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  • Hello from a very mellow me…I feel rather like I’m floating through the morning here…how are you? The reason? Something happened in my yoga practice which switched this feeling on. I started with a few minutes spinning just to warm up my spinning…and that’s standing on the spot swinging round to one side and then […]

  • Starting Again

    This morning, feeling that suddenly the Universe has dumped a whole lot of age on my body (ok, I mean I’ve put on a load of weight & haven’t moved enough recently – the effects are the same!), I actually managed to do a yoga practice. After a mediation to start with I creakingly got […]

  • The Power of Shavasana (The Corpse Pose)

    It seems a long time since I posted anything about my yoga. In fact it’s a long time since I managed a practice at home! I have no idea why, but I have found a fab teacher in Andrea at The Yoga School on The Ridge at Hastings. This morning I really needed my […]

  • The Perfect Om?

    I have just done my Yoga practice…not a long one; I am getting back into it after a couple of weeks break…for no reason other than laziness. I like ending my practice, before an affirmation, with saying Om. I am still trying to find the right pitch for me – the vibrations inside tell me […]

  • Today’s Yoga

    I have just rushed through this morning’s practice… I managed to quiet “the chattering monkeys” and meditate too, and whilst I was on my back being quiet and feeling the ground beneath me I suddenly yelled.. “I am worth loving!” And you know what? It’s true! I am! Now, you can have a good laugh […]