Month: July 2013

  • Pass the saltboo

    listen to ‘Pass the saltboo’ on Audioboo

  • Peace

    listen to ‘Peace’ on Audioboo

  • Freebies

    What do you think of magazines that have freebies with them? Me? Can’t you guess?? I love em! So far this Summer I have got a fab pair of sunglasses (very Glam Chic), a purple bag ( not that I need another one!), some nail varnish and funny balls ( will have to discover how […]

  • Today’s Yoga

    I have just rushed through this morning’s practice… I managed to quiet “the chattering monkeys” and meditate too, and whilst I was on my back being quiet and feeling the ground beneath me I suddenly yelled.. “I am worth loving!” And you know what? It’s true! I am! Now, you can have a good laugh […]