Commended Picture

LizBisson_windowlightportraits_04Last night was the Photoclub, and the first I have managed in a couple of weeks, one way or another. Oh it was worth it!

Our assignment had been Window Light Portraits, and I had a lack of willing subjects. i managed a couple of hours directing Hubby where to sit, which direction to look, and getting Son to move the reflector to up light H’s face, before Hubby started to tell me what I was doing wrong…always the point at which I know he has had enough, and just before I have!

Son only lets me take pictures of him that will never be published! Such a shame as I LOVE snapping him at odd moments…all mothers do with their children, get over it!

There were some fabulous pictures submitted and we all had fun. However when I was editing mine I had a real problem with what I saw in my pictures…the woman I was editing is not the one I see in the mirror! This is the difference between a 2D and 3D image, and how our brains work. Who IS that older, hooked-nosed woman?? I’m sure its not me! And is she who the rest of you see?

It doesn’t really matter, does it? No; but of course it does! I admire the woman who does not care who the World sees as she is confident in who she is. Occasionally I am that woman. Certainly in my dress I wear what I want rather than what anyone else wants me to – “It’s My Style, and I’ll were it if I want to”…so why do I cry over some pictures? Inside I love my lines, creases, curves, etc – they are the story of Me. Its just Vanity creeping out of her cave in my head. I will listen to her, but in moderation…the main voice will still be the younger, more confident gal…she just needs to shout more often!


Ulterior Motives

Hm, why are you reading this?

Why are you doing that/saying that/taking that picture??

Do you think about the ulterior motives of others. or just take the World as you see it? I am wondering this because, knowing I don’t like my photograph being taken ( another blog) Hubby has started taking mine. Love him to pieces, but the devil in me is wondering WHY???? He hasn’t done it for years!

Knowing the darling man as I do, it is probably he is liking my camera…well, he paid for it! He isn’t really an Ulterior Motive sort of chap…but it doesn’t silence The Evil one in my head…

So I am wondering – Those who suspect others of Ulterior Motives, are we the ones at fault? Is it something lacking in us, apart from trust? A lack of self-confidence is probably my fault here.

We shall see! I’m going to ask him at the weekend!! (eek!)


Good Days, Bad Days, we all have ‘Em

“Its raining, It’s pouring, the Old Man is Snoring…”

Guess what the weather is doing here 😉 Today I don’t mind as the garden really needs it. I have been busy weeding, planting & changing things for an Open Day here next Tuesday for our local hospice. I had forgotten how lovely it can be working in the garden; weeding used to be my ‘thing’, but my soil is not great and we are inundated with Ground Elder. I am not alone ( my garden is not that big or great!) there are 3 other gardens in our road, and we have all been busy bees this spring.  In fact I am mildly dreading Hubby seeing the bill for some of the work I have had down…all entirely necessary!! He said it looks much better..oh dear!

Meanwhile a family friend is going through hell having lost her home and her husband to a heart attack in the space of a week. This puts all things into perspective, doesn’t it! It is his funeral tomorrow and I know it will be awful for his wife and three boys, no mater what folks say about it being a celebration of his life. My heart goes out to them, and apart from helping make tea, move belongings to rented accommodation, I don’t know how to help them. My best offer is hugs…and they are all very tall, and I am rather small!!

SO, whatever sort of day you are having, someone somewhere will be having a worse one, I promise you. Give thanks to whoever you think you should for this.