8 years later…

8 years later

I have been watching on Twitter all the love going to Harry Mosley and his family. They have all been through so much, with Harry’s brain tumour; and Harry has been an inspiration to os many people, thinking of others and how to help them. This has struck home hard as 8 years ago today we watched our daughter Ally go into a morphine-induced coma …at about 8pm tonight. She died on the 10th October, aged 15 and a half, having had primary liver cancer diagnosed in March. These last few days were ones of peace and waiting. We talked to Ally as I was convinced she could hear, telling her everything we wanted her to know-including her 13yr old brother, who was tremendously brave throughout it all. The weather was similar to now, sunny and cold, so that Ally was bathed in sunlight when she died, and yes, she was at home. Most of her treatment took place at home with me being her nurse – even her chemotherapy was given via a pump so she could visit her school, friends etc. We had some hysterical times when an air bubble would get in her line and then all hell let loose until we had stopped everything and got rid of the tiny space in the tiny tube. W would sit and gently cuddle afterwards, often on the side of the road as I would be driving her hither and yon. Ally and I packed a lifetime into the 7months between diagnosis and death. I am sure the World over there are parents going through the same feelings as I am, reading about Harry. It sounds funny but we are the lucky ones… We have had the opportunity to say goodbye to our children, to show them how much we love them, to hold them, help them, and finally to let them go. They live on in our hearts, whatever we are doing, and although with time we may not remember them consciously every day, subconsciously they are with us in everything we do. To Harry’s parents and family I send my love. Their pain and loss, and perhaps some relief, is their own, but there are others out here who can relate and are always here if needed. God Bless Harry, God Bless your family. Xxxx

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