Weekend Chores

I was just sorting out the washing this morning, and wondered if the chaps in our lives ever think we are going to have to rifle through their smalls, socks, shirts etc? Then I realized of course they don’t think about it! Silly woman!

Now, all you feminists can stop yelling at your screens – yes, I do the washing! And I’m pretty sure I am not alone! The fact is my man works hard ina n office all week to keep us in this fab lifestyle we have, and I’m very lucky, so the least I can do is do his washing, yep, and the ironing too!

And to make you yell even more...I LIKE IRONING

THERE! I admit it! There is nothing like a pile of freshly laundered boxers, handkerchiefs or bed linen to set my little heart aglow! 😉

Preview Image

Of course, this does not mean I like sorting the filthy stuff first!!!!

Pass the nose peg!



Author: thebisson

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