Month: April 2013

  • A Different Impulse…

    I have just got back from a brilliant impulse! I went to have my whiskers zapped with electrolysis… Yes, these things have to be done as we get older! Sitting waiting for the painful treatment ( and don’t let anyone tell you it’s not!) I thought wasn’t it a shame I hadn’t booked a massage…so […]

  • Impulses

    Are you driven by your impulses? Actually what I want to ask you is ” are you an impulse buyer”?  I am…you can tell, I bet! at this moment I am kicking myself for not following my first impulse a few weeks ago!! I saw a shirt…OK, you knew this was going to be about […]

  • Yoga….where?

    Morning World, how are you feeling? I have decided I want to add another string to my bow of living a healthier life, and Yoga has always intrigued me… Why haven’t I don’t it before, I hear you ask ( well, just pretend you did!). I have dabbled at school, with the odd class, but […]

  • Tea & birdsong on the terrace.

    listen to ‘Tea & birdsong on the terrace.’ on Audioboo

  • Manet-lifting mood

    listen to ‘Manet-lifting mood’ on Audioboo

  • Oh, Buck Up!

    I am giving myself a good talking to today! “Buck Up” being the nice way to put it!! Yesterday the “old Liz” reared her ugly head… And I sat at the kitchen table, and ATE! I felt sorry for myself, just because my knees hurt when I exercise/walk/go to sleep. I feel sluggish, and down. […]

  • Maybe Next Time

    Bad news folks – my run is off due to knee trouble. Just before skiing, back in January, I twisted/pulled my knee but still managed to ski thanks to strapping and ibuprofen gel. Since then it has always hurt when jogging and working out. Then last week after training i could hardly walk and i […]

  • New Week, Clean Desk

    Is this how you started your week? Not me! As always I drive Hubby to the station so he can wing his way to The Smoke, then come home to The Breakfast Club on Twitter. That in itself is a great way to start…connecting with other folks and other lives; giving and receiving news, advice, […]

  • Friday Thoughts

    YES IT IS! Is this how you are feeling? I am a bit, due to a kidney infection…thank goodness it’s not Cystitis!! I used to have that sooo badly until I had a caesarean birth with our Son. This is just leaving me uncomfortable and very tired. But it’s going! So, we all look forward […]