Aren’t People Fab!


This morning was one of those Monday morning jobs…due to rail works between Hastings and Ashford every Monday morning for the next 8 weeks or so, Hubby and I will be driving to Ashford International so he can whizz up to London.

Now, normally I don’t begrudge him anything like this. It means no fewer mins in bed, and gets him into the office when he wants…very important that! It sets him up for the week slogging at his desk. Actually, I think he is one of the few that loves their jobs so he’s a very lucky bunny!

However! As you will grow to lear through my blogs my mornings are very important to me for one special reason….The Breakfast Club on Twitter! This was started by a wonderful lady, Jayne,and developed with another fab lady, Dinah, into a great way to start your weekday. As soon as I know it’s ok I’ll put a link to their web page so you can find out all about it. In the meantime why not follow and join in 6.45-8am each weekday on twitter, check out #thebreakfastclub.

This is a club where positivity, hugs, and virtual mugs are on offer to help get us going. I am very honoured to be one of The Trolly Dollies, along with Jayne, Dinah and Lisa, which means I hand out hugs and mugs from my supercharged, sky blue pink trolly with white spots and heated seat! Occasionally I might just hand out porridge, or pain au chocolate, depending on what the trolly produces that day! I really enjoy the banter, hearings about folks’ days, their plans, and generally connection with others.

This morning I I attempted to do my trolly service whilst Hubby drove to Ashford….that bit worked well, I think. I was so engrossed that I missed a near accident with a lorry and car in front of us…probably a good thing as I then didn’t shreek, clasp hubby’s arm and generally panic! So I think he was quite pleased! We got to the station and said goodbye, he sweetly a rapping a multi-coloured scarf I knitted him for Christmas round his well dressed neck. I then drove to a nearby supermarket carpark to safely continue my trolly duties.

All good so far

It was a beautiful sunrise, the chat flowed, mugs and hugs exchanged, jokes completely flying over my head…for a change I hope! Then I popped the engine on for a few minutes to reheat the car and me, and switched off again.

Just before 8am I thought I’d better start wending my way home to Buddy the dog and the two cats who, let’s face it, wouldn’t have noticed my absence!(the cats that is, Buddy always knwos where I am, it’s a sympatico thing!)  I turned the ignition. Click. I turned it again. Click. “oh s..t,” I exclaimed..yep, defiately exclaimed that out loud! I tweeted how stupid I’d been and looked around the carpark at the few other cars there. Aha! Behind me was a girl in a car looking at her phone. Over I rushed and asked her if she had any jump less and time to give me a start. Alas, it was a hire car and they don’t have them! I looked around again. Over in another part I spotted a chap in an Environmental Agency truck, and dashed towards him (poor chap must have panicked at the sight of mad woman first thing in the morning!).

He and his mate (might have been his boss, gulp) immediately drove the truck round so that our batteries were in reach of each other, and they jumped me…started the car I mean!!!!  I was mobile again! Actually I rather think I got a mild telling off from the one who seemed boss-like for stopping to check emails! Cheek! but I can forgive him and was very prolific in my thanks…but not creepy! Well, I hope not!!!

So off I went, driving back towards Hastings, with Chris Evans and his wonderful choice of music, laughter with Moira Stewart etc on the radio and the most glorious, clear sunny morning outside. Spirits were high!

When I next looked a my iPad and twitter timeline I saw that two of the breakfast club folk had been ready and willing to come and help me out! In fact one of them was already out and heading towards where I had been to give me a jump start!! I was overwhelmed at the thought that these two strangers would go out of their way to find another stranger and help her out! I say ‘strangers’ as we have not met in Real Life, but we have chatted on twitter, communicated, linked.

That, folks, is what I love about people! We may fight eachother over land, religion, beliefs, oil, gas and other “stuff” but when it comes to helping eachother People Are Fab!

My thanks to you two, and I hope to meet you soon in RL to say it to your face.

PS. I have just realised (oh so late!) that I wasn’t going to tell Hubby about this! Oh well, this will be a good indication of whether he reads my blog or not!! Oh, I feel a whole new blog on that subject coming on…

Take care of your selves, and be kind to each other!



Author: thebisson

I am a bubbly caring soul who has learned much from life's lessons, but always willing to learn more. Actress, artist, lover of life. I live in the country with Hubby and son, when they are here, cats and dog. I have a holday cottage!