Oh The Relief! OR Always Check Your Diary Properly!!

What a difference a few hours makes, eh?

Firstly I have managed to lose 1/2lb at the weigh-in last night…not as much as I said I would but better than nothing; and I went with two friends which made the trip more enjoyable!

Secondly, and more importantly, as I hadn’t heard from my expected guests as to what time they would arrive I checked the official site for Cottages4you. What a huge wally I am!!! What I thought was a booking on my calendar on my iPhone was in fact some random thing from Facebook!!!

The relief! Then the realisation as to what exactly has been causing me most of the anguish over my trip. How stupid of me!

Of course, in my joy I stuffed my face with my whole 15 sins allowance with hi-Lite bars ( The Rocky Red, if you MUST know!), and I now have a sugar headache, but I DONT CARE!

So, I am taking a mug of tea back to bed, reading a bit more of Terry Pratchett – and how sad was the news he died yesterday: lets not get weird that I was just mentioning him…ok?

So, see you laters, dear reader!



Passing quickly

Another day, another blog…P1090238

This morning I woke with this heavy feeling again, but forced myself out of bed and drew back the curtains. There, in the beautiful blue sky, hung the half moon. It was only just a new moon in my mind, and I remembered that time passes, everything changes, and this heavy feeling will go too.

Last night I decided not to put the TV on ( don’t faint), and instead reached for one of my favourite authors, Terry Pratchett. My mother hated his genre as she didn’t understand it, but for me it is pure escapism with many life lessons thrown into the mix. You may have heard of his Disk Novels…I picked ‘Pyramids’ this time, but usually identify with a character called Nanny Ogg…you can do your own research on her!

LizBisson_05_MovementIs there an author or a book you go to when feeling out of sorts? When younger it always was Agatha Christie for me, giving me a warm glow that the baddie would be caught in the end either by Hercule Poirot or Miss Marple, my two guardian angels. I shall chose to think my guardian angels and others are looking over me now…in fact I’m pretty sure they are probably yelling at me to pull my socks up and get on with IT!!!

Hope your day is a glorious one.


Mild Panic

I’m having one of those weeks…you know the ones: no confidence, suddenly want to cry, no weight-loss, difficulty getting up in the morning…need I go on? No, don’t leave this page!!! It gets better, promise!

Next week I am going on my very first trip away with relative strangers and without my husband. EVER! That I can remember!

I am driving myself up to the Lake District, which I have never seen before, and joining a photography course run by Andrew Newson  who runs the “Photoclub-in-a-Pub” I go to once a month. I am staying in a B&B, Powe House, which I have never done before. I Will see an old friend afterwards, and then drive towards Liverpool and hopefully will meet our newest Grandniece, which ( yes, you’ve guessed it) I have never done before!

Now, explain to me why this 56 year old should be so nervous about doing things she knows she can do, and when it doesn’t matter what happens so long as I enjoy myself???

A little bit of me thinks this is good practice for when (God Forbid yet please) or if I am left alone…always supposing Hubby dies before me of course! He will be fine without me as he has his GOLF!!!! He is always popping off on his own, on business and golf committees etc and knows he can cope.

In reality I KNOW it will be fine; I can drive anywhere as I love driving; I’m not all that difficult to get on with (don’t say a word there!); my photograph is not bad and I’m going to learn more hopefully; if I can’t climb all the hills no-one will be cross with me!; I will love seeing my old friend again; and I can’t wait to greet the newest member of the family.

It is just occasionally, when I am on my own, I let things get me down. I am not alone in this, but I must fight it! I even talk to the house, or myself, out loud, after all I give such good advice! (OK, even I’m laughing at that one!) It is good to remember all we have achieved and survived to get where we are today; to give ourselves the pat on the back we deserve, and that hug which makes us feel we can do anything…even if we wish it was from our nearest and dearest.

SO! I will start packing away my gear and clothes, send emails to the relevant folks, buy ‘thank you’ presents for my two hosts, check the tire pressure, windscreen washing fluid, and put all my audiobooks onto a sim card ( or whatever they are called) so I can really enjoy the drives, and off I will go!

Wish me luck.