Month: February 2012

  • Mother and Son reunion.

      Well, that was a great weekend… Son has just left to drive back to uni having come home on Thursday evening, which was great! We had one evening just us, which turned into a drinking session! Ugh! I must remember I am now too old to drink like that any more! I don’t like […]

  • Catching up

    I’m just relaxing from clearing up after having a girl friend to lunch. We haven’t seen eachother really for about 7 or 8 years…she came to my 50th but so did lots of others and I didn’t get a chance for an indepth chat! So this was our chance to hear all about our children, […]

  • Train journey

    I’M ON THE TRAIN! Yes, a very rare trip to London with the train taking the strain. This is allowing me to look a the glorious green, brown and white countryside …and am I? Nope, I’m looking a this page…hold on…nope stationary in a station! The first part of the journey I did look out […]

  • More learning..and frustration! …WordPress Take Note!

    I am sitting in my freezing study tying this as I am trying to fix the problem of why my WordPress app wont let me in! (It’s cold cos I haven’t put the heating on yet, that’s why!) I have gone on forums and tried all that they have suggested! i have ticked the box […]

  • If I Don’t Do It Now…

      Eeeek! I’ve just been  ” naughty”! Well, actually I don’t see it as being naughty,even tho my tummy is still feeling funny from doing it! I even feel a little faint! You know that special something you have always dreamt of having? For some it is a type of car, or the latest iPhone […]