Month: October 2014

  • Can you hear me?

    Remember I told you I’m getting a hearing aid? I am, aged 55 ¾, suffering form 70% hearing loss in my right ear after an ear infection 5 years ago. It has steadily got worse, so the consultant sent me off to a hearing centre near us, where I was re-tested in a fab enclosed chair […]

  • Its Monday Again

    True, I know, it comes every week! Some people find it the worst day of the week, others find it a great day – a new start, a chance to get things done, start new projects; for house folks its the time to get the house straight after the weekend. For me this week Monday […]

  • What a Week!

    Its Friday morning, and per usual, I have the Cottage changeover about to happen. Another lovely couple have had a great week relaxing, despite the weather. I love that feeling I get when I know my customers have enjoyed them selves and another couple are coming for more of the same in a few hours. […]

  • Decision Made!

      The Decision is Made … And the car I have chosen is…(play the music link above please…)… The Audi A6 Allroad Estate… Now, don’t you feel so much better for knowing that? I know I do. No, really, I DO!!! I was beginning to get a headache, stressing about which car to chose before […]

  • Car Update

    I am getting more confused, not clearer-minded! I asking Him, on the way to the station this morning, what we had decided, and what did we do next…ie “when are you going to buy me the new car” (read that in spoilt brat voice!) Then I got an email asking me if I was really […]

  • The BIG Question!

      I am contemplating one of the biggest Questions I have been faced with for the last 10 years… No,its not “is there Life after Death” or any of those REALLY big Questions! Its… are you ready?… DO I chose an Audi A6 Quatro or another Lexus RX as my next car? What do you […]