Can you hear me?

imagesRemember I told you I’m getting a hearing aid?

I am, aged 55 ¾, suffering form 70% hearing loss in my right ear after an ear infection 5 years ago. It has steadily got worse, so the consultant sent me off to a hearing centre near us, where I was re-tested in a fab enclosed chair with all those knobbly bits on the walls that remind me of the insides of an egg carton.

I was then injected in the ear with gunk to make a mould of my inner ear…I wish I had a picture to show you – I’m hoping to be allowed to have a copy of it to put in my china cabinet, it fascinates me that much!

Sadly when I went to the fitting of the hearing aid the computer told us there was too much “leakage” of sound so it had to go back to be remade. I can’t tell you how upset I felt. I had just heard full sound on both sides of my head for the first time in years, and I was astounded at the difference. Then to be told I couldn’t take the hearing aid with me was a bit of a blow!

Worse was to come ….on Friday a very apologetic lady called me to say that between the makers and the delivery service my hearing aid has been lost!!! I could have gone ballistic, but what would the point be? It wasn’t that person’s fault…we had a laugh over it, and she has promised to call me the minute it arrives – even if it has to be remade. It’s amazing how many puns can be made over not hearing something…I’m waiting to hear from them!

For the moment I still feel lopsided, and have to cup my good ear towards whoever is speaking in a noisy environment, but soon I shall hear EVERYHING!  You have been warned! Teehee!

Watch this space!


Its Monday Again

True, I know, it comes every week! Some people find it the worst day of the week, others find it a great day – a new start, a chance to get things done, start new projects; for house folks its the time to get the house straight after the weekend.

For me this week Monday brings a chance to remind myself that I am not as much of a klutz as I think I am! We had a dinner party for the golf club board, wives as well thankfully! I had panicked over the food, but managed to not poison anyone. The food came roughly on time, the puddings, made by a friend, were fab, and the guests were very well behaved…ie great conversationists, and made me feel a great hostess. Well done Ladies and Gents!

We all know that practice makes perfect and if we entertained more I wouldn’t get in such a panic! Hm, me thinks we may be grumpy hermits! Well, one excuse is Hubby works so hard, or is travelling or, naturally, on the golf course!  No, I’m not going to put this on a New Year’s Resolution List!! Those things never get done!

SO, today the sun is shining on our part of the UK, the cottage guests are ready to depart, and I have a pile of washing and ironing to keep me going all afternoon…this morning I’ll hit the supermarket to stock up on fresh, healthy food for home made soups etc…oh, who is sounding like a Domestic Goddess? And don’t think I can’t hear you sniggering out there! IT WILL GET DONE!!

Righty, I’m off in my new beast to cruse the country roads towards Tummy Heaven….ok, “going shopping”…honestly, I try to bring poetry into you lives…

Have a great week folks!

L x P1090767

What a Week!

Its Friday morning, and per usual, I have the Cottage changeover about to happen. Another lovely couple have had a great week relaxing, despite the weather. I love that feeling I get when I know my customers have enjoyed them selves and another couple are coming for more of the same in a few hours.

This week has been a full one, and so far has left me feeling more confident…thank goodness!

Tuesday was a REALLY full day. Art was cut short so I could go to the garage to pick up my new car. OH BOY!!!! If you are not into cars you just won’t understand…She is a Black Beauty inside and out. No frills, just the basic model, but Audi can pay me to do an advert on how brill the basic model is these days! I am having to get used to the stop/start thing, where the engine shuts off when you are in traffic or at lights…very useful and appeals to my “watch out for the environment” bit. I am loving the hands-free ability to call folks safely! That was really useful on my way from the garage to the hospital to pick up Son from his second knee op.

It was only a Tuesday but some bits of the journey were bad – traffic jams and roadworks; me clutching the steering wheel tightly as I wasn’t used to the car yet. She got my there by 6-ish having left Eastbourne about 3-ish.

Son and I were so relieved when the surgeon came to see him, showed him the photos of inside his knee, before and after shots. He certainly needed this op, and has been told there should be no reason why he can’t ski again! WOOHOOs all round.

Sadly we didn’t get away from Harrow until 10pm. With a well-needed stop off for some refreshment…well, I say refreshment. I am NEVER going to have a McDonalds’ beef burger every again, but it was the only thing open at midnight! We got home after 1am.  Bed by 1.30 and I was out like a light!

Since then I have “had to” do a few trips in the car, to get various things for a V important dinner on Saturday night…and stopped off at a friend’s house to show off! She is far more of a petrol head than me and kept asking Qs I had no idea of the answers! She is threatening to give me a quiz next time she sees me!! I’m going to have to read the handbook!

So off to clean the cottage now, and prep it for the new guests; then try to decide what I can make the day before so that I’m not in a panic tomorrow!!!

