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  • Good One!

    This morning I am grateful to the scales! I know, a first really, but this morning’s weigh in says I have lost another 3.25 lbs this week! WOOHOO! Now, to be honest I would have been cross if I had not as this week I have actually tried hard with the food side. Yes, ok, […]

  • Stalled!

    Well, it’s happened! ARRRRGH!!!! The scales are reading the same as last week! I still have lost 31lbs and mustn’t lose sight of that achievement…but…BUGGER! In a way I’m not surprised…this week has seen the consumption of icing off cakes( I can hear your gasp of horror, so shhh!), a few cans (well, 4) of […]

  • PANIC!!!!!!!

    Help! I have done what I ought not to have done, and the result is BAD! What have I done?? I weighed myself yesterday and this morning, and the results are AWFUL!!!! I have put on 3/4 lb!!! Yes, I know that weight fluctuates throughout the week. Yes, I know I should only weigh myself […]

  • The latest….

    It is official! Ladies and Gentlemen, I have now officially lost 29 lbs! It has taken 12 weeks, so slow and steady, and has involved no real diet, but lots of exercise! Adam was really pleased too, but it just spurred him on to put me through more pain and agony….that’s training to you folk! […]

  • And another one down!

    Now don’t tell Adam, the Personal Trainer, but I’ve just sneakily weighed myself, and I’m under the 15 stone mark!! Only by 3/4 lb, but still!! Last week I weighed myself every day and put it down in my food diary to see if any different food was having an effect. Adam laughed and said […]

  • So far so good…

    Woohoo! Weigh in day today and I’ve now lost 23.5lbs.

  • First Goal Achieved

    I am bouncing with joy! Well, I would be if my body wasn’t so tired after my workout yesterday!! I have now lost 16lbs!!! So my first goal of a stone has been reached! Huzzah! Throw hats in the air, all cheer, hugs all round, and general scenes of merriment.Ok, so it has taken me […]

  • Week 5 of training

    This week was a really hard, sweaty workout; and don’t tell anyone, but I really enjoyed it! I am always slightly disappointed when I do my weigh-in at 6.45am on a Wednesday morning. I have lost another 2lbs, making it a total of 11lbs lost in 5weeks – a good steady loss with not much […]

  • Who knew?

    Morning All, I am sitting at the kitchen table enjoying a beautiful sunny Autumn day, listening to Radio 4 comedy show and relaxing after cleaning the cottage. The last guests left it beautifully clean and stripped the bed! Bliss! I am feeling the effects of this week’s training session! Adam changed some of the activities […]

  • Mothers’ Ruin

    Now here is an observation, Dear Reader… This Summer, whilst our Son has been home, I have been indulging myself one way and another with beverages (…well, he’s a fantastic cocktail mixer, amongst other things!), and I had got into the habit of having a G&T at 6pm almost every day. Yes, I can hear […]

  • Getting fit….?

    Those of you following me on Twitter will know I have started using a Personal Trainer. I have to! It is not my inclination to exercise, which is why I need someone to push me, and I can’t bare doing it in public, so he comes to my house and we work out in relative […]