Read The Instructions!

Are you one of those people who opens a gadget or an Ikea box or Lego box, and dives straight in? Yep, me too, and I have done it with this site! Can you tell? I truly hope not to be honest..and perhaps I shouldn’t be admitting to all of this in public!

When I first downloaded WordPress I just went straight to the Dashboard site and followed some of the instructions there. I suspect I deleted a few things I shouldn’t have done..text boxes, menus, things like that. I had a picture in my head of how it would all look in a few seconds of my usual fiddling…

Now, the present result is not all that bad to my mind, but there are things missing which I would like to put down the side to the left, and at the bottom…See? Can you guess what?

Well, down the bottom there are no links to Twitter, Facebook, somewhere for you to tick, the number of folks who have looked at this…not a bad thing perhaps if it stays on zero!

And on the side I would like links to Teenage Cancer Trust, The Breakfast Club and a few people I would like you to meet..

(I can already hear the purists among you yelling at me for starting the last paragraph with ‘And’. I have not worked out the paragraphing yet, ok?! AND this is not an English exam, thank goodness!!!)

I am admitting that I need help and have called in an expert to have a deco and give me some guidance…and yes, she is of a different generation, yes younger as if you need to ask! But I am not proud, and if she can help me to do all that I want with this site you will thank me in the end!…those of you who stick it out with me, that is!

On a serious note, and yes, there will be a few of those, I suspect all of this shows you how I live my life. There is NO Instruction Sheet on how to live the perfect life (and who would read it if there was?). We have to have a fiddle around with the bits and pieces, trying to fit all the strange shapes together as best we can. It is obvious when the pieces don’t fit, and no amount of banging will make them! I have been so fortunate that those pieces have been very, very few, and hope that all my pieces will fit. My family has never come with an instruction sheet, which I am sure my hubby would agree with, especially me, but over the years we have written our own. Like this page it needs editing every now and then to get it right, and we will only know we have succeeded when we are sitting on the proverbial porch in our old age looking back on it all.

I dont think having a Life instruction Sheet would make our lives any better really. It is the fiddling and editing that makes it all so rich. Some rules and guidelines in certain cases do help, and it is good that there are those out there to help us! You know who you are, and I thank you will all my heart!

If there is another life after this one, I wonder if it comes with an instruction sheet? Somehow I am hoping not!

PS: 14th Jan… Hubby has just been forced to look at this site…the result? My spellings have been checked and corrected, thank you Hubby! See…good job I didn’t take up teaching, tho I wonder if anyone would notice these days! …He Would! and is looking over my shoulder as I type…perhaps typing lessons might be in order!

Take care,

L x


I have just been reading about Andrew Flintoff and other sportsmen admitting to having suffered from depression.

I take my hat off to them all for speaking out about it. It was only this summer that I was able to admit that I was depressed… Not hugely, but enough to make life difficult for me and those nearest and dearest. I didn’t mind about the thought of dying. In fact I was looking forward to it! No, I wouldn’t have done anything about it, but I was rather fascinated by it all and felt that everyone would get on much better without me. My darling boys (hubby and son) were very quick to point that what rubbish that was! However it was not until the doctor told me he thought I was depressed that I really took it on board…after all, I am the strong one, I don’t get down, I hold things together! TOSH!

At the time I had just found Jayne M Cox, The Body Image Expert, on Twitter and was talking to her about my weight. When I told her what the doctor had said she was so pleased. We talked and talked and at last, just by admitting it, I felt a huge weight lifting off my shoulders, and I was able to move forward and away from the depression.

Isn’t it sad that these wonderful sportsmen who have opened up felt they had to keep silent about it to begin with! Surely the more we speak about it, the more we can find out about it, and hopefully the more people can be helped!

Our mental health is so important whoever we are. So I hope you are looking after yours!

Big hugs

L xx

First Blog on my site!

YESSS!!! can’t believe I managed to get ths site up and running! I have been blogging at up to now, so bare with me as I get used to these wonderful changes!

I am also going to have to learn how to post here from my iPad as I tend to post blogs wherever I am!

Also how to include a pic! i have so many i would like to share, and as we goa long you will discover that I love pictures of my local beach…very claming and soothing. It is where I go when i feel the need to recharge the soul, get over something, or just for the sheer enjoyment of it all!

Here should be a pic of said beach…nope, but it was above said beach!

I’ll get there folks!Just have a little patience! There!!!

Now, that’s all for the moment…just a little taster of me and my life.

if you want more on a daily basis why not follow me on twitter.. @thebisson and join in the fun of #thebreakfastclub 6.45-8am every weekday. or discover more about it on

Thanks for reading this first blog, and hope to see you soon!


Peace, perfect peace

Hello world!

Who would have thought that 2012 would see me with a web site?

Well, me actually! (of course) Somehow this year seems to be starting on such a positive vibe! This year feels that it is going to be the one that sees so much change both in the World and in my life.

Am I being very egotistical having my own site? A bit, surely! But it is also to promote my holiday cottage….see Menu above for the link.

One reason for doing all of this is to keep the old brain going!

Another is I hate to be left out of things!

The third is I used to be the one my friends turned to when PCs were first coming into our homes. I couldn’t and still can’t write programmes or anything brilliant like that; but through sheer fiddleing I would find out how to send emails, surf the net ect, and occasionallty they would ask me how to do something…all grist for the ego!

Now I feel I am in danger of being left behind by the likes of my 9 year old neice, who can probably work out how to do all of this whilst in her sleep! And I don’t like it!!

So lets see what this ol’ bird can do, shall we? Who said ‘no’!