Sunday Thoughts


Here I am sitting a the kitchen table again, watching the birds attacking the nuts and seeds in the rain! They’re like a bunch of school kids at times, jostling for a perch on each holder to see if it’s better than the others. Every Time I try to take a picture for you thy fly off! Very annoying!

It has been raining like mad in the UK ever since the drought conditions and hosepipe bans were announced. Well, of course! ☔☔☔ There are large puddles lying on the lawns, despite having spiked them earlier in the year, which won’t help my fight against the moss! On the plus side the plants, trees, harvests etc are all loving the water!

I was nicely ensconced doing this blog in P&Q till hubby walked in! He now. Wishes he’d bought some meat to roast for lunch…not because he wants to eat it so much as it would have given him something to do!! What he really wants to do is go hit some golfballs as he’s got the Spring Meeting at St.Andrew’s next weekend, and needs some practice!⛳ Instead he is roaming around the house brooding! So I have sent him to the back door to fix the cat flap! Our dog, Buddy, has a habit of ripping the outside bit off if he can’t get my attention to let him in quickly enough for his liking! This is the 5th catflap in 4 years now, and the holes in the door are almost ripped to pieces. So Hubby, who is not the best DIY chap in the world, bless him, is filling the holes first with wood filler and then will hopefully fix the flap so we will not feel the icy draught in the kitchen.
On the plus side of no thawing the cat flap in place is that I can hear the tinkling of the new wind chimes I bough yesterday…

The other annoying thing is that I just get into the flow of writing and Someone needs something else which he has no idea where it is (usually in front of him) and it is needed ASAP! In his defence he is only here in the weekends so he really doesn’t know where things might be, but then I don’t put things back in the same place sometimes so even if he knew it might not be there!

I love being inside when it’s raining.. My favourite place is in the conservatory, if not too cold, listening to the rain on the roof, and feeling snug. On of my earliest memories is of being pushed in the stroller by my mum with the rain hood on feeling safe, warm and dry and loving the sounds of the rain! Never a thought for poor old mum pushing me in the rain! Have you ever played that game of racing raindrops down a window? No? The skill is of course to chose the right drop…too big and it will just zoom down, drawing in those smaller ones as it drops, too small and it will be drawn into a bigger one. Now, this is of course a game essentially for children who are bored on a wet day…or it used to be. I first came across it in an A.A. Milne book of poems when I was learning to read all those decades ago when I never felt the adult guilt of doing ‘nothing’. Now, I have to make a conscious effort to play the game… I can’t wait to introduce my grandchildren to it (if I ever have any; no rush, Son!)

Ah, Hubby has now gone to light the fire in the drawing room so we can read in warmth in about 30 mins. This is what Sundays are for… Doing those wonderful quiet things like reading quietly together, firelight flickering, the occasional turning of the page, and after lunch there might even be the gentle snore of the other person to make the sense of snugness complete.

So, thank you, rain, for providing us with the perfect excuse for being quiet and still, enjoying eachother’s company without the sense we should be doing something else! I’m off to find a couple of perfect raindrops first s I can win!

L xx


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