Month: July 2012

  • Ah, there you are!

    Here’s the end of the Disappearing Son story! He turned up sheepishly at 10.30 with friend in tow, full of apologies, saying his phone ran out of battery soon after he left us last night. They had, as we thought, stayed in Parsons Green all night, and had just tried to have breakfast at Spittlefield […]

  • Oh, Son!

    I don’t know how to start this blog… So I’ll just tell you what has happened. Son and I are in London to help celebrate Hubby’s birthday today. It isn’t a special one, but we thought it would be nice to be all together for the first time in ages. So Son and I drove […]

  • Monday morning thoughts.

    As I surface from a restless night of coughing and sweating…thanks To the person who gave Hubby and I our summer colds… I realise, as I do almost every Monday, its another chance to get everything done that I want to do this week! Most Mondays I will write a To Do list at the […]