Month: December 2013

  • Oh….”Bother” … My knee!

    Now, you KNOW that’s not what I really wanted to call this blog, but I thought I’d be polite for once! Yesterday I went back to my knee consultant as three weeks ago I managed to hurt the right one again! Just as I was getting back into jogging Adam had me jump onto a […]

  • In A Fug…

    No, I don’t mean Fog, I mean FUG… It’s my word for where I am now. It’s a tricky time of year for me, with emotions etc; but also I seem to have buggered my knee a bit again, and lost all my drive to eat sensibly etc! I want to get rid of my […]


    DON’T PANIC Those words will resonate with Douglas Adams fans as the words on the front of The Hitchhikers’ Guide. In this context it’s because it’s 11/12/13… Supposed to be auspicious to meet your soulmate…. On the other hand it’s the day I realise I have been a tad too laid back about Christmas preparations! […]

  • Oh, come on! Not at my age!!

    This is ridiculous! I suffered enough as a teenager, why are you making me suffer again?? I’m almost 55 for goodness’s sake! “What is today’s rant about?” I hear you cry… SPOTS Yes, Mother Nature, and my skin have decided to turn the clock back and make me go through all that Cover-Up and Clearasil […]