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  • Swimming Update

    It has been a whilst since I wrote about my swimming…but I am still doing it! In fact last week I managed to get up to 60 lengths! I am rather chuffed about that, despite it taking over 45 mins to achieve. Sadly after that my knee was not a happy bunny, so my physio […]

  • New Start week 2

    Last week I managed to swim 4 days, including taking Hubby swimming on Saturday first thing. He then gave me Sunday off to give the muscles time to relax…I was amazed as it just didn’t feel right! So unlike this life-long couch potato! I was very relieved that I still wanted to go on Monday […]

  • New Knee? New Start

    Today I have started a new regime of swimming to get fit and help lose weight…no, don’t stop reading! I can hear you say “We have been here before” but this time I HAVE to do it! A few weeks ago I got up out of a chair and felt that awful familiar feeling of my meniscus […]

  • ‘Twas the Night before Christmas

    …and all through the house… rampaged a panicking woman who realised that it was all too late! Too late to turn her lard body into the lean fit skiing machine her husband had achieved… Too late to fit into the ski clothes that fitted two years ago when the personal trainer had worked so hard […]

  • I am…

      Morning. I am starting the day with a little more force than usual. I have fed the pets, everyone has been out and all have safely come in, and here I am chatting to you. Why? I got woken at 4.20 this morning by a hot flush. Not unusual as I had had some Cadbury’s […]

  • 1st Drive

    I have done it…short and sweet, and I didn’t crash! The knee felt strange and I was extra careful, no emergency stops required, and I loved getting out under my own steam. However I have made the right decision about not driving to a friend 3/4hour away this afternoon to watch others swim. I would […]

  • Post op Thoughts on Recovery, Life and Husbands

    Today is Saturday. On Thursday I had an arthroscopy and a rip in my Mendthingy Cartilage mended. By Sunday evening I may have murdered my Husband! (not really…if he has died it wont be by my hand…I can’t reach!!) So far I have learned that – 1. I should have insisted Hubby took the day […]

  • Start you week with…

    How did you start your week? I took a bike ride…well, after a mug of tea, yoga and breakfast of course! It is all part of the fitter me, but is dependant on my knees.   My route is uphill to the village shop, where a chat is a must, then this week I decided […]

  • It’s all gone Pete Tong!

    It’s confession time…or will be when Adam the trainer comes back on Thursday!!! Actually, I won’t have to confess as he will be able to see with one look!!! so here goes my confession… “Oh Trainer, I have eaten things I should not have, and have left undone the training I should have done, and […]

  • Loosing it!

    It’s Thursday again…and I’m not in the mood…again! I have lost that loving feeling regarding exercising!! This is because I am finding it more difficult to lose weight without the jogging. No, lets face facts… I am also eating more, and more of the “bad” stuff. You know what I mean…yep, SWEETS!! And I’m exercising […]

  • A New String To My Bow

    Last night I went to my first Yoga class.   I had been training with Adam at lunchtime so was already limbered up. I was looking forward to some gentle stretches and perhaps some meditation…I really didn’t know what to expect. All I knew was that I wasn’t going to be doing any handstands! We […]

  • Yoga….where?

    Morning World, how are you feeling? I have decided I want to add another string to my bow of living a healthier life, and Yoga has always intrigued me… Why haven’t I don’t it before, I hear you ask ( well, just pretend you did!). I have dabbled at school, with the odd class, but […]