Month: February 2015

  • New Moon, New Beginnings

    Happy Year of the Goat to you all! I hope this new Chinese year is beginning well for you? I have decided to start with a few changes – 1. Change the kitchen doors 2. Change my Habits 3…..nope, that’s it for now! That’s quite enough to be going on with, I think. After all […]

  • Grateful but…

    Today I went to Morfield Hospital for an eye test…my optician said there were parts of my eyes not getting enough light etc and he wanted to be sure it was all ok…there were hints of a cataract in one…you know the “chat”. Well, I’m over 55, and have terrible short sight. ¬†As you can […]

  • Fingers Crossed!

    Brrrr – I know its Winter, but it still seems rather colder than usual. Maybe we have just been spoilt by last year’s wonderful heat. I have my fingers crossed this morning, as last night the Cottage boiler decided to play up, not providing hot water for my guests. Mind you, they had the heating […]