Have a great day folks, and smile at strangers! And welcome to my new followers!!





Decision Made!


The Decision is Made …

And the car I have chosen is…(play the music link above please…)…

The Audi A6 Allroad Estate…generic_image.img

Now, don’t you feel so much better for knowing that? I know I do. No, really, I DO!!! I was beginning to get a headache, stressing about which car to chose before my beloved Doris finally gave up on me! Him Indoors and I almost had a disagreement about it over the phone, and we hardly ever do that!

I have test driven Lexus, Audi and Mercedes…doesn’t seem a lot but those were the makes I had focused on. The Mercedes guy was very helpful, letting me rock up and test drive on spec, but he blew it with his mildly patronising attitude about when would my husband be able to come in and see the car…yes, I want to discuss it and agree with Him, but the final decision is MINE! Luckily that attitude is on the way out. I won’t tell you the restraint I had to use when he tried to show me how to use their website too!!!!

SO, next week I take possession of my very first brand new car. Ever! I always said it made more sense to get mildly used ones, but the deal was just too good, and He agreed with me ( sensible chap). I will be able to collect our son from his second knee operation in The New Beast and drive him him home in comfort; Audrey (just trying he name out here) will look good on the drive when we have guests fro dinner that Saturday…yes, I AM that shallow, get over it! I just hope the trip to the supermarket won’t be too traumatic, the first time trying to park without my beloved parking camera! Well, you can’t have everything!

Just so long as I can get Radio 4 Extra on the DAB radio…

Wish me luck…


Car Update

I am getting more confused, not clearer-minded! I asking Him, on the way to the station this morning, what we had decided, and what did we do next…ie “when are you going to buy me the new car” (read that in spoilt brat voice!)

Then I got an email asking me if I was really certain, and why not look at the Lexus cars again!!!! ARRRGH!!!!

So I am booked in to look at both the RX 450 hybrid, and the new NX hybrid this afternoon. As it is disgusting weather it will be a good test for them….come to think of it, it was snowing when we first went out in Doris on a test drive!

Have you gathered by now I like to do things when I’ve decide, and not wait; Impulse Girl, that’s me! even at 55¾! For me it’s like buying houses…when you walk in, you KNOW! If Hubby had said on Saturday “we’ll have it” I’d have been fine…weeeelllll…

You see, I don’t want to have to wait for an engine to heat up (diesel) meaning you can’t do short trips if the weather is crap and I need something from the shop a mile away…stop yelling “Woose” at me! (incidentally, I can’t find the definition/spelling of this word!) I do care about the environment, and I do think the Hybrid is the way to go apart from totally electric, which a friend’s hubby is going for. i love driving, do quite a few miles each year, am short so love being high up…

oh heck! Let’s see what this afternoon’s test drives bring!

Laters, Dudes!


The BIG Question!



I am contemplating one of the biggest Questions I have been faced with for the last 10 years…

No,its not “is there Life after Death” or any of those REALLY big Questions! Its…

are you ready?…

DO I chose an Audi A6 Quatro or another Lexus RX as my next car?

What do you mean, ” so what?”? This is HUGE for me! We don’t change our cars very often, and I have had Doris for 10 years, and she and I have done over 118,000 miles together…oh, wait 13,000 of those were not with me! But you get my meaning. The car I decide to buy now will take us into retirement, hopefully into Grandparenthood, on golfing holidays, skiing holidays, and anything else I decide to try!

I managed to get Him Indoors over to the Audi garage to test drive an A4 yesterday, and we both decided it was not for us – I have been spoilt by my Lexus, which came with so many things as standard, and is very luxurious inside – well, she was, but after 10 years of school trips, dog trips, golf etc I am sure you can imagine the odd marks we have. He then asked to look at the A6, and we both loved it! I haven’t yet got Him to look at the new Lexus NX  and I have a feeling I never will. I think he is sold on The Audi A6! SO much so he is even contemplating buying a brand new car, which we NEVER DO!!!!

One of my main thoughts that is worrying me is diesel fuel. I have been hearing things about how it is not as good for the environment as “they” thought, and it may be taxed/phased out in the future. The Audi we would get would be diesel because of the miles I drive each year. I want to look at the hybrid/petrol fuel consumption of the Lexus regarding this new car.

One thing that He loved was the idea of having to service the Audi less than the Lexus. He is, of course and rightly, focusing on the cost-saving bits of the Audi compared with the Lexus.

The more I type about this the more I catch myself thinking Audi, and catching sight of the brochure just to my left…It has a better turning lock than the Lexus…

Hm! I think I’d better walk The Hound before the rain comes this afternoon, and think more about it as I tramp.


If you have any thoughts…let me know!