I’m Back…just

That was Hard Work!

Hello there! My goodness, but time has flown by, and look at all that has happened, and is still happening! I won’t bore you with the details of all that we went through – I am sure ( and know )some of you went through far worse than we did. Enough to say that since I last typed on here we have gained a daughter-in-law, a new kitchen, and new friends. Oh, and a new dog! The last one might not have been the best idea I have ever had, but as time goes by you will learn why!

The most tricky thing I have had to deal with is getting back on here!!!! Technology brings out the worst in my language skills, and Hubby has learned to retreat out of my study….oh, yes, thats another new thing! I have turned one of our bedrooms into my study, or ‘Mum’s Playroom’, as Son calls it. Thanks, tho technically right – I do like to play in here – perhaps Workspace might be kinder? No? Ok, so I don’t get paid for what I do in here….wait, I’m getting side tracked!

Back to getting back on here. The site is still not right as it hasn’t been upgraded for ages, and now wont upgrade automatically…I don’t have the right PHP (?) to allow the new upgrade to come automatically…and I sure don’t have the technical skills to do it manually! Whilst the World has suffered hugely since 2018, so have my tech abilities, and the ability for tech sites to write in non-tech lingo!!!

The question I need to answer is how to transfer my site to the new upgraded one, with out losing content. I have backed up. Everything else is up to date, including my Jetpack (anyone else seeing an aged cartoon image of a space family there?). I am going to have to get the answers up on my iPad ( I don’t want to waste paper printing it out), and follow them very carefully, and slowly…oh, I feel old! Where is a teenager when you need one? On second thoughts, Ill wait for Son and DIL to come to stay and see if they can make sense of it all.

Yes, I am learning to ask for help. Believe me, that is a big step! Luckily, since we last communicated I have met some amazing folk in this village with many different skills, and I’m sure someone somewhere will know what to do.

So, lets see if this will Publish. Then Step One will be complete, and I can go and get some Spring air outside…though I notice the sun has gone in whilst I have been “playing” up here.

Chat soon, Lx