First Blog on my site!

YESSS!!! can’t believe I managed to get ths site up and running! I have been blogging at up to now, so bare with me as I get used to these wonderful changes!

I am also going to have to learn how to post here from my iPad as I tend to post blogs wherever I am!

Also how to include a pic! i have so many i would like to share, and as we goa long you will discover that I love pictures of my local beach…very claming and soothing. It is where I go when i feel the need to recharge the soul, get over something, or just for the sheer enjoyment of it all!

Here should be a pic of said beach…nope, but it was above said beach!

I’ll get there folks!Just have a little patience! There!!!

Now, that’s all for the moment…just a little taster of me and my life.

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Thanks for reading this first blog, and hope to see you soon!


Peace, perfect peace

Hello world!

Who would have thought that 2012 would see me with a web site?

Well, me actually! (of course) Somehow this year seems to be starting on such a positive vibe! This year feels that it is going to be the one that sees so much change both in the World and in my life.

Am I being very egotistical having my own site? A bit, surely! But it is also to promote my holiday cottage….see Menu above for the link.

One reason for doing all of this is to keep the old brain going!

Another is I hate to be left out of things!

The third is I used to be the one my friends turned to when PCs were first coming into our homes. I couldn’t and still can’t write programmes or anything brilliant like that; but through sheer fiddleing I would find out how to send emails, surf the net ect, and occasionallty they would ask me how to do something…all grist for the ego!

Now I feel I am in danger of being left behind by the likes of my 9 year old neice, who can probably work out how to do all of this whilst in her sleep! And I don’t like it!!

So lets see what this ol’ bird can do, shall we? Who said ‘no’!