The Perfect Om?

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I have just done my Yoga practice…not a long one; I am getting back into it after a couple of weeks break…for no reason other than laziness.

I like ending my practice, before an affirmation, with saying Om. I am still trying to find the right pitch for me – the vibrations inside tell me when I’ve got there. Today I didn’t quite find it. Nor did I manage the “perfect” transition from Ah to Mm. So I repeated it until I felt better, felt the vibrations where I wanted them.

This doesn’t matter. After all, it is Yoga Practice. So long as I am comfortable with my result, then I have done a good practice.

My affirmation for today was “I can achieve what I want to achieve”
This, again, may not be a correct type of affirmation, but it was what came to mind.

So, for me, this was a good practice. Tomorrow may be better.



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Author: thebisson

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