Month: March 2013

  • Surprise lunch

    Happy Easter folks! Did you have a great day? We did. It started off with a cottage changeover and saying goodbye to the poor guests who ended with no hot water or heating, thanks to the oil delivery not coming on time, and then when I got one the boiler wouldn’t relight! But it has […]

  • Don’t say that!!

    listen to ‘Don't say that!! ’ on Audioboo

  • Easter Blues

    Are you fed up of this weather? I certainly am! I’m just listening to the Weather Girl saying there is no sign of Spring just yet- well, Easter is early this year I suppose, and I am very grateful I have shelter and food so really I have nothing to complain about… Can you feel […]

  • Almost there

    Week 26 and I am almost at the 3stone loss mark! Woohoo! Only 3lbs to go, but it’s getting harder now without the running. I am down to 1lb loss per week, but that’s ok. I am not having to starve myself, and Adam doesn’t think I am missing out on anything…I’m thinking alcohol, chocolate…but […]

  • Snow Day Walk

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  • Sunny walk

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  • Rant….cancelled

    IT’S NOT FAIR!!!!! “Oh no! What’s happened?” “Yesterday I weighed in at 13 stone 13 and 3/4 lbs, and this morning I’m back to 14 stone and 1/2 lb!! IT’S NOT FAIR!!!” Oh bless! Well, what did you do yesterday that was different?” “Nothing!!! I was really good! I had soup for lunch and tuna […]

  • Out of control!

    What is going on?? Over the last fortnight I seem to have lost control! With food, and with shopping!! On the food front I am soooo close to dipping under the 14 stone mark, so why am I eating stuff I know is not going to help?? On other fronts I have just been on […]

  • Family Calls

    This has been a week of family telephone calls – well, 2calls, but for us that is masses! Actually it is odd because I was thinking of both these chaps and then they called me! What it really shows is that they were thinking of me as it is 3years since Mum died. It also […]