Loosing it!

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It’s Thursday again…and I’m not in the mood…again! I have lost that loving feeling regarding exercising!!
This is because I am finding it more difficult to lose weight without the jogging. No, lets face facts… I am also eating more, and more of the “bad” stuff. You know what I mean…yep, SWEETS!! And I’m exercising far. far less! I’ve lost the oomph, the incentive, the …oh what’s the word? You know what I mean tho, don’t you?
And in it’s place I am buying more “stuff”!!! Replacement activity? Oh who knows, I’m just at a loss as to how to change back to that bouncy, go-getting gal of late last year.

I keep thinking of buying a bike. Again! I used to have one when we lived in a flatter region, and it took Hubby nagging to get me to use it! Now I am thinking of cycling to the local shop to get the paper rather than using the car for such a short journey. ( it’s just over 1.5 miles away with a hill involved…a v small one!)
What’s stopping me? Apart from the price of the bike? Well, my knees I suppose. I’m booked in for an op on the right one at the end of August, and I have yet to ask the consultant what he thinks of cycling as an alternative to running. I will ask Adam the PT today what he thinks.

Actually I think Adam will need to give me a good talking to! I know that I have reached the plateau that folks do, and I have to find the mental capacity to get me over it and down the next 2 stone! It is tougher this time round!! ( can you see me whaling and gnashing my teeth in anguish? No, me neither!)

Even the yoga is tailing off!! After buying the blocks, strap & Yogatoes too! Yogatoes

So you see I am back to Slob Mentality!! Please can you send ideas for getting me back on track? You’d think having Summer here might have helped…hahaha! No, sorry, got the giggles at the thought that this is Summer!! Ah! Perhaps I am missing the sun!

On that thought I shall rise and go do something…what? No, I don’t know what either, but getting up is a good start!

May your day be full of “get up and go” folks!


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