It’s all gone Pete Tong!

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It’s confession time…or will be when Adam the trainer comes back on Thursday!!!

Actually, I won’t have to confess as he will be able to see with one look!!! so here goes my confession…

“Oh Trainer, I have eaten things I should not have, and have left undone the training I should have done, and there is more weight on me.”

Oh boy, is there more weight! A very heavy half a stone has landed on me, and do I feel it!!! I have a fuzzy head, my wheezing is coming back, my joints ache…and its all my own fault!!!

Why have I done this?? I am finding excuses for not exercising every day, and the food is piling up on my plate again. The alcohol is back too.

I am not on holiday any more, so all I can think is the reaction to Son’s leaving home has thrown me back to the Old Liz mode, and I am finding it difficult to fight back.

I am cross with myself as today I go to the hospital for a pre-op check-up ( knee op on 29th August) and had hoped to be nearer the 13stone mark than back over the 14!!! Perhaps the op coming up is also in my mind, thinking
“well, what’s the point if I wont be able to do much after that for a while?”


So, feel free to yell at me as hopefully I will be doing it to me too!
Gulp, I’ve just thought how disappointed Adam The Trainer will be….

Is there time to run away????

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