Good Days, Bad Days, we all have ‘Em

“Its raining, It’s pouring, the Old Man is Snoring…”

Guess what the weather is doing here 😉 Today I don’t mind as the garden really needs it. I have been busy weeding, planting & changing things for an Open Day here next Tuesday for our local hospice. I had forgotten how lovely it can be working in the garden; weeding used to be my ‘thing’, but my soil is not great and we are inundated with Ground Elder. I am not alone ( my garden is not that big or great!) there are 3 other gardens in our road, and we have all been busy bees this spring.  In fact I am mildly dreading Hubby seeing the bill for some of the work I have had down…all entirely necessary!! He said it looks much better..oh dear!

Meanwhile a family friend is going through hell having lost her home and her husband to a heart attack in the space of a week. This puts all things into perspective, doesn’t it! It is his funeral tomorrow and I know it will be awful for his wife and three boys, no mater what folks say about it being a celebration of his life. My heart goes out to them, and apart from helping make tea, move belongings to rented accommodation, I don’t know how to help them. My best offer is hugs…and they are all very tall, and I am rather small!!

SO, whatever sort of day you are having, someone somewhere will be having a worse one, I promise you. Give thanks to whoever you think you should for this.




Author: thebisson

I am a bubbly caring soul who has learned much from life's lessons, but always willing to learn more. Actress, artist, lover of life. I live in the country with Hubby and son, when they are here, cats and dog. I have a holday cottage!