Month: March 2015

  • Oh The Relief! OR Always Check Your Diary Properly!!

    What a difference a few hours makes, eh? Firstly I have managed to lose 1/2lb at the weigh-in last night…not as much as I said I would but better than nothing; and I went with two friends which made the trip more enjoyable! Secondly, and more importantly, as I hadn’t heard from my expected guests […]

  • Passing quickly

    Another day, another blog… This morning I woke with this heavy feeling again, but forced myself out of bed and drew back the curtains. There, in the beautiful blue sky, hung the half moon. It was only just a new moon in my mind, and I remembered that time passes, everything changes, and this heavy […]

  • Mild Panic

    I’m having one of those weeks…you know the ones: no confidence, suddenly want to cry, no weight-loss, difficulty getting up in the morning…need I go on? No, don’t leave this page!!! It gets better, promise! Next week I am going on my very first trip away with relative strangers and without my husband. EVER! That […]