Spring Feelings


At last we have some rain here. Sorry if it is ruining anyone’s day but my garden, and the farmland round us, is very grateful.

It has given me time to look at some photos that I took for a project I am doing with my teacher, Andrew Newson, www.andrewnewsonphotography.com. the Cowparsley is not one of them…that was taken with my iPhone 11 ( Oh how I long to upgrade my phone…but that is a different blog! ) a few days ago. The mildly annoying thing is how good the iPhone pictures are compared to my efforts with my Fuji X-T4 and the various lenses I have…Oh, who am I kidding, I have LOADS of lenses, and I can’t say I use them all regularly. I may have to sell some soon to get new ones … eeek! ( How do you insert emojis these days???) (🤣 Got it!)

Some time ago I joined the 52Frames group, where the idea is to encourage photographers to take one picture each week on a set theme. I managed a whole year, and then stopped. The Competitive Gremlin in my head got grumpier and grumpier, and I realised I wasn’t doing the photography for my pleasure anymore. So now I am back to choosing my own subjects, and, with Andy’s guidance, I hope to produce a photobook of local things, which I may leave in my holiday cottage for guests to look at…but may not! ( Here’s the link of anyone is interested – http://www.cottages.com/PPMF ) I might just put some of the pictures on the walls instead- they are less likely to go walkabout.

This Spring was supposed to bring us all new hope after Covid lockdowns…some hope with the war in Ukraine still raging, and the news of the awful shootings in a primary school in the US. As the sun at last comes out again here I really hope common sense will prevail amongst World leaders, and peace can be restored. Why is it so hard for people to be nice to each other, for countries to respect each other? The majority do, but it seem to be getting less and less so. I hope this will change for the better.

Bye for now