niece married her lovely man with her son as the ring bearer and her daughter one of the bridesmaids. Lorna looked so beautiful, and Scott was very handsome and ‘together’ – we were very impressed. I think they will have a long and happy life together.

As with all family meetings there are good bits and bad, news and gossip, but i file most of my time cuddling the new grand- niece, Ruby!! She is so small and bright! Already holding her head up at 4 weeks old!!! and her fingers and toes are so long! No, I’m not in a rush to be a grandmother, but it gave me a quick taste of it! Son, I can wait!

Now, life is getting back to normal. The piles of washing and ironing have diminished, the garden has been stared at crossly and will be dragged back into shape slowly but surely. Nutrition-wise I need to detox and get back to my healthy living…am off to the nutritionist in a min…eeek, I must get going!

SO folks. All life in a few moments. in the midst of death there is life, and in life there is death. There is always a renewal going on somewhere, to remind us that nothing lasts for ever, good or bad. SO I’m taking a deep great here, counting my blessings, allowing myself to feel both the pain and the joy of each day; and moving forward.

May your day be filled with blessings.