Month: April 2012

  • The ‘What If” Game

    Do you ever play this game? You know, What if I was single/married/widowed/rich/thinner/fatter…etc,etc! It’s not necessarily one we play because we are dissatisfied with our lives, at least I don’t think it is… I bet there are psychologists out there screaming at the screen saying “oh yes it is”! Nope, I play it because I […]

  • The ‘what if’ Game

    It has been a day of triumph and disaster! Nothing new there, then, I hear you cry…true, but this was with baking! The day started brilliantly with a walk on Camber Beach with 2girlfriends and our dogs!

  • Sunshine

    What a difference the sunshine makes! When I wake up to sunshine I feel anything is possible! And it is! Well, it’s possible any day of the week, whatever the weather, but somehow I’m wired to feel more powerful in the sun. ☀☀☀ As the year moves on so the sun rises further towards the […]

  • Sunday Thoughts

    Here I am sitting a the kitchen table again, watching the birds attacking the nuts and seeds in the rain! They’re like a bunch of school kids at times, jostling for a perch on each holder to see if it’s better than the others. Every Time I try to take a picture for you thy […]

  • But what can I DO?

    Last Friday  we had a gathering of our Breakfast Club clan. The others all run, or are setting up, successful businesses or web sites, and are wonderfully supportive of the one who has just this blog and her holiday cottage ( I can already feel Someone telling me off for the ‘just’!). Many of them […]

  • Ouch!

    Do you have back pain or knee pain? No, don’t panic, I am not going to try selling you some amazing potion that will immediately have you jumping around like a kangaroo…I wish! I could do with one! I have just come back form the doctor’s myself where I was hoping to be sent to […]

  • Monday morning, thinking positively!

    Morning, World. I’m sitting at my kitchen table, waiting for the boiler man to come fix the cottage boiler, again! I feel awful when things go wrong in my property…I feel I let the guests down! Luckily I seem to have very understanding, nice guests, who are happy to put up with the odd blow heater […]

  • Alone again

    Here I am again, alone. No, I’m not sad about it… Son has gone back to uni for his last few weeks, and hubby back in London at work. This is the norm on a Monday evening. Sometimes I hate it and feel sad to be alone… Others, like tonight, with the sun just falling […]

  • Did I love my mother?

    Last week my mother came up in conversation with a friend, and something was said about loving my mum… I was thrown by my reaction, which was ‘did I’? There are no rules in life about how you have to feel about your parents… There is actually no rule that says there MUST be a […]

  • Easter Weekend

    Here I am again, Folks, sitting at the kitchen table whilst the chaps are still asleep. It is 7.30 on Easter Saturday, and alas the day looks like a cold dull one…the dog didn’t stay out long after his breakfast, so it might be a wee bit chilly out there! We are going to the […]

  • Setting it up…yes? No? Now?

    Here I am, getting a bit nervous! Why? Because I am contemplating what I have to do! A few weeks ago, and in another blog, I mentioned we were going to set up a fundraising group for the Teenege Cancer Trust. Well, as you will know we had a fab meeting, and since then… Nothing! […]